Thursday, April 19, 2007

Win A Copy Of Tori Amos' New Album

I am very happy to announce that Epic Records and Pink is the new Blog are throwing a little contest where we are giving away copies of Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse:

I have been given the opportunity to come up with a fun way to give fans free copies of Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse so here's the deal. From now until May 1 you may submit one photo of YOU and Tori Amos like these ...

... Or, if you haven't been blessed with the chance to meet Tori Amos you may also submit a photo of YOU with your favorite Tori Amos album, other Tori item (setlist, etc.) or of you and your friends at a Tori Amos concert -- be creative and have fun!

As long as the picture includes YOU, something Tori Amos related and has been Pinkified (with stars, hearts, whatevs) you will be eligible. Send your submissions to before May 1 and 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected. I will not be judging your photos ... as long as they meet the 3 requirements (a Tori related pinkified photo of you) they will be eligible. I will also post the pictures of the winners on the blog.

Please do not send your private contact info, if you win I will email you for that information later on.

I am so happy to be doing this contest ... good luck to you all!