Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nina & Christian Get Ugly

People magazine has our first look at Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and Season 4 winner Christian Siriano on the set of Ugly Betty. The pair recently filmed scenes for an upcoming ep of the show in which they guest star as themselves. Here is a pic of Nina and Christian posing with Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina) and a gaggle of nameless models and another of Christian posing with Becki Newton (Amanda):

Need a fierce fix? Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who was famously spoofed on Saturday Night Live, is back on TV, playing himself in on ABC's Ugly Betty in an episode airing May 1. The plot: Mode magazine is trying to convince Christian to work with them for a fashion spread instead of their competitors. So the designer shows up for a meeting with an entourage of models wearing his designs and Runway judge Nina Garcia, who also plays herself on the episode. "Filming Ugly Betty was amazing," Siriano, 22, tells PEOPLE. "The cast was the most fun, lively and supportive ever." In addition to the outfits he designed for his model pals, the Runway winner also whipped up a look for Becki Newton (Amanda) — who happens to be a huge Christian fan. So, who was the fiercest cast member of them all? "Ooooh, they're as fierce and ferocious as they can be," raves Siriano. "Vanessa Williams is the queen of fierceness and Becki Newton is the princess ... I'm inviting them all to my Spring 2008-09 collection -- it'll be a great front row!"

You know, for a designer who claims to be an innovator and who railed against the design skillz of The Hills ladies, I feel I must take issue wih Christian's choice of outfit. People who live in Michael Jackson's hand-me-downs shouldn't throw stones. But I digress ... I am very excited that new eps of Ugly Betty are on the way ... I can't wait to see both Nina and Christian on the show. I think maybe I'll play a little drinking game while watching the show ... something along the lines of one shot of booze every time Christian says "fierce" and one shot every time Nina scowls at someone/thing. That way I'll be nice and drunk by the first commercial break. [Source]