Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit ... Red Wings

My D-Town girl Kristen Bell (who we all know and love from things like Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) has come out to publicly proclaim that she is rooting for our hometown hockey team the Detroit Red Wings in the quest for the Stanley Cup this year -- and I feel it is my duty to proclaim my lurve for her. Not that the Wings need any sort of celebrity endorsements to get the job done but I kinda love that KB has come out in support of our boys in a new interview with Here are a couple pics of Kristen making her way thru an NY airport this week:

Photo credit: INFdaily recently caught up with Bell and discussed her affection for the Red Wings. Here's what the actress had to say: Why are you rooting for Detroit and why do you think they will win?
KB: I am rooting for Detroit BECAUSE I think they will win! Just kidding. I grew up in Detroit and have always been a huge Wings fan. They have heart, skill, class and the best color combination known to man. That is why they will win. Do you remember your first hockey game, or the beginning of your interest in the sport?
KB: I was 14 years old and kind of a tomboy-- and all the guys I was friends with loved the Wings. They always wanted to play street hockey too – and I did whatever they did. I broke both my wrists -- at the same time --playing street hockey with them. What is your favorite hockey memory?
KB: My parents submitted a picture of me, in my catholic school uniform, with my arms around the Stanley Cup. It ended up on the ticket for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals against Colorado in 1996. If you could meet any hockey player, who would you meet and why?
KB: Chris Osgood was my first crush. Brad Pitt be damned, he had nothing on Osgood's rookie skill and sad eyes. There was actually a day in high school when I wrote on a name tag 'Mrs. Osgood' and wore it the whole day. I really thought we were perfect for each other. I'd love to meet him and probably apologize that things never worked out. Have you ever been to a Stanley Cup Playoff game before?
KB: You bet your bottom dollar I have. What is the city of Detroit like during playoffs?
KB: It's electrifying. It's called Hockeytown. What do you like most about the Stanley Cup Playoff hockey atmosphere?
KB: I like that it gets crazy -- everybody seems to be rooting for the same thing. In a city filled with diversity, we seem to band together when it comes to the Wings. If you had the Stanley Cup for one day, what would you do with it?
KB: I would start by eating an entire box of Fruity Pebbles out of it. Then I'd take an afternoon sponge bath in it. Then I'd retro fit it with handles and make it into a Stanley Cup handbag. Are your friends and family watching the Final?
KB: Absolutely. It's all they will talk about! What projects are you currently working on?
KB: I am currently employed filming a movie in New York and Rome called "When in Rome," although all my focus is on how I can sneak off set to check out how my Wings are scoring.

That.Is.My.Girl.Y'all! Kristen Bell has won all of my lurve and repect for keepin' it real and holding it down for her hometown boys. I just wish other folks who hail from the Motor City would speak up on Detroit's behalf every now and again. That's my home, y'all, and I love it. Holla! [Source]