Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hi Hi

Mariah Carey just released the music video for the second single, Bye Bye, from her #1 hit album E=MC2 which looks like it was filmed just last week in the Caribbean ... since her new husband, Nick Cannon (the one she was only dating for about a month before she married him), makes a few cameos in the vid:

Additionally, footage from Mariah's most recent promo appearances with fans is also interspersed in the video (tho, very creepily, the faces of her lambs have been blurred out) and the vid ends with a photo montage of her dearly departed friends. It's the Nick Cannon bits that are most interesting to me, tho:

I guess this vid is supposed to be Mr. & Mrs. Carey-Cannon's coming out piece ... it's the most footage that we've ever seen of the couple together and is our first look at them as a couple in lurve. Enjoy.