Monday, April 30, 2007

Wiggin' Out

This is the week that the naysayers will be proven wrong ... this is the glorious week that Britney Spears returns to the performance stage to show the world that she's still got what it takes to be a successful popstar! Er, well, maybe that's going a little too far. It has been ages since Britney has performed publicly so she may be a little rusty. In any regard, this is gonna be her week ... one way or another. BUT, before she hits the various House of Blues stages in Southern California and Las Vegas later on this week, Britney spent the weekend doing her thang ... you know, like getting pulled over by the cops and getting off without a ticket (natch):

Britney Spears was pulled over by Beverly Hills police for allegedly speeding but was let off with a warning, authorities say. The pop star was driving along Sunset Boulevard when she was stopped at 8:45 p.m. Friday. "She was pulled over for speeding," Beverly Hills police Sgt. Mike Foxen tells PEOPLE. "She was warned about her speed and let go. She was not cited." The look on her face is PRICELESS! [Source]

Britney has also been spending a lot of time at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood (I think she sleeps there) and in the recording studio where she is working with JR Rotem (at least they can still work together professionally even tho that disastrous relationship never went anywhere). In between all this work, Britters has been blowing off steam (and other things) by driving around town with her top down (on the car ... well, this time at least) and doing a little shopping ... in somewhat questionable clothing:

Photo credit: Flynet

See, I don't know if it's very wise to be cruising down the freeway with the top down on your car if you wear a wig ... just as easily as your hat can fly off (and poor Britney's hat did fly right off) so can your wig. I also don't know if it's a good idea to go out in public wearing this much fishnet (and I *really* don't know if it's a good idea to start messing around with Howie Day). Is this look even allowed by the law? I really hope she doesn't wear this ... ensemble ... on stage at any of her performances. Man, I really want her to have a great set of successful performances this week. The poor girl could really use the boost. I've got my fingers crossed for her ... she can do it ... I really hope she can. [Source, Source]

It turns out that Victoria Beckham only spent one single day here in LA (flying in to sign the paperwork on the purchase of the new Beckham manse) and has already departed back for home. But, that doesn't mean that there wasn't any time to do a bit of shopping before she jetted off. Here are pictures of Posh doing a bit of shopping Saturday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

VB deplaned wearing an awful entirely too stretchy outfit and then changed into this garish red little number. She threw around some dough and bought up a bunch of stuff and then made her way to LAX for the long flight home (wearing a third, striped outfit). One things for certain, Posh knows her biz and she knows how to get it all done as quickly as possible. I wouldn't be surprised if she started flying in weekly to oversee the work that is sure to be done on her new home. Can you imagine all the Lycra that is sure to follow? [Source]

While Posh was bizzy flying into and out of LA, David Beckham was bizzy tending to the children and then jetting off on his own to play soccer with his Real Madrid team ... proudly showing off his newly golden locks and his pimpin' Louis Vuitton luggage:

Photo credit: PolFoto

Who says the metrosexual is dead? Surely not Becks ... you take that sassy new 'do and couple it with that adeptly knotted scarf and the LV carryon roller bag and you've got the perfect example of the metrosexual male ... tho, he is only a handbag away from crossing the line but, shoot, Becks could even make that look work. He couldn't make it masculine, mind you, but he can make it work! [Source]

In other blonde news, here are pictures of Laura Bell Bundy celebrating at the Broadway opening night after party last night for the new musical Legally Blonde:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I have been hearing some really great things about this show from Pink readers who have seen it when it was previewing in San Francisco. I absolutely love the movie, starring Reese Witherspoon, but I'm having a tough time picturing it as a musical. A story that is so light, fluffy and pink has to be accompanied by the perfect sort of music ... and from what I understand, this show has it all (that said, I really hope that they kept the line from the movie, Whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed, intact). I will definitely have to check out this show very soon. David and I already have a very bizzy schedule this week in NYC but maybe we'll find the time. [Source]

In formerly blonde news, it looks like Madonna has tired of her blonde ambition and has settled on a new look ... here she is, the strawberry girl:

Photo credit: Splash News

I haven't decided if I love it or not. I really liked the short, blonde bob (which only turned out to be a wig) that she rocked a few months ago (around the time she shot the video for Jump) but I'm not sure about this cut and color. Maybe it's just the picture, but the new 'do makes her look older. Hmm ... I'm gonna have to see if it grows on me. [Source, Source]

Oh Boy! You're never gonna guess which aging 80s popstar, who has already had quite a few run-ins with the law (on various drug charges, one of which resulted in a very public and freakin' hilarious punishment of community service), was arrested over the weekend for allegedly attempting to "kidnap" a male escort. Okay ... maybe it's not so hard to guess that it's Boy George:

