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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Higher The Hair, The Closer To Jebus

Legal custodial issues be damned, the Luxor Hotel and Casino is actively promoting their upcoming party for the opening of their new club, LAX. As I mentioned previously, Britney Spears has been tapped as the host for the club opening on August 31 and LAX's official website has been turned into a huge countdown clock leading up to the official opening night:

Unfortch, LAX was forced to use a really old pic of Britney for their promo materials -- why they weren't allowed to use any of those amazing "new" photos of Britney from her new fragrance campaign, I'll never know. I believe the last time that Britney was in Las Vegas to host a party was on New Year's Eve last year at Pure. David and I were there to party with Britney but ultimately all we ended up dealing with was a crush of people on the dance floor and perfect views of the back of Britney's head and really bad extensions. It'll be interesting to see how her hosting duties turn out this time around. The LAX opening is just about one week before the 2007 MTV VMAs take place also in Vegas (where Britney is rumored to be performing) so it looks like Britters is going to be spending a lot of time in Sin City in the coming weeks. [Source]

It's unclear whether or not Britney will have her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with her in Las Vegas (actually, at this point in her custody battle, I don't even know that she's allowed to take them with her even if she wanted to) but I'm sure Father of the Year Kevin Federline will be happy to take the kids off her hands while she's away. Speaking of, here are new pics of Britney's father Jamie Spears paying another visit to Chez Federline in Tarzana, CA so that he could spend some time with the grandyoung'ns:

Photo credit: X17

It's a bit sad that the Spears family spends more time with K-Fed than they do with their own kin, Britney. It makes sense that they would want to stay friendly with Kevin since they’re all pretty much on the outs with Britney and if they want any chance of seeing the kids it'l have to happen with Kevin and not with Britney. While I'm sure that Britters might interpret these visits as a betrayal to her, it makes total sense that they would want to make the time to see the kids whenever they can. And I'm sure K-Fed appreciates the support from the Spears fam -- it'll prolly work very well in his favor at the upcoming custody hearings. [Source]

K-Fed is enjoying some other good news these days. Homeboy is finally employed again. If memory serves, the last time that Kevin found himself enjoying a paycheck was earlier this year when he appeared in that Superbowl commercial for Nationwide insurance. News came out yesterday that K-Fed has scored himself a new acting gig, his first since his guest-starring stint on CSI last year (click HERE to watch the clip) ... The Federline is coming to One Tree Hill:

Kevin Federline has landed a guest-starring role on the CW's One Tree Hill. In the multi-episode arc, the would-be rapper plays Jason, "a cocky, enigmatic frontman" for No Means Yes, a legendary rock band in the show's fictional setting of Tree Hill, N.C, according to the network. "Kevin came in and (auditioned) and he did a great job," Mark Schwahn, the creator of One Tree Hill, tells PEOPLE. "He really seemed like a sweet guy and I just felt that he would be great in that." Schwahn acknowledges "people will say this smells of stunt casting" because of Federline's "really high public persona right now. I have to honestly say he was a good fit for the character," says Schwahn. "I don't know anything about the kid but he seemed very sweet and very sincere about working hard and embracing the opportunity. It's just about being good in the role." So lemme get this straight ... K-Fed is going to play a cocky wannabe rapper and they are calling it "acting"? Brills! [Source]

Lindsay Lohan continues to struggle with her stint in rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, UT this week as her strenuous bout with river rafting yesterday led into nature hiking today. I honestly don't think that this is what they mean by a 12-step program:

Photo credit: Splash News

Okay, I realize that there needs to be some downtime in rehab programs like this but it just seems to me that a patient like Lindsay Lohan might need a bit more stringent restrictions in order to ensure that he is learning to cope with her addictions. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but considering the way things turned out after her last stint in rehab -- well, I think there is valid reason for concern here. Honestly, rehab looks like too much fun to actually work. [Source]

The hottest new Hollywood "It" Girl on the block these days, Hayden Panettiere, turns a mostly-legal 18 years old today and was out on the town last night doing some early celebrating here in NYC. Here are pictures of Hayden making her way into The Late Show with David Letterman and then upon arrival back in LA early this morning at LAX airport:

Photo credit: Splash News

Everywhere she went she was bestowed with flowers from fans and friends ... which is a very sweet thing to do, I think. She looked amazing in that black dress on Letterman but looked a little rough after her red eye flight back to the West Coast -- but you try looking faboo after an overnight 6-hour flight. Here's hoping that she gets a lot of rest today so that she can celebrate her birthday in style tonight. Happy Birthday, Hayden!! [Source, Source]

David Beckham has returned to England this week in order to play with the English futbol team in a friendly match against team Germany tomorrow. Here are pictures of Becks making his arrival back in London at Heathrow Airport and the a few fun pics of Becks stretching out and gettin' all limber and loose -- don't you love it when guys get all loose for you before the action starts?

