Friday, August 13, 2004

'Cause It's Been 5 Mins. Since I've Mentioned Ashlee

Don't count on seeing Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson go on tour together. According to Ashlee, "That would never happen."

"My dad (also the Simpson sisters' manager) thought we shouldn't go on tour together, too. Just because our shows are different. I have a rock show. I run around. And I have a band. Her show's more about you sit there and you listen to her voice 'cause it's beautiful."

It's interesting that they would not tour together. Actually, I think I prefer it this way. There isn't a single Jessica Simpson song that I even like (at all). Besides, I would rather see Ashlee in a smaller venue (like St. Andrew's or The State Theater). If she toured with Jessica then I'm sure they would play a huge venue (like The Palace).

I don't care who she tours with, as long as she hits the road soon!

My Big Fat Greek Olympics

VLB Sarah and I had a great time hanging out at home watching the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. We both loved the theatrical portion that opened the Games. While all the countries were filing in we spent a lot of our time ogling the hot athletes and laughing at the ugly ones. We were watching NBC's coverage but soon got sick of the stupid commentary by Katie Couric and Bob Costas. While Björk was performing her song (Oceania) they were TALKING over her singing! Fortunately for us, we had flipped over to CBC's coverage (the Canadian station) and were able to watch Björk's performance without the commentary. CBC did a much better job showcasing the ceremonies. No commentary, they just let the audience watch as the events unfolded.

And man, Björk gave a great performance! It was a lot shorter than I thought it would be but still stunning. She sounded great and looked amazing. She wore a dress that unfurled and covered all of the athletes. When fully unfurled it had a map of the world on it. So cool!

Björk's official website has set up a section called the Medúlla Special. You can also find the Medúlla player on that page -- you can see the video for Oceania and download cool wallpapers.

VLB and I had so much fun that we've decided to make a date to watch the closing ceremonies together in 2 weeks when the Olympic Games are all finished. Wee!

"Everybody's Talkin' All This Stuff About Me"

Britney Spears has recorded Bobby Brown's hit song My Prerogative as the lead-off single from her forthcoming Greatest Hits album.

The singer has chosen to remake the 1988 song for the first single off her next project, a greatest-hits album due November 16 that is now to be called, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, according to her label.

The song was produced by Bloodshy & Avant, the same producers who worked with Britney on Toxic. The single will be released to radio on September 14th and is one of two new songs recorded for the Greatest Hits album.

I think it’s a great song for her to cover. If anyone can make it a hit again it’s Britney. Despite all her recent trashiness, I still think she rocks. That’s my prerogative.

Guess Who Came Out Of The 'Dollhouse'

Holy Not-Really-Surprising News!

Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse) has a new lease on life having found the love of a good woman.

HOLLYWOOD - Love with a mystery woman has changed Heather Matarazzo's life ... "I met the person I'm so madly crazy in love with. She's not famous yet. She will be. She wants to do musical theater and stage, which is not as demoralizing as the movie business is."

I *just* watched Welcome to the Dollhouse the other night on the Sundance Channel. It is one of my favorite films. I have to admit that I'm definitely a fan of Heather Matarazzo. She is great in everything I've seen her in (most recently, Saved). I'm glad that she is able to be who she is and find happiness with another person. Good for her! I wish her continued success and a very happy future with whoever she happens to love.

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Mail Call

Yay! The stickers I ordered a million years ago have finally arrived.

I can't wait to begin distributing them ... to the 3 people who would actually want one (and I suspect not one of the 3 would actually stick it on anything). But anyways, I'm still excited. If you would like a sticker, let me know and I'll get one to you. I was also very excited to find this postcard in my mailbox:

Along with the Playboy postcard I also received an invitation to visit Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park: Where Families of Faith Remember Christ's Promises. Um, can you imagine what the postal carrier was thinking?

I'm Still A Toys 'R' Us Kid

Today is going to be a busy day. I have a lot of things to do to prepare for Erik's birthday. I have a few presents to pick up and I have a lot of wrapping to do. Andrea, Erik's friend from Kalamazoo, is coming over at around 12:30pm and the two of them are going to spend the day and night together. It works out perfectly because I can do what I need to do without worrying that he'll be around. But before I take off to run my errands, let's get to today's goss ...

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams (also known as Laverne & Shirley) got stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday. I think that is so cool. I loved that show very much when I was a little kid. I couldn't be happier. I think this recognition is well-deserved!

Now for the rest of today's news:
  • Let the Games begin -- check out Hot Olympian of the Day. Woo!
  • Have you been noticing that a bunch of Toys 'R' Us stores have been closing? Sadly, the company is in grave danger of closing all of its stores. Battered by intense competition from discounters such as Wal-Mart, Toys "R" Us announced yesterday that it may bow out of the toy business altogether. I cannot even express how sad this makes me. To think that a giant company like Toys 'R' Us would close down because of effing Wal-mart is very very disheartening. I cannot imagine a world where there is no Toys 'R' Us. Can you imagine saying to the children of the future, "You know, when I was little there where whole stores that sold nothing but toys."
  • Anyone But Bush: Barbie is running for president! Barbie thinks she knows who can make a difference in this year's presidential race - girls - and she's the one who is going to represent them. Apparently, her platform can be found at but I couldn't find it. I'm still looking for her military records. Normally, I would throw my support to the PINK party but if this little bitch takes votes away from John Kerry I'm going to be pissed!
  • Check out Alanis Morissette's video for Eight Easy Steps HERE. It is made up of every video that Alanis has ever done, including footage from her days on You Can't Do That On Television and childhood home movies. Her face and mouth have been digitally altered to move in sync with the lyrics to the song Eight Easy Steps -- it's freaky but kickass, y'all.
  • When it comes to the subject of Scientology, don't piss off Tom Cruise. "Some people, well, if they don't like Scientology, well, then, fuck you." He rises from the table. "Really." He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. "Fuck you." His face reddens. "Period." And you wonder why people think that Scientologists are whack-jobs. Read more of Tom's take on his religion in his Rolling Stone interview HERE.
  • Justin Timberlake says he is done with N*Sync. Timberlake "doesn't want any part" of a planned 'N Sync reunion, a source says in People. "Justin said he's not in the mood and doesn't think it will work," the spy tells the magazine. Well duh, why in the hell would he want to share the fame and fortune with 4 other guys? He is making loads by himself. I know he'd have a hard time sharing the lime light again. Justin to N*Sync: Bye, Bye Bye!
  • Jay-Z is now a part owner of the New Jersey Nets. Is it ironic that he holds a minority interest in the team?
  • Fred Savage got married but NOT to Winnie Cooper. He actually got married last Saturday but it wasn't announced until this Wednesday. Isn't it shocking that a big star like Fred Savage can get married and no one even hears about it until he issues a press release?
  • popbytes is quoting a story that Scarlett Johansson is looking to hook up with Jake Gyllenhaal but it is my contention that she is actually trying to hook up with Jared Leto. I suppose she could be seeing both (I mean how does one choose between Jordan Catalano and Donnie Darko?) but she was seen with Jared just last week. I guess we'll see who she ends up with.

    So that's it for now. As I said, lots to do and I guess I should get to it. REMINDER: if you have not received the information concerning this weekend and you would like the 411 on the B-day gameplan let me know and I'll hook you up. It shall be a blast bang!

    PS: Welcome back, VLB

    PPS: Julia Child just died.