Boy George is on bail while police investigate allegations that he kidnapped a male escort and chained him to a wall in his London home. Auden Carlsen, 28, claimed he was grabbed by the singer and another man and chained up after the star invited him to his house in Shoreditch to pose for photographs. Mr Carlsen claimed he met the former Culture Club star on the website Gaydar, and agreed to go to his flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model. He denied he was working as an escort. But the Norwegian said he feared for his life when Boy George pounced on him and tied him up. "I was convinced I was going to die," he said. "George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down." He alleges that Boy George, whose hits include Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?, produced a box of whips and sex toys and told him: "Now you'll get what you deserve." Mr Carlsen claims he escaped by pulling the hook from the wall and fleeing to a nearby newsagent's at 6.30am on Saturday, from where he alerted the police ... [Says a Scotland Yard spokesperson:] "Hackney CID is investigating and a man in his forties has been arrested in connection with the allegation. He was taken to an east London police station but has subsequently been bailed to return on a date in July." The 45-year-old singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, was unavailable for comment. Harrowing! Is it wrong that I can totally see this scary scenario actually happening in the manner described by Mr. Escort Man? Let this be a lesson to you, folks ... if Boy George (or George Michael or Gary Glitter or Michael Jackson, for that matter) ever invites you his place in the wee hours of the morning for a "photoshoot" you'd be wise to politely decline. [Source]

Yesterday we saw pics of the happily married Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie Suburban Girl ... today we have pics of the couple on the red carpet for the Tribeca premiere of her other new movie The Air I Breathe:

Sadly, I don't think that FPJ has any movies premiering at Tribeca (or anywhere else for that matter) but it's good of him to be there for SMG at her numerous movie premieres.. [Source]

Additionally, the other Vampire Slayer of note, Eliza Dushku, is also premiering a movie of her own at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here are pictures of Eliza on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie Noble Son:

See, vampires aren't the only ones that are immortal. I love seeing BtVS cast members staying employed. [Source]

SIDEBAR: Are any of y'all reading the Season 8 Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics? I am loving them (really loving Giant Dawn, Vengeful Amy, Xander Xander) but notsomuch loving how short they are :( The cliffhanger endings are really fun but I find myself wanting more. Thankfully, the writing and storylines feel very true to the Buffyverse so I am very pleased on that account. If you are a fan of the show and haven't picked up the comics yet, I urge you to do so ... they really are keeping the spirit of the show alive.

Tori Amos and Bjork are featured in a new album review article in The New Yorker (online only, I'm afraid ... I'm reading the new print issue of magazine right now but there is no sign of the article in print) -- it turns out that I just haven't received the most recent issue, David has it and the article is in the print edition. Both artists and albums get very good reviews, natch ... and the article is accompanied by a really great picture of Tori:

"American Doll Posse" is aggressive and, occasionally, overstated; Amos fans who have complained that they haven’t heard from "the real Tori" in a while will be relieved. In the past three years, Amos has released only one complete album, "The Beekeeper" (2005), which buried her natural vigor under music that occasionally incorporated gospel and R. & B. but in the end was lax and weirdly docile. "American Doll Posse" returns to her music of the nineties: fired-up songs centered on the piano, her robust singing, a rhythm section, and loud guitar playing more indebted to the seventies than to the ohs. The album title refers to characters that Amos created for the record: Pip, Tori, Clyde, Santa, and Isabel. These women appear on the cover, five Amoses digitally manipulated to occupy a single space. The one called Tori has long, straight red hair and bangs, wears a floor-length dark skirt, and holds a chicken. (The concept owes much to the work of the artist Cindy Sherman.) If you do some research, you can figure out which character sings which track, but this is unnecessary. Amos has always played a variety of characters in her songs; it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that her work is concerned primarily with how different women experience the world. (Amos once said in a television interview that she was elected homecoming queen simply because she had made an effort to talk to all the girls in her high school) ... Amos's anger is appealing, especially when she's parsing gender stereotypes. She takes on the acronym MILF—a term that "Tori" decides she likes—and a more ageless insult, "fat slut," which becomes a character in a song of the same name. I absolutely agree with this review, I absolutely believe that long-time fans will recognize that American Doll Posse is a return to form of sorts. While I really love much of The Beekeeper, I agree that the Rhythm & Blues/Gospel sound really didn't grab me all that well (and I don't know that I ever truly came on board with the "chica-chica-chicas" on the song Cars & Guitars). I really love ADP as a whole and there are a lot of songs that I really love individually (Bouncing Off Clouds, Secret Spell, Body and Soul, Girl Disappearing). I'm really excited to hear how some of this stuff sounds live. The article also includes some really great things about Bjork and her album Volta as well ... click HERE to read it in its entirety. [Source]

REMEMBER: Today is your last day to submit your entry to win a free copy of American Doll Posse in the Pink is the new Blog cd giveaway contest. Click HERE for all the deets.