England manager Steve McClaren said David Beckham was ready to face Germany at Wembley on Wednesday despite a recent ankle injury and a long-haul flight from the U.S. "He trained this morning and looked very, very good," McClaren said in a news conference on Tuesday. The friendly is preparation for England's Euro 2008 qualifiers at home to group rivals Israel and Russia next month and McClaren said he was happy to have Beckham, now with LA Galaxy, back in the squad with him set to win his 97th cap. "We've said right from the beginning he's back in the squad because of his performances, he'll stay in the squad because of his performances and he'll play because of his performances and that's it," said McClaren, who axed the former captain from the squad after the 2006 World Cup finals. "We'll monitor his progress in LA in the MLS and we'll monitor it when he's here." McClaren has already had to contend with several withdrawals, including midfielders Steven Gerrard and Owen Hargreaves, while Everton striker Andy Johnson pulled out on Tuesday with a knee injury. Wayne Rooney is missing with a broken foot while Peter Crouch is suspended for the match against Israel and so would be unlikely to start. Michael Owen, who came on as a substitute for Newcastle United on Saturday, will feature, with Jermain Defoe and Alan Smith also likely to play at some stage. "It's an ideal game for him to get some minutes under his belt," said McClaren, who confirmed that no Premier League managers had set any limits on the amount of time their players should spend on the pitch. "I've got no qualms about picking the team," he said ... England have only met a unified Germany nine times in international football, the last occasion being in 2001 when England won a World Cup qualifier 5-1 in Munich ... The Germans beat England 1-0 in the last match played at the old Wembley Stadium in October 2000 before it was demolished ... Germany have beaten England four times at Wembley -- more than any other foreign country. With 90,000 at the stadium and millions more watching on TV, skipper John Terry confirmed the players felt no match against Germany was "just" a friendly. I'm sure the Germans are gonna want to extend their winning streak at the new Wembley Stadium this week so Becks and the boys have got a lot to prepare for. They better make sure they've stretched and loosened all their appropriate parts. Good luck, Brits! [Source, Source]

Yesterday we got to see a few new promo pics from the upcoming second season of Ugly Betty and today we get some (moist) pics (thanks America Ferrera) from last night's DVD release party for the first season of Ugly Betty, which was held at the Skybar Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood, CA:

Photo credit: Splash News

I am planning on picking up a copy of this DVD set which is available now. As I've said before, it took me some time to get into the show initially ... I found the early eps predictable and not all that interesting. But I stuck with it and was won over by the time that Salma Hayek's character left the show and Rebecca Romijn's character joined the show. I think watching the entire first season again on DVD will go a long way in getting me prepared to stick with the show in the second season. Honestly, I'd prolly just keep watching anyways just to enjoy watching Justin be Justin on the show. [Source]

Kelly Clarkson is doing some promo work in Canada this week appearing on MTV Live and Much Music's Much On Demand Show yesterday. Here are a few pics from Kelly's appearance on MOD:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I love me some Kelly so I'll be supporting her come hell or high water and it kinda feels like that is what she's dealing with these days. It's unfortunate that she finds herself in this awful situation regarding all the drama with her record label and yet, she continues to soldier on by staying the course and working the album she is so proud of. I hope she never gives up the good fight, she has it in her to achieve mega-success again ... she just needs to hang in there. [Source]

Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte also made an appearance on the Canadian show MTV Live yesterday and here are a couple of pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The boys have been working hard these past few weeks -- opening for Justin Timberlake, doing various promo work in the US and Canada and just being all around kick-ass guys. I love that GC are still doing so well ... the success couldn't go to anyone more deserving. [Source]

Sometimes all of that hard work can turn into fun as well ... here are pictures of Joel Madden DJ J. Mad on the 1's and 2's at The Village Pourhouse in NYC last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Awwwww yeah, boyeeeee! That's the dope shizz right there, yo. Fo sheezy. [Source]

