Thursday, February 24, 2005

2 In The Pink ...

... here's a SHOCKER for you ... a whole other post for today. I ended up with so many pictures and more news stories that I just had to post again ... but please DON'T GET USED TO IT ;) Let's get to it ...

Helllllo Colin Farrell:

Lookie, lookie ... he's bulked up a little bit ... I greatly approve!

The international trailer for the Fantastic Four movie is online HERE and features more of Chris Evans as The Human Torch:

Hello shirtless ... Thanks to for giving me the heads up. Timmy Ray also has the scoop on some Reichen Lehmkuhl Burke news. What is with the hot guys this afternoon ...?

You betta work! This is just what the world needs, a set of RuPaul dolls:

I have to admit, it's a very good likeness. There are other RuPaul dolls to check out HERE. These dolls are fierce, ba-by!

Pop Quiz ... can you pick out the real woman in these pictures?

Samantha Fox (Naughty Girls Need Love Too, I Only Wanna Be With You) is back on the scene ... I'm not quite sure what her goal is but I hear that comebacks are in vogue right now.

This is Mary Kate Olsen, right?

I have a hard time remembering which is which ... she looks so thin and frail ... this girl needs a hamburger, STAT!

What do you think that Lindsay Lohan (or Ashlee Simpson for that matter) does whenever she hears Kelly Clarkson on the radio for the 10 millionth time?

Yeah, that's about right.

Oh no ... it's finally happened ...

I knew Mischa Barton was doomed from the start. Ah well, we'll miss her ...

David Beckham tends to be very proud of his sons:

Hence the Cruz Shoes ... Ah Becks, you gotta love him!

So, if Pink is really pregnant then why is she still smoking?

And why is she looking like piss? These celebs really go down hill in between projects. She needs to release a new album or something ... sheesh.

I think Nicole Richie is tired of Xtina Augilera stealing her lime light:

I mean Nicole did get engaged first ... Hey Richie, do us all a favor and beat that beyotch down!

And now, more of les news:
So yeah, the Tori Amos ticket presale was a fucking extremely stressful adventure. Sarah and I have been through many Tori presales but this one was insane:

The tickets disappeared before we could even log on. Sarah managed to get through and secure us some 3rd row seats for the Detroit show but we were unsuccessful at the New York and Chicaco presales. We're going to have to try our luck at the general sale on Saturday morning. There are a lot of pissed off Tori fans with sad stories to tell. Thankfully, we aren't among them. We didn't give up though ... I think we're both going to suffer the effects (carpal tunnel, blindness) of constantly refreshing the webpage in the hopes that more tickets would become available.

I'm beat ... I got an email that totally MADE my week! I'm happy, y'all!

Letter Of Truth: Lynne Spears Edition

Dear Fans,

It's been a while since I've written. Britney is on the Gulf Coast with Kevin enjoying the scenery and southern hospitality so she asked me to write this week's letter for her.

Britney, Kevin and all the pups have been with Jamie Lynn and me for the past few weeks. They have been redecorating a few rooms in their new Los Angeles home. She will not let me come see what she has been doing until it is completely finished. I can only imagine!

Jessica, my niece, is staying with us too. All of a sudden our home is quite a lively place! So much so, that we are tearing out walls to make rooms bigger. We are also going to replace some draperies. I believe the small fires we've endured have permanently turned some of the drapes grey, so it's time for some new ones.

Jamie Lynn is so preoccupied with school and after school activities. Softball has started once again and she's still competing on the cheerleading team. Most night's she makes it home by 9pm, but it's a fight to keep her grades up this time of year. However, she always manages to work miracles.

Bryan came home last weekend to attend one of Jamie Lynn and her cheerleading team's competitions in New Orleans. We had so much fun. Even we Moms enjoyed ourselves. I know Bryan misses our Cajun cooking because his stomach is always a bottomless pit when he comes home. I do believe Kevin and Britney may decide to have a second home here in Louisiana, hopefully next to me. They are still making all kinds of plans so nothing is definite yet. Kevin loves it here as much as Britney does. He says he loves my cooking, yet he goes to Nyla's to eat at least once a day when he is here. I wonder who will be bigger, Bryan or Kevin, when their metabolic rates slow down!