Pink readers P. and Andre gave me the head's up on Lance Bass' new man candy. Apparently, his name is Mark and he's a web designer from NYC. Here is a screen shot of his profile on Connexion (for those of you without Connexion log-ins):

His profile states that he is a 34-year old, single Bisexual who flips burgers for a living. Yep, sounds like a catch to me. He is a fan of Tori Amos so he gets points there. Actually, by the looks of his site, he's a very proficient web designer (who possibly flips burgers on the side?). Lance has publicly stated that he is having "the best time of his life" now that he's dating ... I guess web designers really do it for him ;) [Source, Source, thanks P. and Andre]

UPDATE: Pink reader Jacqueline has stumbled upon the boy's My Space profile:

Yes, web designers like this would tend to do it for me too :) [Source]

And finally ... last night I caught a new Venom-specific commercial for Spider-Man 3 which showed the clearest shots of Venom that I've seen so far ... here are a few caps:

I'm impressed. The movie opens this week and I can't wait! The long wait is almost finally over ... Woot!!!!!

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time hanging out with Mike around town. We had a great late brunch at LuLu's (where I got to meet Pink reader Veronica) and then we spent some time chillin' at The Grove. The new Barney's Co-Op is all ready for the new Kate Moss fashions that are set for release tomorrow and while the Topshop in London will have the actual Kate Moss appearing in the store window, The Grove Barney's has to make do with a substitute:

But you really can't tell the difference.

Our trip to Barney's was really cool because we saw Michelle Stafford (who plays Phillis on The Young and the Restless) trying on shoes. I dunno what my deal was but I just couldn't go over to talk to her while she was trying on footwear. Tho, in retrospect I should've ... she's had a rough time of it lately, what with Dru's shocking demise on the show ;)

I also got to meet a couple of other Pink readers while we were at The Grove:

Ginger and Gina were so cute ... I'm glad they sent me this picture to share. It was my pleasure meeting you guys :)

So that was pretty much my Sunday ... I have a plane to catch in a couple of hours so I must be off. I'll be comin' atcha from the East Side for the rest of the week. After a few days in NYC I'll be back in Detroit for a week.

That is all ... I am out.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

At last ... the long search has finally ended and an LA home has been found for the Beckhams to live in once they make the move here to the States in a few months. After tireless searching, Posh and Becks have decide to make this monstrous Beverly Hills manse their humble abode:

Photo credit: Mavrix

The multi-million-dollar mansion is "modern, airy, very light and spacious with lots of windows," a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, adding: "It still needs a bit of work inside." The sale is close to being finalized, says the source: "Victoria will land in L.A. on Saturday to sign the contract. She will meet with interior designers, discuss fixtures and all aspects of the house plan before flying out shortly afterwards." A family friend confirms the deal. "It is done. They've found the perfect property for themselves in Beverly Hills," says the friend. "The house they've chosen is big but not huge," says the source. "That said, it is big enough for them as a family of five, along with additional space for family members that will visit from Britain. They needed a fair amount of extra room for visitors as [guests] will stay a while longer than [they did during] visits to them in Spain" ... Now that they've found the right place, as well as a school for their sons, "It's a massive relief for them. They looked at so many houses," says the family friend. "They have been able to finally sort out the house and school. Now they can rest easy for when they arrive. They will crack open a bottle of Champagne." David, whose deal with the Galaxy is expected to be worth up to $250 million including endorsements, currently plays for the Real Madrid team in Spain. He and Victoria are expected to sell their Spanish home but keep their sprawling mansion – dubbed Beckingham Palace – north of London. "There's no way they will sell that place," says a family friend. "They are part of the community there and it will be their base when they go back to Britain for Christmas and things like that." What a relief! I know I'm relieved as well!! Tho, as I've mentioned before ... I would have had no problem letting Becks crash at my pad if a suitable home couldn't be found in time. Ah well ... Les Beckhams are scheduled to make the move to SoCal sometime in July - which coincides with the debut of Victoria's six-part Simon Fuller produced reality show that will air on NBC. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Beckhams will fit in nicely here in LA. [Source, Source]

So, while Posh jetted off to LA to take care of the house paperwork (wearing way too much stretchy clothing for my taste, might I add), papa Becks stayed back at home with the kiddies. Here is an ADORABLE picture of David and his youngest child Cruz -- who is already walking on his own like a champ:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

I just cannot believe how quickly that little boy grew up! Walking already! He, like Romeo, looks a lot like his mother. Since Becks has signed a 5-year contract with the LA Galaxy that means there will be plenty of time for he and the wifey to work on that other child that they've been hinting at. Posh wants a girl in the worst way so I wouldn't be surprised if they did have another baby ... a Yankee baby :) [Source]

Last night in Australia (which is actually today for us ... er, well let's just say Sunday night in Australia) the land down under celebrated with MTV for their Video Music Awards. While the focus was heavily on Aussie stars (as it should be) there were quite a few US celebs who were in town for the awards show. Here are pics from the red carpet and the show itself:

