Thursday, August 19, 2004

Not Officially Dead

And it's official ... I'm back on a Veruca Salt kick! It was bound to happen, I just can't stop listening to them once I've gotten the itch. I've listed both American Thighs and Eight Arms To Hold You under MiTunes because they are what I'm listening to.

Oh Nina, oh Louise ... please reconcile and come back to us.

They are SO not going to get back together but I think I'll be ok ... for a little while at least. I just found out that the new Veruca Salt (i.e. Louise Post) released an EP last summer. The Officially Dead EP has 3 new songs on it and I, of course, immediately placed my order. It's due to arrive by next week.

HOW EXCITING! I also just found a kickass site, that has a few other demos/unreleased songs that I didn't have. I even found an MP3 of an Illinois lottery commercial that Louise Post recorded. The jingle is about how lucky she is ... it's weird! So while Nina sold her song Tonight and the Rest of my Life for use in a few movies, Louise is recording jingles for the Illinois state lottery. Hmmm ... I don't even care. I still love them both.

So yeah, I'm totally in a Veruca Salt way ... and I'm loving it!