Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Motherlode Of Crap

Well, I suppose if Kevin Federline can be named Father of the Year by Details magazine then it is in realm of possibility that Dina Lohan would be named Mother of the Year by a Long Island, NY organization called Mingling Moms. I'm not sure what the qualifications are in order to win an award of this magnitude but I suspect having one's daughter successfully complete multiple stints in rehab might be involved. Here are a couple pics of the "white Oprah" accepting her award yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Dina Lohan tried valiantly to keep the subject on motherhood last night at Carlyle on The Green in Bethpage State Park as she was swarmed by a score of videographers, camera people and reporters asking about her daughter Lindsay's foibles. Lohan, there to accept a "Long Island Top Mom" award at the Mingling Mom's "Mom's Night Out" event, posed with her cascading blond hair, and sidestepped questions about a tabloid story saying that Lindsay swiped a fur coat from a woman at a nightclub in Manhattan. She said she and Lindsay were "laughing hysterically" about that claim. "You go away," she said to a reporter from "Inside Edition" who continued to hound her, calling his line of questioning "evil" and reminding him to "be nice." "I've never partied with my daughter in my life," she also said, explaining that when she appears with Lindsay at a club she is there as her manager. Lohan, who is 45 and lives in Merrick, talked about how all mothers need support, invoking her own mom, Ann Sullivan, 82 and also of Merrick, whom she brought with her. What advice does Dina give Lindsay? "Just to be honest and to stay morally correct. And listen to your mother."


Lemme get this straight, Dina Lohan -- with a straight face -- contends that she never partied with her daughter Lindsay? Is she for effing real?!? AND ... she revealed that her advice to her daughter is to "stay morally correct ... and listen to your mother"?

Incidentally, Dina spilled the beans to Radar magazine that Lindsay just recorded a song with Snoop Dogg for her new album:

"I was just watching Lindsay record a track for her third album a few days ago with Snoop Dogg. Lindsay is a wonderful and loving and caring girl who is completely misunderstood. People forget that she's only 21. I mean what were you like when you were 21?"

She also talked a bit about the upcoming reality TV show that she is working on for E!:

Lindsay has been adamant about not appearing in the show, though Dina doesn't seem to mind. "I'm just trying to set the record straight about this family and give people an honest look into our lives," she says. "Reality (TV) is reality, but realism is my life." ... "This isn't going to be like The Hills," she elaborated ... "It's going to be real. It's going to showcase how I do what I do. It'll really show who we are in a way that's very honest."


I'm sorry, I've just never heard of anything so outrageously and ridiculously funny in all my life. Oh Dina, you slay me. Congrats on your prestigious award ... I bet it's well deserved. [Source]