P!nk looked very lovely on the red carpet in that frilly dress ... my dearest Nicole Richie looked like she was wearing a GLAD ForceFlex trash bag (in black, of course) but I still love her to death anyways :) Fergie Ferg played host of the show (and was dressed to her hoochie best) and peeps like the Benji and Joel Madden, Kristin Cavallari and Teddy Geiger took the stage to hand out awards or perform. Video of the Year went to 30 Seconds to Mars for The Kill, Download of the Year went to P!nk for Who Knew, Best Dance went to Fedde Le Grand for Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (WOOT!) and the Viewers Choice Award (Australia) went to Good Charlotte for Keep Your Hands Off My Girl. Click HERE for a full list of 2007 MTV AVMA winners. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. showed up on the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie Suburban Girl, here are a couple pics of the lurve birds:

They always make such a cute couple ... FPJ is always there to support SMG with each successful endeavor that she takes on ... and SMG is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on for each unsuccessful endeavor that he takes on -- it's so precious. I love it when Hollywood marriage manages to withstand the test of time. [Source]

Today is the final day of the 2007 Coachella Music Festival that takes place yearly in Indio, CA. Music fans from all over the world stream into the California desert to enjoy live performances from some of their favorite artists ... and Hollywood "It" Girls are no exception. Here are a few pics of a few starlets mingling with the common folk at the festival yesterday afternoon:

In year's past, we've spotted a few celebs getting down at the festival enjoying some herbal refreshment but it looks like the girls are behaving themselves this year ... er, at least in front of the cameras. It should come as no surprise that Tara Reed was spotted with a drink in hand, I think she's had that cup surgically attached to her hand. You gotta love it when celebs deign to come down from on high to party with the common folk. [Source]

Speaking of mingling with the common folk, the newly single Prince William no longer has need to placate his girlfriend by hanging out with her anymore and is now free to explore other possibilities ... here are a couple pictures of Wills hanging out with his guy friend Guy Pelly as they made their way into a London nightclub called Mahiki:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure the buds are having a grand ol' time scopin' out the ladies and mackin' on the chicks in tandem. Guy must be very honored to be the Prince's wing man. I have no idea if these guys got any game at all but something tells me that being a royal is about all the game one needs. [Source]

Gwen Stefani shocked the LA audience at her concert here on Friday night at the Gibson Amphitheater. Shirley Manson of Garbage came out on stage to sing a duet of Wonderful Life ... much to the crowd's surprise and glee:

Click HERE for a short vid of the ladies singing together. I never thought about what a collaboration between Gwen and Shirley would sound like but I think I love the idea. Shirley is currently working on her solo album and perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Don't be surprised if Gwen doesn't return the favor and shows up on Shirley's album. What an amazing surprise ... had I been there, I would've flipped my shizz! [Source via Mike at the No Doubt Community]

Pink reader Alison, who works at Book People book store in Austin, TX, sends in a few really great pictures of Rue McClanahan's recent book signing appearance at their store. Here are the pics:

Alison writes: She was so sweet and gracious.
She read a few passages from her new book My First Five Husbands...And the Ones Who Got Away, including one about auditioning for the Golden Girls. She did the voices for all the characters and it was HYSTERICAL. Then she signed books for fans.
I am so grateful for these pics. I, unfortunately, missed out on Rue's book signing by one day when she was in NYC and I will miss out on the LA singing that she has scheduled for later this week :( I would absolutely LOVE to meet the illustrious Ms. McClanahan (especially since I am enjoying her book so much!) but it looks like it wasn't meant to be. Therefore, I'll have to live vicariously thru others. [thanks Alison]

And finally ... it's time for this week's installment of the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Jeremy:

Photo credit: All American Guys

It's obvious that Jeremy likes to work out, hence the bulging biceps, etc. He strikes me as a very sporty guy ... after all, only a sport guy would wear a jock strap underneath his jeans, right? Wee ... let's give it up for hot sporty guys like Jeremy!! Enjoy!! [Source]

I'm bummed to report that, once again, there is no video to share this week. David tells me that they are revamping the format a little bit so ... hopefully there'll be something to share next week.

