Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Can Look But You Can't Touch

You know, I kinda thought it was a bit strange that David Beckham was suddenly showing up courtside at a bunch of home LA Lakers games at the Staples Center lately. He was dragging his entire family along to the games with him (it was Vicki B. one night and then his eldest sons another night) on the assumption that he was only interested in cheering on the Lakers to victory. But now, I think we may know the real reason for Becks' sudden interest in basketball:

LOLOLOLOLOL! You can't really blame the guy for gawkin' at hot chicks every chance he gets ... after all, it's been ages since he's been able to see a real woman ... with curves and, you know, a heartbeat. [Source]

In other Beckham news, there is a new report that the littlest Beckham has been enrolled in a posh private nursery at an exclusive Jewish temple here in SoCal ... which is just the sort of news that I love to hear in the week leading up to Passover:

DAVID and Victoria Beckham are sending son to an exclusive JEWISH school in the US, The Sun can reveal. Becks, 32, and Posh Spice, 33, met staff at a top private nursery attached to a Jewish temple in Los Angeles last week. The couple think it is the perfect place for their three-year-old youngest son to start school. Posh spent 3½ hours there, while Becks stayed the whole day. A source said: "There's no plan for Cruz to be educated in the Jewish faith. It's just one of the best schools for young children in LA." The school is one of the largest Jewish day schools in the USA. It has exacting academic standards and has twice as many applicants as places. Becks' mum Sandra's family is Jewish but she doesn't practice and he has no other association with the religion apart from his famous Hebrew tattoo. But David referred to himself recently as "half Jewish".

Clearly the Beckhams want the best for their children so they are going to get the absolute best of everything. It makes sense that they'd want their baby to be educated by the Chosen People. It still pains me that I'm going to miss out on enjoying Passover with David's family this weekend (since I'll be going to Detroit instead) ... not that I consider myself "half Jewish" by any means but being so happily accepted by his family feels pretty close :) Yay for Judaism! [Source]