Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Tiny Bump In The Road

OK ... so maybe driving isn't really her strong suit. Britney Spears was involved in, yet another, eensy weensy vehicular accident on Sunset Blvd. this week when she kinda sorta rear-ended a Ford Explorer with her white Mercedes of death. Here are a few pics of Brit's latest fender bender:

Photo credit: X17

The good news is that no one was injured ... it's also good that she didn't flee the scene of the crime without talking to the other party (you may recall that Britney was involved in a hit and run with another car in a parking lot last year ... which hounded her for months afterwards). Now, it's perfectly normal for these sorts of things to happen -- they can really happen to anyone. There is no cause for concern ... this is not the return of "crazy Britney" it's just a minor traffic infraction ... yeah ... that's it ... nothing more to worry about ... I'm sure. [Source]