Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cate's Son Makes His First Public Appearance

Cate Blanchett may have only given birth 6 days ago but she's already decided to bring her third son, Ignatius Martin Upton, out for his first public hello. Making an appearance at the Australia 2020 summit earlier today, Cate brought along her 6-day old baby boy to meet delegates as they made their way in to the country's Parliament House to participate in the summit:

ACTOR Cate Blanchett took an extra participant along to the Australia 2020 summit today - her newborn son. Blanchett will co-chair the creative meeting, less than a week after giving birth to her third child Ignatius Martin Upton. A beaming Blanchett posed for photos with six-day-old Ignatius this morning as hundreds of delegates filed through the doors of Parliament House. Actor Hugh Jackman praised Ms Blanchett on his way in to the talks. "I have given her my kids - she is looking after them for the weekend," he joked. "Cate Blanchett is superwoman ... she is amazing on every level, I think she is flawless as a person and I am thrilled that she is leading our stream." Actor Rhys Muldoon - known for his role in the ABC kids show Play School - then joked about the "superwoman" tag. "She has just had three kids more this morning, so there will be four little kids at the summit with her," he said.

Clearly, Cate is an old pro at birthin' babies one day and getting right back to work the next day ... well, at least she took 5 days off in between but still -- the woman is amazing. She's lucky the Australia 2020 summit was this weekend and not last weekend otherwise she might've been forced to pop out little Ignatius right there in the Parliament House in between her co-chair meetings. I'm just amazed at how great Cate looks just 6 days after giving birth to her third child. She really is a superwoman. [Source, Source]