Friday, August 13, 2004

Guess Who Came Out Of The 'Dollhouse'

Holy Not-Really-Surprising News!

Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse) has a new lease on life having found the love of a good woman.

HOLLYWOOD - Love with a mystery woman has changed Heather Matarazzo's life ... "I met the person I'm so madly crazy in love with. She's not famous yet. She will be. She wants to do musical theater and stage, which is not as demoralizing as the movie business is."

I *just* watched Welcome to the Dollhouse the other night on the Sundance Channel. It is one of my favorite films. I have to admit that I'm definitely a fan of Heather Matarazzo. She is great in everything I've seen her in (most recently, Saved). I'm glad that she is able to be who she is and find happiness with another person. Good for her! I wish her continued success and a very happy future with whoever she happens to love.

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