Les News:
Okay, so I'm not crazy but ... I ended up seeing Wicked again yesterday afternoon. I don't know why I didn't know this but David has never seen the show and I was horrified to find this out. He will be here in LA in a few weeks so I went about trying to find tickets so that he can see the show (and me with him). While I was looking for tickets, I came upon a really amazing single seat front and center -- and I bought it. Then I found out that Jim has never seen the show so at the last minute he decided to come with and he found an equally close center seat and, well, we went off to the land of OZ once again:

I have to say, I really enjoyed myself this second time around. Having really good seats greatly intensifies the experience and since I wasn't trying to pay attention to every single little thing (like I did the first time I saw the show) I was able to just fall into the story ... I ain't gonna lie, I even got a little verklempt this time around. Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty just stole my heart ... they are really both so magnificent in this show. They will forever be Elphaba and Glinda for me (tho much love and props to Idina Menzel who orginated Elphaba on Broadway). After the show Jim wanted to hang out by the stage door to meet Jenna Leigh Green (who played NessaRose) because he was a fan of her when she appeared on Sabrina the Teenage Witch (and he also wanted to meet the lead hot Winged Monkey guy but we missed him) and I got to chat a bit with Eden Espinosa who recognized me from the blog and thanked me for making the show "the talk of the town" after I wrote about it earlier in the week. She told me that she received a ton of emails and phone calls telling her she made the site. I honestly had no idea that she was even familiar with the blog but I am very happy to know that she does .. or at least now she's familiar with it.

And ... I think I'm still yet to see it again with David (tho we might see the Broadway production in NYC) so it's been a very Wicked weekend for me.

I am flying out early tomorrow afternoon for my latest NYC jaunt so I have a lot of preparing to do tonight. I will be posting tomorrow morning but it may be a shorter post depending on how much time I have. Things will get back to normal by Tuesday for shizzle.

And that is all ... I am out!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flash, Dance!

Whoa there, Nelly! I think that Britney Spears is getting a wee bit too excited at the prospect of returning to the performance stage. In her ecstatic giddiness, Brit Brit made a bit of a slip yesterday as she made her way into the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA when she gave the photogs a quick flash of her unmentionables:

Photo credit: INF

Thank goodness there were unmentionables for me to mention. I don't know that I could handle another peek at her bared nether region ever again. Yes Brit, we are *all* excited for your overdue return to the stage but you're gonna have to control yourself. Just keep the naughties under wraps and stay out of trubs. [Source]

Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, James Franco and Topher Grace reunited in the beautiful city of lights -- Paris, France -- last night for the Parisian premiere of Spider-Man 3. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Kiki and James made a premiere pit stop in Stockholm, Sweden the night before but her outfit was just too hideous for me to mention. Ugh! You can see for yourself HERE. She looks much better in this little red number. The boys look like they're on their way to a funeral. It appears that all this traveling is starting to adversely affect the Spidey cast ... Tobey Maguire got all pissy when a fan tried to take a picture with him when he arrived at his hotel in Paris. It's okay, dude ... the promo tour is almost over. [Source]

Angelina Jolie debuted her new documentary A Place in Time at the Tribeca Film Festival this week and is in NYC for just the occasion ... she was spotted hanging out with her brother and sometimes make-out partner James Haven and also Wyclef Jean who scored her doc:

Photo credit: Splash News

Thus far, there's no sign of Brad Pitt or the children so she might be flyin' solo this weekend. Bad news for Brad ... good news for her brother. [Source]

The MTV Australian Video Music Awards are taking place in Sydney, Australia tomorrow night but the celebs have already begun to stream in for all the pre-AVMA partying. Here are pictures from the AVMA press call yesterday afternoon:

Fergie is hosting the awards and my boys Good Charlotte and my girl Kristin Cavallari will also be in the hiz to participate in all the fun. We won't get to watch the AVMAs here in the US (I don't believe anyways ... maybe they'll air it on MTV2 or something at some point) but hopefully there'll be some great pictures to check out once the event takes place tomorrow. [Source]

Back here in the US (and in SoCal specifically) the 2007 Coachella Music Festival has gotten underway. Friday was Day 1 and featured performances by Bjork, Arctic Monkeys, Rufus Wainwright, Peaches, Julieta Venegas, Amy Winehouse and The Jesus and Mary Chain (among others). Honestly, Friday's line-up seems like the strongest to me but since I hate outdoor festivals, well, I wasn't there to enjoy ... which means I missed out on seeing Scarlett Johansson do guest vocals with The Jesus and Mary Chain on their song Just Like Honey:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I'm not sure how I feel about Scarlett moving into the music scene. But I suppose if I can heart Lindsay Lohan's vocal talent (hey, she's got some great songs!) then I guess there's a slight possibility that I can take Scarlett the songstress ... maybe. I'm curious to hear what this performance at Coachella sounded like ... there's got to be an MP3 or a video out there somewhere, right? [Source]

The real show-stopper of Day 1 at Coachella had to be Bjork who closed the first day's performances with a set that included 16 songs!

