Sunday, July 25, 2004

Don't Believe The Hype! Catwoman Rocks!

I have come to the conclusion that the critics are full of bull shizz! I just do not understand why they hate Catwoman so much.  Brandon and I just got back from seeing the movie for ourselves.  I went in expecting the movie to be subpar, I mean how could I not have low expectations? Every review I came across hailed this movie as fit for the litterbox. I'm not sure what they were expecting but I think this movie does great justice to the Catwoman mythos.

There were a few really cheesey lines but given that it was a superhero/comic movie what do you expect? The script paid homage to Catwomen of the past (with a tiny kinda-cameo from Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle/Catwoman)

and did a great job with introducing Patience Phillips (giving her a great origin story) and making Sharon Stone a great villain.  I am not a Halle Berry fan by any means but trust me, if you are a comic book fan go see this movie. I totally loved it (Brandon didn't like it as much as I did but didn't hate it either).  I found one review that was favorable and well written.

OH and before the movie they showed the trailer for The Exorcist: The Beginning.  Yowza!  It looks good and scary.  It looks like it's going to scare the shizz out of me.  I might even schmear my undies!

And finally, 2XY posted this awesome picture

which I have put up permanently on my journal index page (at the bottom).  I love it!

Gardeners Do It With Hoes

Whew!  Today turned out a lot better than I expected it to.  I figured that we would all be wrecked from the party last night.  But we all woke up pretty early, had a nice bagel breakfast and then got right to work.  Jake (Horticulturist-extraordinaire) and Erik started tearing stuff up in the front yard in preparation for new bushes.  I helped with the lava rock removal.  There were millions of those ugly little rocks all across the front of the house.  It took a while but we got them all out of there.  I got dirty and sweaty even!  I came across a few slugs and centipedes which was not fun!  I did my part though so I'm pretty proud of myself. The yard looks amazing now and work has only just begun.

Newsflash: Britney and Kevin seen on the streets of Santa Monica: 

Kevin has a trashy tattoo.

Britney actually wears shoes!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh no!  Paris Hilton and Nick Carter are a couple no longer
"This is the time of my life," Carter said. "I'm back in the studio, ready to go on tour with the [Backstreet Boys]. I want to be free to date other people, and I got tired of all the rumors."
I post this news only on the off chance that anyone actually gives a shit.  There really isn't any other goss today.  Lance Armstrong won a record 6th straight Tour de France and GWB still sucks.

If the yard work gets done early enough Erik, Brandon and I are going to see Catwoman.

I need to see for myself if the movie really sucks as much as the critics are saying.  More soon ...


The ¡Fiesta! party  was a smashing success.  Sarah really did an amazing job of throwing a very fun party.  She offered tons of food (good food too), lots to drink, fun things to do and great people to socialize with.  My hat is off to her for being such a wonderful hostess.  She is truly La Bonita Gringa!  Where do I begin though, there are lots of fun stories to tell but I'm not going to try to recreate everything that happened last night.  Here's a nice pictorial overview:

My party name was Mexploitation, Erik was El Medio Chilenao and Marucus was El Boracho Muchacho.

Mike and Erik were the lawn dart champs of the evening.

There were many tequila shots imbibed.

Tracey was the superstar who finally broke the piñata (it took forever!).

The piñata was full of candy, tiny bottles of liquor and sex toys.  Erik is showing off his Happy Penis penis massage cream and Eros lube packet.

Everyone Loves a Latin Boy.

Marcus pauses for a little siesta.

Some of the nametags left over from the party.

VLB Sarah opened her bottle of beer with my belt buckle bottle-opener and got sprayed with the booze.  It was completely unintentional but nonetheless funny.  She brought her world-famous tomatilla salsa which I was very happy to consume in massive amounts.  I ended up bringing the left-over salsa home with me. 

Sarah had bottles and bottles of some cheap-ass tequila called Conquistador

The shit was nasty but goooooood!  We got t-rashed on the stuff.  I'm extremely thankful that I didn't wake up wanting to puke my innards.

The night ended shortly after the limbo contest.  I took pictures but had to get my spare camera battery and never found out who won.  It wasn't much of a contest though, everyone was soused.

The party rocked.  We had so much fun.  There are tons more pictures, you can see them HERE or follow the link under Boys On Film on the right side of the blog main page.