Saturday, April 19, 2008

Suri's Celebration

So, yesterday was Suri Holmes-Cruises's second birthday and one has to wonder ... how exactly does the world's premiere meta-human/XENUfied humanoid child celebrate the happy occasion? With lots of balloons, duhvs! Here are a few pics from Suri's birthday party which turned out to be a modest affair that was comprised of a few family and friends ... and all the balloons that $50 could buy:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

To be honest ... I was expecting much, much more from a birthday party that was thrown for the hatchling of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ... something along the lines of a large estate decked out with lavish rides and games, perhaps a full-sized carosel and lots of roaming clowns making faces and balloon animals for all the assembled children ... maybe the Nanny would get an ominous look on her face after staring too long at the family dog and she'd climb up to the 5th floor of the enormous mansion and she'd throw herself out the window with a rope tied around her neck yelling out for all to hear, Look at me Suri. It's all for you! Yeah, that's the sort of the birthday party I was expecting little Miss Suri to enjoy this time around. Ah well, maybe next year. [Source]