Britney and Kevin were unable to make it to Los Angeles for Dan Dymtrow's 30th birthday weekend, but we have heard some of the stories and it sounds like a great time was had by all! Happy Birthday, Dan!

Britney is so excited about the International launch of "Curious" next month. Elizabeth Arden has something really special in the works and we are all so excited about the fragrance being available overseas very soon!

I am so happy to be able to write a letter once again, I have really missed keeping in touch with all of you.

I know the weather has been wreaking havoc all over the world, so I hope everyone is safe. Please remember to keep all of the tsunami victims in your prayers.

Lynne via

Hey, I Like Downmarket Scum

Slowly but surely the mystery is continuing to unfold on Lost ... last night's episode, while a bit subdued (not quite as subdued as last week's episode), actually made me GASP a few times:

I was very surprised to learn that Jin wasn't an assassin as we were lead to believe from Sun's flashback episode. Did you notice, in the scene where Jin went to the Secretary of the Environment's house to deliver the "message", that Hurley was on the TV doing, what looked like, a Korean or Chinese car commercial or something like that? I literally made an audible noise when it turned out that the freaky kid was the pyro! Of course, that revelation came out AFTER Sun was forced to speak in English to defend her husband ... everyone on the island was shocked. I'm not even gonna talk about the whole Shannon <3's Sayid thing ... they're both gross and I'd rather not dwell. I was very pleased with last night's episode ...

Here's an interesting picture of Ian Somerhalder and some dude?

I know that it's a chick but ... c'mon ... it looks like a dude.

Hello, is any one else frightened by the monster that Michael Jackson has become?

He is so deformed from all of his surgeries ... I just can't believe that he was able to get little kids to want to play with him (and I mean that in the innocent sense). Seriously, he scares me ...

Jennifer Lopez and her hubby are spending some time in Spain:

They gots ta represent the latinoids, holla! How is it that J. Lo looks sooo good all the time while Marc Anthony always looks SOOO bad? Geeze, it must be love ...

Additionally, Beyoncé, Becks and Jennifer Lopez were all on hand for the debut of their new international Pepsi commercial:

And they all looked like they'd rather be anywhere else.

With no new Paris Hilton Sidekick news to report (except to say that Ashley Olsen is pissed as hell) I guess we have to go back to talking about her normal, banal adventures:

And poor Nikki Hilton:

She will always be that other Hilton, the one that picks her nose.

Jude Law is wet:

... and showing off more than just his baby.

Ashton Kutcher is the honorary something-or-other for this year's Daytona 500:

Demi Moore ain't lookin' too hot in this picture ... the soccer mom look is so unsexy.

Serena Williams is trying to be a diva by carrying around her dog like all the other debutantes:

Someone needs to tell her that her dog is waaaaay too big (and nasty-scruffy) to be carried around like that.

Ah, Pamela Anderson ... you make it way too easy:

I shant say a word.

And desperate-for-attention Brandy has decided to skankify to get a little attention:

And look at that, it worked.

And finally, I didn't watch one full episode of Project Runway the whole time it aired on Bravo, but I did catch the finale last night ... I loved the bitch (whatever her name is) if only because you could tell she was an evil conniving beyotch. I thought the other chick was too sweet to win (I was right) and while the dude who won (Gay Jay) was scary-looking (but not as scary as others) his designs were fun and fresh. Hello, the best part of the finale was that Parker Posey was one of the judges:

I love her! Parker Posey should be on TV all the time!

And now, the news y'all:
Yesterday I was able to partake of the Kelly Clarkson presale and get 2 row B tickets for her Detroit show. This morning I was able to partake of the Garbage presale and managed to secure a mainfloor general admission ticket. This afternoon Sarah and I are going to take on the Tori Amos presales at 1 and 2 PM for Detroit, New York City and Chicago ... may the force be with us!