Monday, June 02, 2008

Bruisin' For A Cruisin'

Messy Amy Winehouse somehow found the ability to make her way to the Rock in Rio concert in Lisbon late last week to perform for an audience of thousands. It was during the performance that she paid tribute to her incarcerated hubby Blake Civil-Fielder (who is currently serving a sentence for attempting to pervert justice in the UK) with a cute little clip in her hair. I guess she was also paying tribute to the fella in her life by showing off a nasty new hickey on her neck:

Photo credit: Big! Pictures

All eyes were on a purple bruise on Amy Winehouse's neck on Friday as she paid tribute to her incarcerated husband at a Portuguese gig. The unsightly mark on the troubled singer's neck at the Rock in Rio concert in Lisbon left fans wondering if Winehouse was sporting a love bite from her spouse Blake Fielder-Civil. The Rehab star's mysterious body marking appeared to suggest Winehouse had received a souvenir from her visit to Fielder-Civil at Pentonville Prison in north London just hours before flying to the Portuguese capital. The singer arrived at the gig half an hour late and croakily admitted she was suffering from a sore throat as she attempted to make amends to the 90,000 fans at the Bela Vista Park. Friday marked Winehouse's first concert performance since she cancelled a series of gigs last November after her husband was first imprisoned. After finally walking on stage, a disheveled Winehouse, admitted she probably should have cancelled the gig when she was greeted by boos. She said: "Hey Lisbon, I'm sorry I late. My voice is not singing right and I can't even hold the microphone. I should have cancelled, but I wanted to be here so much." During her performance, which finished on time despite the tardy start, the 24-year-old touched her neck repeatedly, suggesting she was conscious of the so-called love bite.

The hickey may be gross but it's a sight better than those nasty cuts and scratches she usually sports all over her arms and body. It really says a lot about a person who looks better with a hickey than with any sort of lacerations. I'm just amazed the woman is able to marginally function at all. [Source]