Thursday, August 19, 2004

Not Officially Dead

And it's official ... I'm back on a Veruca Salt kick! It was bound to happen, I just can't stop listening to them once I've gotten the itch. I've listed both American Thighs and Eight Arms To Hold You under MiTunes because they are what I'm listening to.

Oh Nina, oh Louise ... please reconcile and come back to us.

They are SO not going to get back together but I think I'll be ok ... for a little while at least. I just found out that the new Veruca Salt (i.e. Louise Post) released an EP last summer. The Officially Dead EP has 3 new songs on it and I, of course, immediately placed my order. It's due to arrive by next week.

HOW EXCITING! I also just found a kickass site, that has a few other demos/unreleased songs that I didn't have. I even found an MP3 of an Illinois lottery commercial that Louise Post recorded. The jingle is about how lucky she is ... it's weird! So while Nina sold her song Tonight and the Rest of my Life for use in a few movies, Louise is recording jingles for the Illinois state lottery. Hmmm ... I don't even care. I still love them both.

So yeah, I'm totally in a Veruca Salt way ... and I'm loving it!

"I Wanted To Go Skiing!"

I went to work for a little while. I had to pick up a copy of the text book that I will be teaching from so that I could start reading the thing. I actually have to start working on lesson plans! Oi!

After that I met up with Sarah in Birmingham, MI. The annoying white-trash suburbanoids were out in droves in preparation for the Woodward Dream Cruise that is happening this Saturday. Two days early, there were people in their bare feet loafing in lawn chairs EVERYWHERE! It made driving down Woodward Ave. very tedious and slow-going. Man, there is no way I want to be anywhere near Woodward Ave. this weekend.

Anways, we went to see the movie Open Water. OMG ... it was good. For the life of me I was wondering how they would make a whole movie about a couple of people floating in the ocean scary and interesting. They did. Every time there was one of those "surprising splashes" I almost Anna Paquined myself! I totally don't want to give anything away so you have to see the movie for yourself. It opens in wide release tomorrow.

After the movie, she and I had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant nearby. It was very good. We were invited to meet up with Erik, Kirsten, Blaine and Mary to go dancing at Luna. After our dinner I think we decided that we weren't up for it. We, instead, hung out at Borders for a little bit. I finally got a copy of Bill Clinton's My Life so it's on my stack of books to read.

Summer's slippin' away ... I have to maximize my time left.

MTV Used To Play Videos?

So we all know that MTV provides some of the best programming that you will find on cable TV. From The Real World to The Osbournes, from the Video Music Awards to Unplugged, MTV has aired some of pop culture's greatest TV shows. Nevermind that the channel was created to air music videos only. They now have MTV2 for that ... oh wait ...

Anyways, while iTunes was on shuffle the song The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff) by the "band" 2gether. Hahaha! I loved that show. MTV really capitalized on the boy band craze and came up with a cute little movie that turned into a cute little series. It's a shame the series had to end because one of the guys (the little one) died tragically. I remember thinking that his death was faked, I mean how can you believe that someone in a fake band really died? I have no shame, remember, so I liked the cute songs they sang. I guess it appealed to the part of me that loves the Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits songs. Anyways, I thought I'd share. After that song I played U + Me = Calculus. Hi, I'm a dork, thanks for visiting.

In other MTV "non-video-related" news, everybody's favorite Real World firecracker (well, I didn't want to call her a bitch, but we all love her so does it really matter?), Coral, has recently posed for a magazine:

"I don't wrestle, I effing beat bitches up!"

And I have to say that she looks pretty healthy. Click above to make them bigger. I should clarify that the pictures get bigger, I doubt her boobies could get any bigger.

Okay, I'm really leaving the house now ...

Thank You For Being A Friend

It just occurred to me, I have been blogging for 2 years now. My first entry was posted on August 13, 2002 over at I have posted every day (even if minimally) since. My blogging skills have really grown since then. So, Happy Anniversary to me!

Hurray! The Golden Girls are finally coming to DVD! I know I am not the only Golden Girls fan out there so I know that many of you are excited to hear this news. I have so many good memories associated with the Golden Girls. Some of the happiest times of my life involve the endless reruns of this show. I don't know what it is about these old ladies that is so enjoyable to watch. I've always been asked who I considered my favorite Golden and I have to tell you, I don't have one. I like all of the characters very much. I'm a fan and I am going to own these DVDs.

You might think that a grown man who is a fan of the Golden Girls sounds crazy. That ain't nothing! How about a woman who attacked a man claiming that she was Buffy ... the Vampire Slayer! This insane woman approached a man, who was out walking his dog after dark, exclaiming:

"I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"

To prove her point, she threatened him with a 12-inch wooden stake. She missed her mark, prompting the would-be blood donor's faithful hound to give chase.

Hahahaha! If it had been me I probably would have asked her to pose with her stake for a picture! In other Buffy-like news, has confirmed that Charisma (Cordelia from Buffy and Angel) will be on at least 2 episodes of Charmed next season! She has been cast to play a seer in the episodes entitled Cheaper by the Coven and Styx Feet Under.

Hurray for Paris! Her lost Chihuahua Tinkerbell has been found!!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Celebrity socialite and reality TV star Paris Hilton was reunited on Thursday with her pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, one week after the pampered pooch went missing, Hilton's spokeswoman said.

Poor Paris, she was so desperate to find her lost dog that she resorted to personally hanging up homemade "Lost Dog" posters all over her Beverly Hills neighborhood. The signs read:



These pictures were resized to this smaller size but you can make out the phone number in the original size photos (click the photo to see for yourself). Hee hee, I called the number just to see what would happen and there was a recording (not Paris' voice) stating that Tinkerbell has been found and thank you for calling. Hahahaha!

Geeze, what else is going on:
So there you go. I have to get ready and pop by ULS to figure out what needs to get done by the end of next week. It shall not be fun, I'm sure, but it must be done so I'm just going to get started. More soon ...