Monday, June 02, 2008

The TV Guide: Can't Get Enough Sex

GRRR. Blogger has been screwy all day thus far. I've been having a tough time getting anything done since Google has been having server issues all morning long. Posting will likely remain spotty for the rest of the day to compensate. Fortunately, we are only a little over a week away from the site relaunch so the Blogger issues will no longer be an issue from that point on. I'm sure we'll have our own server issues once the site relaunches from time to time but at least we'll have control over getting things fixed. Other than that, I've been going kinda nuts with all the behind the scenes stuff happening with the relaunch and with the party. The contest winner will be notified very soon and things are moving at a fever pace. Blah. It's exciting but also stressful.

I was kinda sick most of yesterday but I managed to recoup in time to go see Sex and the City again with Steph, Alek and their friend Antoine at the Arc Light in Sherman Oaks, CA:

The movie was just as good the second time around. We all had a blast, in fact, the whole audience had a blast. I'm so glad the movie did so well at this weekend's box office. I love that a female-centered movie like SaTC could make so much money ... I'm very much looking forward to the sequel already.

After the movie, we grabbed some food at PF Chang's (inspired by the Chinese food that Miranda and Carrie enjoyed on New Year's Eve in the flick) and toasted the night with Cosmos ... natch:

Yeah, we're cheesy but fun :)

There are a lot of things to take care of this week ... David arrives at the end of the week and then the real fun begins. I hope I find the time to breathe. Happy Monday!!!