Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vicki B. Charges Into Town

Victoria Beckham, freshly arrived from the long flight from London to LA, handed her children off to her handlers and immediately went out for a shopping spree mere milliseconds after her plane touched down. Never one to let the moss grow beneath her amazingly stylish Christian Louboutin stilettos, Vicki B. shopped up a storm yesterday at Resurrection on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, CA upon her arrival back home in SoCal ... here are a few pics of VB charging up a storm:

Photo credit: Splash News

Recession? What recession? There's no penny-pinching in the Beckham household, if Victoria's latest shopping spree is anything to go by. Credit card in one hand, mobile phone in the other, Posh toured the boutiques of Los Angeles before breaking for lunch with husband David. She then hit the shops again with a pal, looking chic in a check pencil skirt and Louboutin stilettos. There was one nod to the credit crunch when Posh, 33, visited some second-hand clothing stores — but these were vintage specialists, and she was snapped at a till clutching an item with a £1,200 price tag.

Hey, if you got it -- spend it. I'm just glad that she ditched those awful bell-bottom jeans she was wearing in London ... I much prefer it when VB dresses like a stenographer rather than a hippie chick. [Source]