Bjork performed an unorthodox and visually stunning set at Coachella tonight (April 27), closing the first of this year's festival. Backed by an all-female choir and brass section that included trumpets, trombones and French horns, the Icelandic chanteuse reinterpreted some of her earlier hits and previewed new material from her forthcoming album, 'Volta'. Bjork took the stage wearing a colourful costume and a giant headdress, which she soon shed to reveal a colourful dress underneath. Multi-coloured flags adorned the stage and green lasers bounced around the audience. "It's great to be here in the desert with you!" Bjork told the audience who roared back in response. Keeping between-song banter to a minimum, she didn't say much more than "thank you" or "gracias" throughout the evening. Playing songs including 'All Is Full Of Love', 'Bachelorette', and 'Army Of Me' were reinterpreted by Bjork and her new band, often taking on a cinematic quality. Bjork performed the only encore of the evening, returning to the stage for a rousing rendition of her new song 'Declare Independence', to bring the first day of Coachella to a close. Honestly, I almost hauled my cookies out to the desert just to see Bjork but I decided to hold off since David and I will be seeing her at Radio City Music Hall next Wednesday night. Woot! I am so excited! I can't wait!!! [Source]

Happily married Alison Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are vacationing in Hawaii and, by the looks of it, the couple still look very much in love with one another:

Photo credit: Flynet

It's still a little weird for me to see Willow Rosenberg and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce canoodling together but I guess not everything can be seen in relation to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (even tho it should). They do make a cute couple ... and I'm very happy to see them very happy together. [Source]

In other Buffyness/Angelness, here are pictures of David Boreanaz jogging the streets of West Hollywood sans shirt:

Woot! Angel has still got it goin' on ... and I told you that everything sorta kinda relates to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. [Source]

We've already gotten our first look at the Iron Man costume from the upcoming movie but here is our first look at Robery Downey, Jr. playing Tony Stark forging the Iron Man costume from the upcoming movie:

"We didn't want to just go with a safe choice," Favreau says from the set of the film, due in theaters May 2, 2008. "The best and worst moments of Robert's life have been in the public eye. He had to find an inner balance to overcome obstacles that went far beyond his career. That's Tony Stark. Robert brings a depth that goes beyond a comic-book character who is having trouble in high school, or can't get the girl. Plus, he's simply one of the best actors around." For his part, Downey is trying to become an iron man. At 42, he lifts weights five days a week and practices martial arts to get in shape to play the hard-bodied Stark, an arms manufacturer who uses his ultimate weapon, a jet-powered, missile-launching suit of armor, to fight evil. More important, Downey says, he's been working on his emotional stamina since coming out of rehab in 2002. His supporting roles in Good Night, and Good Luck and Zodiac have earned critical raves. And anchoring a big-budget summer film such as Iron Man could go a long way toward cementing that return. "I'm more diligent than I used to be," Downey says. "I want to show Jon he was right to have faith in me. Whatever questions might have arisen about my life weren't issues with him." Nor with many fans, says Rob Worley of "Fans need the heart of the comic to be in" the movie, he says. "Tony Stark had a substance abuse problem. He was built up and torn down many times. I think when people heard Robert Downey was going to play the part, there was actually a big relief." Downey knows a thing or two about comics, and he can get downright geeky when discussing them. He prefers Marvel to D.C. comics. He liked Iron Man, "but mainly through his appearance with Avengers." Whoa there ... it sounds like either RDJ is a bona fide comic nerd or he's just trying to sound like one -- either way, it works for me. I'm always concerned when the powers that be go and try and bring a comic book that I enjoy to life on the big screen ... there is a big chance that the movie will fail (think Daredevil and/or Electra) or that it will just outright suck (think Hulk and/or Electra). Personally, I'm just relieved that Tom Cruise didn't get the part (the early buzz was that he was set to play Tony Stark). I have no probs with RDJ in the role and I like that Gwyneth Paltrow stars opposite him as the love interest ... I guess we'll see if the producers don't eff things up. [Source]

The Canadian band Faber Drive took time out of a recent photoshoot to show some Pink is the new Blog lurve and send in these great pics with a sign that, apparently, took the guys 30 minutes to create -- now that's lurve:

Photos by Jordan Letkemann

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Canucks (especially the hot ones) so I am very flattered that the boys took the time to show some love. You can hear clips of the songs on their debut album (due out in stores on May 1) on their official website HERE and you can stream a few full-length songs at their official My Space profile HERE.

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of pictures sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Brian and Derva send in a totes cool pic -- Julie sends in a pic of her son Jacob on his first day of t-ball at Cal Ripken Little League in Sparks, Nevada -- Calli and Becca, students in Georgia Tech's Masters of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics program, send in a picture with their patient Gary who allowed them to make a prostetic pink cheetah leg -- Christopher and co. dreaming of no longer being single at their friend Marjie's wedding -- Jessie and her friends Sarah and Yasmin chillin' in the Chem lab at Tanjong Katong Secondary School in Singapore -- Sabrina, Jenn and Christine enjoying their spring break trip to Las Vegas together:

I love how happy everybody looks in these pictures! You can really tell that these Pink readers are having a blast each doing their thing. Thank you all SO MUCH for taking the time to send in your amazing photos. I must reiterate, as usual, how flattered I am that y'all choose in include PITNB in y'alls celebrations. It really means the world to me. Thank you all, again, so much! XOXO

