Thursday, August 19, 2004

"I Wanted To Go Skiing!"

I went to work for a little while. I had to pick up a copy of the text book that I will be teaching from so that I could start reading the thing. I actually have to start working on lesson plans! Oi!

After that I met up with Sarah in Birmingham, MI. The annoying white-trash suburbanoids were out in droves in preparation for the Woodward Dream Cruise that is happening this Saturday. Two days early, there were people in their bare feet loafing in lawn chairs EVERYWHERE! It made driving down Woodward Ave. very tedious and slow-going. Man, there is no way I want to be anywhere near Woodward Ave. this weekend.

Anways, we went to see the movie Open Water. OMG ... it was good. For the life of me I was wondering how they would make a whole movie about a couple of people floating in the ocean scary and interesting. They did. Every time there was one of those "surprising splashes" I almost Anna Paquined myself! I totally don't want to give anything away so you have to see the movie for yourself. It opens in wide release tomorrow.

After the movie, she and I had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant nearby. It was very good. We were invited to meet up with Erik, Kirsten, Blaine and Mary to go dancing at Luna. After our dinner I think we decided that we weren't up for it. We, instead, hung out at Borders for a little bit. I finally got a copy of Bill Clinton's My Life so it's on my stack of books to read.

Summer's slippin' away ... I have to maximize my time left.