Friday, June 06, 2008

The TV Guide: A|X Marks The Hawt

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Darion, Steph and Alek so that we could all head out en masse to the Armani Exchange store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA for a Pride event sponsored by Out magazine and LOGO, benefiting the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's Young Professionals Council which was hosted by A|X Underwear model and insane hottie Ryan Barry. Here are a few pics (taken by Steph & Alek and Darion) from last night's affair:

All proceeds from last night's sales benefitted the Young Professionals Council so the 4 of us all bought A|X Underwear to help the cause ... we're gays that care. The event was very fun -- with good food, drink and tunes ... oh yeah, and a bunch of super hawt models in their skivvies. The boys in the window were spelling out PRIDE ... I was partial to the I and the E myself ;) We got to chat with Ryan Barry and Reichen Lehmkuhl at last night's event ... their combined hotness was a bit much to handle close up but I think I did my best to keep my composure. It really is great seeing them happily together :)

After the event, we made our way to The Grove because I needed some help servicing my Mac Book. The battery kinda died and even tho it is 2 years old, the fine gentleman at the Genius Bar installed a brand new battery for me to have. I will never tire of singing the praises of the amazing customer service that I always enjoy from the folks at Apple ... you just do not get this kind of service with any PC machine. I am toying with making the switch back to Mac after many, many years as a PC user. With the relaunch, I have the opportunity to make the switch and see how it goes. I'm getting schooled on using Photoshop with my Mac so ... I guess we'll see :)

David arrives tonight ... lots to do. I hope all y'all have a fab weekend.