Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jason Mraz Is Healthy

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz (who I tend to refer to as John Mayer, Jr.) has updated his official My Space profile with a new blog about his quest to eat healthy while he tours the world ... providing photos to illustrate his tale. Jason blogs about the importance of eating properly and bringing on tour with him the tools necessary to make his own healthy meals (foregoing the "unhealthy" processed foods that one finds while on the road or in hotels) ... which includes a cache of healthy groceries, a Vita-Mix blender, a pair of black bikini underwear and a "big fucking knife". Here is the text of Jason's My Space blogpost and one of his illustrative photos:

Travel Tip 3: Bring a Big Fucking Knife

Time zone hopping and the hyper robotic routine of touring require energy levels to be consistent and my schedule isn't one that affords me any sick days. So I travel with a chopping knife and a cutting board. Rather than rely on room service and overpriced restaurant versions of vegetarian cuisine, I shop at local grocers and eat my own delicious homemade meals. The knife, a classic single layer stainless steel, in addition to raising concerns with airport security, is also good for shocking housekeeping staff. My DO NOT DISTURB sign is in constant use during any hotel stay, yet all maids seem to have this incredible urge to assist and clean. Thus, opening the door in bikini briefs gripping a 10-inch blade makes my point. I can make my own bed. I also bring along a Vita-Mix blender, a powerhouse of a tool. I start each day with a crazy ass Superfood Smoothie that most people refer to as, the Green Sludge. It contains a lot of what you see in this mini-bar. Super Greens, Hemp Protein, Goji Juice, Coconut Water, Flax Seed Oil, My own homemade cashew milk, Raw Cacao, Bee pollen, sometimes a banana, a little crushed ice, toad knuckles, agave nectar, Stevia, and/or Natural Vaginal Juices to sweeten to your liking. All this stuff is checked at the airport in what I like to call my "Movable Feast," a handy box that puts the kit in kitchen. I update the staples when I need to, about every two weeks. But the salad fixins are refreshed daily. If it seems costly it's not. I think about the cost my body pays for eating processed food and immediately I'm happy about the investment of time finding these natural alternatives. ALTERNATIVES? How did we let nature's supply take a back seat and become so hard to reach? You are what you eat. And since April 1st, this has been an experiment worthy of the effort. My trusty sidekick, Toca Rivera, has also been eating this way, relying only on raw and natural foods. We started this diet when Toca discovered he was Diabetic. But now, thanks to eating REAL food, his numbers are closer to normal and soon his blood tests will not reveal any sign of Diabetes ... I will likely keep this up for a long time. I don't crave any other foods anymore. Anything processed just doesn't seem real. I may as well eat cardboard if it has the same nutritional value. And I'll keep getting creative with food. That's the best part. I'm starting to see myself in the meals I make. And I have no trouble spending hours in the grocery store reading the labels and talking with other customers. Plus, hot girls fresh from yoga hang out in natural food stores. And I suspect they're horny. More and more people are getting excited about health and we're all tired of being offered cheap replicas of food. We want change and we believe we CAN have it. Yes we can.

I dunno what a mostly-nekkid pic of Jason Mraz has to do with anything that he blogged about (except for terrorizing the hotel staff, like he mentioned) ... but I'm not complaining. I like the size of his knife ... it looks like he wields it well. If eatin' and drinkin' all that mess he's talking about in this post results in him lookin' like this ... well, I have no complaints about that either. Blog on, Mraz ... keep the fun pics comin'!!!! [Source]