Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The TV Guide: Playing Koi

Yesterday was another quiet day here in SoCal for David and me. He managed to spend some time at the gym while I went off to get my haircut with my faboo stylist Josh who works at Parlour on Third. While this may not sound substantial by any means, I love that we can each do very normal day-to-day things separately ... like a normal couple who lives in the same city ;) I realize that this sounds terribly mundane but after two years of jetting back and forth across the country, well, mundane is really appealing to me right about now.

Anyways, we met up with our friends Gillian (who runs and Lisa (who is a top publicist in NYC) for dinner at Koi ... and also got to meet a few new folks, like Carlota who just launched the shopping site Last night's dinner was a really great way to hang out with our friends as well as meet some new friends as well. Dinner was superb, as usual, and the conversation was really fun. Gillian is getting herself hitched in a few weeks and we are all very excited for her. I've already booked my reception dance with her ... I hoping for something in a Pat Benatar or a Journey.

I think David and I are lying low tonight in preparation for our trip to Las Vegas tomorrow. We'll be spending the rest of the week there with about 50 of David's friends who are all flying in from NYC to celebrate his friend Isaac’s birthday. I'm sure it'll be a debaucheriously good time.