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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Checkin' In/Checkin' Out

Britney Spears looks like she has just had the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders in these new pics of her in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday. As we are all well aware, Britney posted a very long letter written to her fans on her official website yesterday and it looks like the process was a very uplifting and positive one for her:

Photo credit: Splash News

With fake hair extensions bouncing in the wind, Britney made her way out of a shop and bounded towards her Mini Cooper convertible. It's always so nice to see her looking so happy. Reading her heartfelt letter really gives one a better perspective on where her head is at these days. There are some who are discounting the sincerity of her latest treatise (saying that she is trying to explain away her actions) but I view it as a very positive step forward for her. Tho, it seems impractical for her to use her homepage as a means of communication with her fans ... I think it would be a great idea if she started writing a blog, don't you? [Source]

While Brit Brit was happily making her exit from that Bev Hills shop yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was (unhappily?) making her entrance at the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA. Chauffeured by her lawyer, Blair Berk, Lindsay checked herself into the rehab center to begin an reported 30-day program:

Photo credit: Splash News

A spokesperson for L. Lo released the following statement mere moments after Lindsay was admitted to Promises yesterday:

"Lindsay admitted herself to an intensive medical rehabilitation facility on Memorial Day. Because this is a medical matter, it is our hope that the press will appreciate the seriousness of the situation and respect the privacy of Lindsay as well as the other patients receiving treatment at the facility."

I sincerely hope that she is really taking this latest stint in rehab seriously. People magazine is reporting that Lindsay's closest friends are relieved that she has decided to go back into rehab calling her recent arrest for driving under the influence a "wake up call": Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab for the second time this year – and friends and family say they hope the second time is the charm. "We're all happy that she is where she is," a friend of Lohan's tells PEOPLE in its new issue. "Everyone's just been waiting [for something tragic to happen]. All of us thought there would be something soon." After Lohan, 20, checked into the Promises treatment center in Malibu – where Britney Spears recently underwent rehab – those close to her greeted the news with a mix of relief, worry and guarded optimism. "We are all praying for her," says a Lohan relative, noting that Lohan's mother, Dina, 44, "is doing the best she can" ... On Tuesday her rep confirmed that the actress, who completed a monthlong substance-abuse treatment program in January, had admitted herself to "an intensive medical rehabilitation facility" on Memorial Day. This time friends say her commitment to getting better could prove more enduring. "The police intervening is a wake-up call," says one. "This could be the best thing for her. I think she'll have to do a real rehab this time, and not just a Hollywood rehab." Says another: "Everyone has tried to step in," says a good friend. "You can't make someone get help unless they want to." Those who know Lohan also say that any threat to her career will prompt her to take serious action. "She cares about her craft and about her career," says a source. "She wants to be a Jodie Foster, so when she does things that are affecting her progress, that makes her upset." At the rate that Lindsay is going these days, she's got a long way to go before she gets anywhere near "Jodie Foster stage" in her career. I guess, as always, time will tell if she really takes the opportunity to square her life away. Honestly, tho, I really believe that the only way that some privileged people learn how to clean up their acts is by suffering the consequences of real punishment. [Source]

So, in goes Lindsay and out comes Mischa Barton who was released late Monday night from Sherman Oaks Hospital where she was rushed to on Sunday after suffering an "adverse reaction to prescription medication" at a Memorial Day BBQ. Here are pics of Mischa as she made her way out of the hospital:

You know, if Mischa were just a wee bit cooler, girls all over the country would be wearing hospital gowns to parties and BBQs. [Source]

And speaking of that BBQ ... In Touch Weekly managed to get a hold of the email invite for the BBQ sent out by Nicole Richie and offers it up for all the world to see:

Nicole Richie sent an e-mail invitation to a Memorial Day party - which was both inflammatory and revealing. In addition to encouraging her friends to "celebrate our country by drinking massive amounts of beer," she ended the invitation with "there will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now." Nicole, who looked thinner than ever at the May 27 party, says she was trying to be funny when she wrote this. But Dr. Joyce Brothers, who does not treat Nicole, thinks she is "thumbing her nose at the people in rehab. It's a huge form of acting out." Also, of no laughing matter was the party itself, where according to an insider, Mischa Barton mixed too many drugs: "She was rolling around on the ground... and then suddenly she began screaming that she was dying." The insider adds that Mischa passed out and was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital. Mischa's rep denies she was abusing drugs or alcohol. Hahahahaha ... clearly the email was sent in jest to a group of friends who could appreciate Nicole's humor ... and just to make sure that people understand that Nicole was merely joking she went on KISS FM here in LA this morning to verify its humorous nature ... stating that she often creates invites to her various soirees in much the same manner. Nicole also went on to talk about Mischa's medical mishap (confirming that it was caused by mixing booze and antibiotics) and how she missed all the action because while Mischa was passing out (and while Lindsay breezed thru the BBQ for a quick second) she was off at the grocery store getting supplies. Among other issues discussed by Nicole on KISS FM this morning -- she says that she and Joel Madden are still together, she's going to be doing The Simple Life for at least 2 more seasons and just because she doesn't get photographed by the paparazzi for a few days doesn't mean she's in rehab. Well, I guess that clears up a lot. [Source]

