Thursday, May 01, 2008

NYC: One Day You're In And The Next Day You're Out

Entertainment Weekly is reporting some stunning news on the Project Runway front ... in addition to the show moving from the Bravo network to the Lifetime network, there is now a report that the show will move from being taped in NYC (the seat of American high fashion) to being taped in LA (not the seat of American fashion). Um, now don't get me wrong ... I *love* LA ... but this seems like a very drastic change that could possibly hurt the show. I'm worried, y'all:

One day, New York is in. The next day, it's out. has learned from two well-placed sources that Project Runway and its host Heidi Klum will move to Los Angeles for the series' sixth season, expected to premiere on Lifetime in November. The show's fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will be shot in the Big Apple — as it has been since the Emmy-nominated reality program's inception. A Lifetime spokesman was unaware of any decision to move production for the sixth cycle. Story developing ...

I dunno :( I am really concerned that this major change will aversely affect the show. I guess we'll see how it turns out and it does seem to be an unconfirmed rumor at this point ... a new city might provide new interest but ... do they even have a Mood Fabrics in LA? Boo. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Sergio gave me the head's up that EW has amended their Project Runway in LA report. They are now saying that the show will split filming between NYC and LA:

According to a source close to Project Runway, the Emmy-nominated reality show will split its sixth season (expected to premiere on Lifetime in November) between Los Angeles and New York to accommodate host Heidi Klum's schedule and home life. For season 7, the show will be back in New York, where it has been since its inception, and the upcoming fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will also be set in the Big Apple.

HMMM ... it sounds like their "source close to Project Runway" got the deets wrong the first time. This makes more sense and totally takes the worry away :) AND ... a few Pink readers have emailed to tell me that there is a Mood Fabrics in LA. Panic over.