Les News:
Last night Jim and I finally got to hang out for he first time in, what seems like, eons. Now that he's working on a new TV show again we hardly ever get to see one another (and to be fair, I'm hardly ever in LA to hang out anymore either). But last night we went out for dinner together at Vitello's in Studio City and had a delicious Italian dinner. We met up with Davey afterwards (Mike was supposed to come out as well but he was, er, otherwise engaged ;) and went to Akbar for a few drinks. Even tho I didn't want to stay out too late, we ended up staying out pretty late. We ran into friends I haven't seen in ages -- Brad and Keith ... and I also got to meet Pink reader Irene right smack dab in the middle of the dancefloor:

The DJ was playing some really great stuff, which is why we look so happy in the pic.

The weather has finally turned gorgeous here and I can't wait to spend the day outside today. I hope y'all are having a great weekend! I am out!

Friday, April 27, 2007

M+Ms Bop

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! After nearing completion of today's post the ENTIRE THING was accidentally erased. So after I screamed my head off for a bit, I had to get started again ... I will try to do my best to recreate what I wrote before ... that is, if I don't kill myself first in the process.

Britney Spears has managed to get her hot bod back and she wants the whole world to see it. Here are pictures of Britney emerging from the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA yesterday afternoon with her kiddies in tow:

She looks amazing ... and she's with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James! What more could I ask for??? [Source]

Well, how about a series of "secret" comeback performances at the House of Blues here in Southern California next week! That's right, the rumor that is spreading like wildfire is that Britney will be performing with a group she created under the moniker The M+Ms at the House of Blues venues in San Diego, Anaheim and LA next week:

She was supposed to do her first pre-secret show performance at Forty Deuce at midnight on Wednesday night but ended up canceling at the last minute. From what I'm hearing from multiple sources in the know, these HoB shows are going to happen. As amazing as this is, I will unfortch not be able to attend. I am leaving for NYC to see Tori Amos and Bjork -- so I guess I can't be that upset overall. I just wish I could be there to cheerlead for Britney as she takes to the stage once again. Head on over to Ticketmaster to get your tix for these shows before they sell out ... because they will sell out. If any of y'all get to go I'd love to hear your reports and would love to post your pics so that we all can enjoy Britney's Comeback.

Here are a few pics from the Spider-Man 3 premiere that took place in Moscow, Russia yesterday:

Nothing fancy, nothing sexy (er, except for that dude that is all squeezed into that black rubber Spidey suit). For some random reason, Stephen Baldwin (the crazy one) was in Russia and managed to show up at the premiere. Yeah, no clue. [Source]

28 Weeks Later had its premiere in London, England last night as well ... here are pictures from that red carpet:

So now we know what happened to Michael on Lost after he left the island with Walt at the end of last season ... he ended up in zombie-infested London! I am so excited for this movie. 28 Days Later is among my fave "horror" films and I am very anxious to see if the sequel will be just as good. Woot! There are so many good movies coming out very soon ... I love it! [Source]

US Magazine threw a little party celebrating Hollywood Style and decided to bestow their Style Icon award to Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Here are a few pics from the event's red carpet:

I guess the award was supposed to go to Amber Tamblyn but she showed up in that fugly dress and hey decided to give it to J. Lo instead. [Source]

Angelina Jolie couldn't be bothered with a vapid Style party in LA, she was bizzy yesterday in Washington DC to help launch the Global Action For Children which aims to increase funding from the US government for groups that support orphans and other vulnerable children. Isn't that so nice?

You can really tell that Angelina is hugely invested in this new organization ... just look at her many concerned facial expressions. You just can't fake that shit. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar was among the celebs at the Chanel Dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC last night ... here she is lookin' amazing on the red carpet:

I just love her. She always looks so fab. [Source]

Here are pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal pushing a baby stroller around NYC yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Le sigh. I was right ... he would make such a hot dad! [Source]

And speaking hot dads, here are a couple more pictures of David Beckham proudly showing off his new bleached blonde hairdo which I love ... unfortch for him, tho, his Real Madrid team mates aren't quite so fond of the new look:

[Becks'] new look has not gone down too well with his teammates at the world famous Spanish club, who teased him throughout training and tried to rip the woolly hat he was wearing from his head ... hat, but Beckham managed to get away. A source said his teammates had nicknamed him 'Marilyn' after movie-star Marilyn Monroe ... The footballer, who is set to move to Los Angeles for a multi-million pound transfer to U.S football team LA Galaxy, is said to have gone for the look as he and Victoria are scheduled to complete a photo session with top photographer Stephen Klein for America's fashion bible W. OY! Matching hair-dos for a couples photoshoot? I really hate when I have to cut Victoria Beckham out of every single picture :( [Source]

Well now ... it seems that Whitney Houston is still keeping the fine company of the young Mr. Ray J. Here are pictures of the pair hugging and kissing goodbye after they spent a lovely night together last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