Nicole's BFF Paris Hilton, who is about a week away from going to jail for 23 days, spent part of the day yesterday at a ceramics shop working on a heart-shaped project:

Photo credit: Splash News

No word on who the heart-thing is for (perhaps the warden?) but it's a good idea that Paris get her feet wet working on crafts, etc. She'll be bizzy making license plates very soon. [Source]

In other Paris-related (or should I say relations) news, her aunt (well, 1/2 aunt) Elizabeth Avenzino sent a hand-written letter to the New York Post in the hopes that she could get in contact with Paris herself so that they may become "friendly". Here is the full text of the letter (all spelling and grammatical errors are the author's alone):

To whom it may concern,

my name is Elizabeth Avenzino and I am the 1/2 Aunt to Paris Hilton. My father Laurence Avanzino is Paris' mother Kathys bilogoical father as well. I have not had contact with my 1/2 sister Kathy in quite some time. Im writting in regards to my niece going to prison because ironically im finishing up serving a 90 jail sentence for violation of a probation charge (possession of controlled substance). You can verify all of this by calling 1-877-744-8463 my inmate I.D. # is ___________. I figured the New York Post would get word to Paris and we could write eachother. This is no hoax and I would greatly appreciate any assistance in getting intouch with Paris, I don't have any motive-monetary- publicity or anything other than trying to lend a supportive role to Paris and let her realize everyone is capable of making mistakes. I have always admired her but never persued her or my other 1/2 niece & I would love to get know them. This prison sentence just seemed so coinci-dental. Please help me contact her. I don't want any fame or fortune -- just friendship & a chance to connect.

Please help Sincerely
Elizabeth Avanzino

There now ... Paris at least has one person she can write jailhouse letters to. Maybe 23 days in the bighouse won't be so bad after all.

Callum Best, Lindsay Lohan's latest romantic interest, is rumored to be making his way to the LA area so that he can lend his support to Lindsay in, this, her time of need ... the only thing is that Callum had a few things to take care of first before he could wing his way to the States, according to The Sun ... like, say, having a little party with a couple of his friends:

STRUTTING Casanova CALUM BEST is exposed today as a pathetic cocaine addict who gets his kicks from depraved orgies. In public, Calum loves to lap up the glamour at celebrity parties with Hollywood actress LINDSAY LOHAN on his arm. Away from the cameras the son of soccer legend GEORGE BEST leads a very different life involving hookers, drugs and kinky sex. Last night, as Calum prepared to confess his shame to Lindsay, a friend said: "His father George may have been hooked on booze and women, but Calum has fallen to truly sickening depths." Lust-crazed Calum -- secretly captured on film romping with TWO hookers at a hotel -- said: "I've been stupid. I regret all of it. Whether it's drink, drugs or women there comes a time when you think, 'I shouldn't be doing that.'" The TV Love Island hunk was videoed during a frenzy of drug-fuelled depravity lasting three hours. Sex toys and a cat-o'-nine-tails whip were used as he ... SNORTED lines of cocaine off a glass table while the naked vice girls looked on. LICKED the Class A drug off one hooker's body and let both women pleasure him at once -- before romping with each in turn. SHOUTED at one of them to "take a f*****g line" as drugs were laid out ... The romp was filmed after Calum said he was ready to settle down following a break in the Bahamas with lover Lindsay. His night of lust began last Wednesday at his regular nightclub haunt Chinawhite in London. He made a beeline for £1,000-a-night hooker Casey James, 23, who works for an escort agency. She was with a Brazilian pal — also a call girl. Calum -- who had slept with Casey before -- was invited back to Kensington's Rockwell Hotel just after 3.30am where he helped himself to wine. Then he dropped his pants as the girls -- who used a rolled-up banknote to snort coke off a glass table -- simultaneously pleasured him. Calum necked vodka and wine as he switched partners or romped with both. Gripped by lust he used his mobile phone to film a girl pleasuring him ... After nearly three hours the girls asked a complaining Calum to leave — only for him to demand they should "learn some manners". Yeah ... If this is at all anywhere near true, I'm not sure that Lindsay really needs this kind of support right about now. [Source]

