Saturday, April 19, 2008


Kristen Bell, the star of Veronica Mars, Heroes and most recently Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was one of the guests on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week ... and she used the opportunity to showcase one of her little known talents so that the world would be able to see (video HERE) just how multi-faceted an artist she is:

You see, Kristen explained, she has what she calls a "wonky eye" which she can control completely independently from her other eye. She continued to reveal that her lazy right eye is called Wonky and her left eye is called Night Owl ... and now we finally understand how she has been able to make it this far in Hollywood. Tho, I feel I must speak up here and correct Miss Bell on her eyeball classifications. I wouldn't necessarily call her right eye "wonky" since she has the ability to control it and make it do her bidding. A wonky eye is more like the one in Paris Hilton's head which does its own thing and doesn't really respond to control very well. Kristen has a talented eye ... one might even say she has more talent in her right eyeball than Paris Hilton does in her whole body ... but, then again, that someone would merely be stating the obvious. [Source]