Monday, May 05, 2008

Britney Hits The Motherlode ... Again

Britney Spears won't be making her grand return to CBS's How I Met Your Mother until the episode airs next Monday night but here is our first look at one of the scenes she has already filmed for the show:

It wasn't tough for Britney Spears to decide to reprise her role as ditzy receptionist Abby on CBS' How I Met Your Mother. "I had such a great experience the last time I was on the show that I couldn't wait to come back," the singer said in a statement Monday. "I was really looking forward to working with this cast and crew again. "Everyone was so nice," she added. "Abby is going to have a lot of fun!" This time around, Spears' lovable but ditzy Abby no longer pines for Ted (Josh Radnor). She falls for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). According to a CBS release, the "couple" — who don matching V-neck baby blue sweaters — go to the show's local hangout bar to "flaunt their new relationship in Ted's face."

To be honest, Britney could show up in the ep reading from the phone book and it would make headlines. CBS is really very smart to bring Britney back for one more guest spot ... mere weeks after she won the show its highest ratings ever. It's still stunning that Britney Spears is in such high demand again that she is being courted to save TV shows. What can't Britney Spears do? [Source]