Also here in NYC yesterday, Nicole Scherzinger, who is embarking on her new solo career, paid a little visit to MTV's TRL ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Nicole was in the hiz to premiere her debut solo video for Whatever U Like on MTV. I love the song even if it sounds just like any other Pussycat Doll song ... the only difference being that Nicole is the only singer on the track -- oh wait a minute, Nicole was actually the only singer on all the Pussycat Doll tracks. Something tells me that Nicole will do just fine as a solo artist ... I think I'll like her much better without the fugly backup dancers following her around all the time. [Source]

Janice Dickinson rounded up a bunch of naked peeps for a PETA protest on Hollywood Blvd. yesterday in celebration of the announcement that the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has gone fur free ... here are a few pics of Janice and her, ahem, handful of naked protesters:

I, for one, am utterly shocked and flabbergasted ... I had no idea that the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency was still open for business. Who knew? [Source]

Pete Doherty has managed to elude criminal prosecution, yet again, for his latest drug possession arrest due to a technicality. Here are pics of a sad Pete Doherty :( in chains and then a jubilant Pete Doherty :) upon his release just hours later:

PETE Doherty walked free from court today after charges of breaching his bail were dropped. Doherty, 28, was due to appear before West London Magistrates after he was arrested yesterday in Tower Hamlets, East London. The charge of breaching conditional bail was dropped on a technicality as he was not produced before the court within 24 hours, prosecutor Anjulika Vatish said. During a hearing which lasted just a couple of minutes, Ms Vatish said: "The court has no jurisdiction to deal with this matter any more." Doherty went from being a car crash hero to facing jail -- less than a day after being praised for helping a motorway victim, he was in his local nick on suspicion of possessing cocaine and heroin. I don't know that Pete really needs to be enabled by the legal system and its loopholes but ... hey, I suppose he can always check himself into Camp Cirque Lodge in Utah to really get cleaned up with Lindsay. [Source]

There is one thing that love, a true love like the one that Lance Bass and Pedro Andrade share, might not be able to overcome ...

... and that would be the dreaded jumpsuit. I don't even remember that this form of clothing was even cool back in the 80's. Unless you're doing time in the Century Regional Correctional Facility, this look is a deffo no. What the eff was Pedro thinking? Boo. [Source]

And finally, all-around nice guy (and supposed roller skater) Ross Mathews (of intern fame) is on the cover of the new issue of Instinct magazine:

As much as I love reading looking at the usual run of issues that feature a cavalcade of half-nekkid and often-times wet hot dudes on the cover of this magazine, I'm glad that they decided to put a fully clothed dude on the cover for once (plus, I'm not sure how I'd feel about seeing Ross in a speedo, to tell the truth). Who ever said that nice guys finish last was sorely mistaken :) Well done Ross ... now how about that roller-skating trip you keep promising me? [Source]

Les News:
Even tho it's a bit cold and rainy here in NYC, I am having an amazing time. Last night I got to see Laura Bell, the star of Broadway's Legally Blonde: The Musical, perform a set of songs off her solo country album Longing For a Place Already Gone at the Birdland Jazz Club here in Manhattan. Here are a few pics from her amazingly fun show:

Laura, her band The Distillery and her backup singers The Rack put on a really great show. She performed most of the songs off her album and included a brand new song that she had just rehearsed for about 15 mins. earlier that day. She really rocked that cute little Laura Ingalls dress of her hers, which looked really hot on her. Her stage area was about the size of a small square piece of wood (so that she could stomp her boots when the need arose) and she danced, jigged and managed to do the splits much to everyone's glee. Personally, I think it would be amazing for Laura Bell to go on tour with someone like the Dixie Chicks or Brad Paisley just so she can conquer the country music world as well. Her run of shows at Birdland is over but I'll keep my ears open for any other shows she may do in the future ... she really is a treat to see live and shouldn't be missed if at all possible.

After the show, I tagged along with my friend Brett (Mr. Cajun Boy in the City himself), who is besties with Laura Bell (yes folks, she still hearts him even tho he owns a loft bed and he has had "difficulties" in the past with manscaping), and their friends Alexandra, Heather and Jeff to a birthday drinks party at a place called Employees Only.

We laughed and drank and laughed and drank and drank and drank ... and I think you get the point. I did kinda snooze past my alarm clock this morning but I'm really okay with it :)

Tonight ... David and I are off to see Rent staring Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. I am so excited ... I can't even tell you ... so I'll just tell you tomorrow!

One last thing, I have say goodbye to Jonathan, the husband of Pink reader Deanna, who passed away last week. Altho I cannot imagine the pain of this loss for Deanna and her family, I hope that all of our thoughts and prayers can help out in some small way. XO



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