I understand that Ray J is helping Whitney with her "comeback" but I'm not quite sure just how much help he is providing. I suppose we'll find out when the video tape leaks ... and EW! that's a thought I don't want to ever return to. [Source]

Paris Hilton is quite the animal lover ... from dogs, to gerbils, to fish, to kangaroos, to monkeys, to llamas and, apparently, to kittens. Here are pictures of Paris playing with her pussy ... cats:

Photo credit: Flynet

Oh whatever ... you know you were thinking it too. [Source]

Pink reader Cara gave me the head's up on another celeb-inspired art piece humorously titled Paris Autopsy which not only exists for esthetic reasons but for educational reasons as well:

Paris Hilton's naked "corpse" could provide an invaluable service to students preparing for prom this season An interactive Public Service Announcement featuring the graphic display of a tiara-wearing, autopsied Paris Hilton with removable innards is designed to warn teenagers of the hazards of underage drinking. The display also features Tinkerbell, Hilton's forlorn pet Chihuahua with matching tiara, and debuts in the trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood where prom-goers frequently dine, courtesy of Capla Kesting Fine Art. "Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth" featuring "The Paris Hilton Autopsy" offers a cadaveric nude Paris Hilton, laid out with twisted body and opened abdominal cavity on a coroner's table, while her cell phone remains in her grip. The 'unglamorous' display which includes support material from anti-drunk driving organizations counters "the disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood's 'girls gone wild'," according to gallery director, David Kesting. Paris Hilton, arrested for a DUI last year, previously released a marginally effective PSA concerning drunk driving. This latest PSA includes a website by Capla Kesting, which offers high school educators an icebreaker for discussing drunk driving's consequences. Students are encouraged to take the virtual field trip at to
view the making of the "Paris Hilton Autopsy" and compete for prizes by writing Paris Hilton's obituary ... Kesting, advocating teenagers to experience the Hilton display "hands-on," said, "Paris' internals, which include her small intestines, and other elements, are removable to assist teens with an empathetic view of drunk driving tragedy from the coroner's perspective."
What better way to get teens to keep from drunk driving than to hold up Paris Hilton an example. If it takes a "dead" Paris Hilton (well, image of at least) to serve the greater good then I'm all for it ;) Click HERE to see these images larger and uncensored. [Source, thanks Cara]

What do you suppose Christian Slater did to this poor little girl to make her cry?

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, I was thinking B.O. as well. [Source]

Marilyn Manson has released a short clip from the video to his new single Heart-Shaped Glasses. It's quite ... interesting ...

His official My Space profile has been updated with a promo poster for his new album Eat Me, Drink Me:

It's so scary! Actually, it's not. While I am excited to hear more new music from MM (the song If I Was Your Vampire streams on his My Space profile) I must admit that I'm not that impressed with what I've been hearing so far. Heart-Shaped Glasses is a weak song, IMHO. The Vampire song sounds way too cliched. I, for one, blame Evan Rachel Wood. Boo :( Here's hoping the rest of the album sounds better or at least not as crappy. [Source]

Here is a new group shot of the American Doll Posse:

And here is a new Doll introduction ... meet Santa:

Santa relates to Aphrodite and is the sensualist of the quintet. "Santa is somebody who's a girl's girl," Tori says. "She understands her fellow sisters and she believes that there is enough love and passion out there for everyone. But she won't accept that there is something perverted about being very sensual and she won't drink shame with her sensuality." Santa's blog has been revealed HERE and the song Secret Spell (along with the full American Doll Posse album), which is sung by the Santa character, can be streamed online HERE. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Boo! I am *so* frustrated! The post was almost done and then gone. I honestly almost just said Fuck It and thought about just not re-writing. But after I screamed for a bit ... I got over that thought. I know I kinda rushed thru the re-write but I'm just so mad. Blah!

At least I had a great time last night. I had dinner with Mike at a great Mexican restaurant that he introduced me to in Studio City called Mexicali. We had a great time ... I enjoyed the scrumptious food, he enjoyed the scrumptious wait staff. We did a quick dessert at Pink Berry before I had to take off to meet up with my friend Irene. She invited me to see The Jesus and Mary Chain play a short concert in Pomona, CA last night before they take the stage at Coachella this weekend. The place was packed ... and these are the only pics I was able to snap:

I honestly never thought I'd ever get to see The Jesus and Mary Chain play live ... they've been broken up for so long. When Irene called about the tix there was no way I was going to miss them!!! The rumor was that Scarlett Johansson was going to come out and sing vocals with them on Just Like Honey but that did not happen ... now I'm hearing that she will appear with the band at Coachella. Head on over to to watch video of the band's closing number Reverence.

Not sure what exactly is going on tonight ... I hear there may be dancing in my future :) Have a great weekend ... I'M OUT.