Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Every Story Has Two Sides

After reading the report from US Weekly on Jessica Simpson drowning her tears in booze at Mexicali in Studio City, CA today a Pink reader who wishes to remain anonymous felt compelled to send in an email to give another side of the story (apparently, the true side). In all fairness, I feel it's worth posting the eye witness account from someone who claims to have seen Jessica Simpson at Mexicali Cocina Cantina on that fateful night and totally refutes the US Weekly report:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Just wanted to let you know that I work at Mexicali (I've actually waited on you before) and I was there the entire time Jessica was on Saturday night. She was NOT drunk, nor did she seem upset at all. She looked amazing - and she was simply having a good time with her friends. As for her mother picking her up-she often has someone drive her home, even after 1 margarita, because she is responsible and chooses not to drink and drive, which in this town she should be commended for- not chastised. She is always sweet and polite, as are her friends, so I feel like I should defend her.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a tabloid magazine would concoct a wildly inaccurate story but I am pretty amazed that the entire report now sounds totally fabricated. I absolutely agree with this Pink reader that people should be commended for making the responsible choice to not drink and drive. I really appreciate this person taking the time to write in and give their side of the story. Jessica may be having a rough time of things in the romance department these days but there's really no reason to outright lie about something like this. Jess, your next margarita is on me :)