Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Scott!

Here are a few really cute pics of actor Scott Speedman taking his bike out for a ride and then of him chillin' out on a bench with a pair of headphones this past weekend. The pics may not be all that exciting but I've always been a Speedman fan (going back to the Felicity days) and he's one of those hottie actors that doesn't usually get enough media coverage so I thought I'd show him some lurve:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Something about the man just screams "regular guy". You never hear about him getting into trouble or causing drama ... he just strikes me as an ├╝berchill guy who works in the biz, keeps his nose out of trubs and doesn't want to cause a scene. I wonder what his secret is ....?

Photo credit: JFXOnline

Aaaaah! I see. Well, I guess you can't hate the guy for enjoying some herbal refreshment every once-in-a-while ... and by "herbal refreshment", I mean tobacco ... yeah, tobacco ;) Do your thing Scott, you're obvs doing something right.