Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Since ABC is airing a rerun of Lost tonight I may be able to catch the season premiere of Simple Life 3:

Methinks that this show is on it's last leg, especially if they are still looking for families to exploit for this season. Call me crazy but I really think they have run out of Simple ideas. I suspect this season will, what's the phrase, suck balls.

But that doesn't mean that Paris Hilton isn't going to stop doing promotion:

Today she was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to help celebrate Ellen's birthday. Interesting that Nicole Richie didn't go with her. Hmmm ... a suspicious person might think that Paris is looking to ditch Nicole once and for all. Worst case scenario, Paris could always fall back on writing Hallmark cards or something.

I want her to stop doing dumb TV shows and focus on her album, that would be the best way to annoy impact the world.

In any regard, check it, pretty soon I'll be chillin' with La Hilton in the VIP room of ClubParis and y'all gonna be hatin' on me. Such is the price of fame.