Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unlucky In Lurve

Poor Jessica Simpson. That girl just cannot catch a break when it comes to finding true love. US Weekly is reporting that Jess was seen drowning her sorrows at Mexicali Cocina Cantina with her former assistant and current BFF CaCee Cobb on May 10th ... right around the time that photos came out of her ex-boyfriend John Mayer getting extremely amorous with Jennifer Aniston down in Miami, FL ... poor thing:

The new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands Friday, reports that Jessica Simpson got good and drunk as John Mayer, the guy who broke her heart, went public with his new relationship with Jennifer Aniston last week. The 27-year-old singer was so out of it after a four-hour session of drinking at L.A.'s Mexicali Cocina Cantina on May 10 – which started at the pre-happy hour of 4 p.m. with BFF CaCee Cobb and her beau Donald Faison – that she was reduced to leaving her Range Rover in the parking lot and calling her mom Tina for a ride home, Us reports (for good measure, CaCee Cobb threw up under the table) ... Across the country, Mayer and Aniston went public with their relationship – holding hands and kissing affectionately at the Marley & Me cast party in Miami.

As if the photos of Mayerton sparking up a new romance weren't bad enough, at the time, Jessica wasn't even aware that her most current boyfriend Tony Romo was off partying with his boys in Chicago, IL and was overheard telling everyone in earshot that he and Jessica were dunzo ... well, surely she's heard about that by now ... which means the folks at Mexicali Cocina Cantina better clear a table for Jessica (and a bucket for CaCee) cuz I suspect there may some more boozin' to come ... especially when you consider that her younger (and more successful) sister Ashlee Simpson is rumored to be getting married to Pete Wentz this weekend. OY! Bless her broken heart. [Source]