Elsewhere in the UK, Victoria Beckham was spotted sporting a yellow ribbon securely fashioned to her Hermes bag at the airport as she was making her way back to Spain to be with her family:

There's no word what the yellow ribbon she is wearing is meant to signify tho I suspect it is robot-related in some manner. UPDATE: Pink reader Victoria (funny, huh?) gives me the heads up that the yellow ribbon is being worn in the UK in support of the family of Madeleine McCann who was kidnapped and is still missing. I must give props to everyone who is stepping up to help bring this little girl home to her parents ... and that includes Victoria Beckham :) [Source]

Playtime is over for Brad Pitt who had to leave his family back in Prague so that he could resume work on his new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which is currently shooting in Montreal, Canada:

Photo credit: Splash News & ENewsBuzz

It's good seeing his sassy ass back to work ... especially since he's showing off his sassy ass in that fine suit of his. [Source, Source]

But as hot as Brad looks on the set of his new movie in his suit, Cristiano Ronaldo looks way hotter in his little suit as he vacations in Florida:

I said, Hot Damn! Cristiano has learned well from his soccer compatriot David Beckham on how to do sexy (it actually looks as if Cristiano is even wearing a pair of Becks' sunglasses). It appears that Mr. Ronaldo has an oral fixation of sorts ... not that I really mind seeing him sucking on his fingers. Uh ... yeah ... he's hot. [Source]

Music wiz Ne-Yo and Maroon 5 each paid a little visit to MTV's TRL earlier this week ... here are a few pics from their appearances:

Ne-Yo is so hot right now ... the boy is everywhere, working on hot tracks for pretty much everyone. He appears on Rihanna's fabulous new album and is getting the love and attention that he deserves. The man knows how to craft a hot song. Maroon 5 swung by the MTV studios to perform and promote their latest album. Love it! [Source]

Tori Amos kicked off her American Doll Posse World Tour in Rome, Italy this week (she even extended a special invite to Pope Benedict XVI himself) and Undented has a whole slew of pics and videos from the opening night set:

It is taking all my will power to keep from reading too much and from watching too much of this tour so early on. Tori will not be bringing this tour to the US until Fall of this year and I kinda want to be surprised when I finally do get to see the show. But, if you're interested in knowing pretty much everything there is to know about the Rome show you can visit Undented HERE and check out the setlist, pics and vids that were recorded at this show. [Source]

Hilary Duff has released the second video from her new album Dignity ... here is your first look at the video for Stranger:

It's not bad ... tho, I think I like With Love a bit more. There aren't as many belly dancing scenes as I expected but it is a cool vid ... see for yourself. [Source]

Kylie Minogue celebrated her birthday recently and spent it with none other than her best friend and little sister Dannii Minogue. Here are pictures of the lovely ladies going out for a night on the town in celebration of Kylie's birthday:

[Kylie and Dannii] were smiling broadly as they headed to the Rex Cinema in Soho together, with Kylie appearing to have moved on from the end of her four year relationship as she celebrated her 39th birthday. Earlier in the day Kylie's flat in Chelsea was inundated with presents and cards from friends and fans. What a lovely way to spend one's birthday. So cute. [Source]

And finally, in other Kylie news, Pink reader Brian sends in this great picture of the new H&M advertisement featuring Kylie in her beachwear line which has just been painted over the Madonna H&M ad in NYC:

I dunno why but for some reason I thought that Madonna ad would be up on that building forever. I guess easy come, easy go. Well, if Madge had to be replaced by someone else I'm glad that it was Kylie. [thanks Brian]

Les News:
Hallelujah and three cheers ... I am working from home today (and hopefully from now on). Jim managed to get his wireless connection to reach to my apartment across the courtyard so I'm able to get my work done from home again. Woot! Believe me, I am happy to be workin' in my pjs in the privacy of my own home again :)

Yesterday afternoon, Jim, Davey and I spent the afternoon at The Grove so that we could grab some food and then see a movie. Jim hadn't seen Pirates yet so that's what we decided on. I gotta say, the movie made a bit more sense the second time around but you really shouldn't have to see a movie twice to understand the complicated storyline. We had a blast ... it's good having Jim home again.

I have no plans for the rest of the week, which I kinda like. So yeah ... I guess that is all. I'm out.



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