Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boyz To Nekkid Men

Yesterday we saw some totally awesome pics of the British pop act Girls Aloud on their current Tangled Up! Tour and today we get to see a promo pic of the Irish boyband Boyzone who have reunited for a new tour of their own ... and in order whip up attention for the tour the boys have decided to drop trou and appear fully nekkid while only holding hats over their naughty bits:

Click above to see larger size image

After an eight year hiatus, Irish boy band Boyzone are back - and looking better than ever. In a bid to outdo their reunited rivals Take That, Boyzone have spent weeks in the gym getting in shape for their comeback tour, which kicked off in Belfast on Sunday night. Their hard work obviously paid off after their first show of their UK comeback tour opened to rave reviews. The Dublin-born singers are now married thirtysomething fathers compared to youthful teenagers when they were first put together by X Factor judge Louis Walsh in the early 1990s. But because they are older, their fans are too, meaning they can push the boundaries with their raunchy stage show. To promote their comeback tour, the group showed off their six packs in a homage to the 1997 British comedy Full Monty for this week's Heat magazine.

Woot! I love it! I really miss all the campy fun that pop music used to bring to the US audience but I'm really glad our friends on the other side of the pond know how to keep things really fun. I'm also really glad that Boyzone are a bit desperate enough to get nekkid just to sell a few more concert tickets. Wee!!! [Source]