Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello, Exploitation

Geri Halliwell, in what can only be assumed as a pretty desperate attempt to either A.) make money, B.) gain a little attention or C.) keep up with the other celebrity Joneses, has allowed Hello! magazine to feature a full color photospread of her daughter Bluebell Madonna's second birthday party. Here are a few very cute, yet obvs staged photos from Bluebell's Alice In Wonderland-themed birthday party as featured in the new issue of Hello!:

Every little girl deserves a magical birthday. So when Geri Halliwell's daughter Bluebell turned two, the Spice Girl marked the occasion with a fabulous Alice In Wonderland-themed bash, shared exclusively with HELLO! magazine readers. The festivities, which took place in a 16th-century mansion, featured lop-eared bunnies, enormous stuffed toys, and white-horse chess pieces. And the guest of honour came dressed as a fairy princess - which to her adoring mum was quite appropriate. "She's my little fairy," enthuses the showbiz dynamo, adding: "It's like a magic wand was waved when she came into my life."

While some celebs go to great lengths to keep the paparazzi or any outside photographers away from their private family celebrations, it appears that Ginger is of the other ilk of celebs who is happy to invite publications (either for the attention or for the money or both) into their private celebrations in order to have those "private" moments featured in the media (in this case, on the cover of a magazine). While I don't particularly see anything wrong with this type of behavior, I do find it hypocritical that celebs invite this kind of scrutiny in some instances and then complain when they are scrutinized in other like instances. I just hope Geri understands that offering up her daughter's 2nd birthday party like this will, no doubt, tell the paps that it's open season on other similar family situations. Oh and Happy Birthday, Bluebell. [Source, Source]