Thursday, May 29, 2008

Constant Craving

Tori Spelling, who is mere moments away from birthing her new baby, who just signed a deal to appear on the 90210 spinoff show for The CW and who has had her Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love retooled (because her Inn isn't doing so well) so that the focus is on her home life (but won't feature her family), was spotted indulging one of her cravings with at Pink's Hot Dogs here in LA this week ... here are a few unflattering photos:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be clear ... the unflattery has everything to do with the hot dogs and nothing else but the hot dogs. It's really very hard to make hot dogs sexy, you know? I kinda have to admit that I'm kinda intrigued to see how she will manage stepping into Donna Martin's shoes on 90210 again ... as long as she leaves the hot dogs at home. [Source]