Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Making The Cut

Uh oh! Check out these new pics taken of Xtina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman's son Max Liron sporting a pretty nasty-looking cut or scratch on his left cheek. The pics were taken at Kingston James's 2nd birthday party in Beverly Hills, CA over the weekend:

Photo credit: X17

Do you suppose that little Max started talkin' some shizz at the party and one of the other celeb kids had to teach him a lesson about respect? You know, if little Zahara Jolie-Pitt would've been at the party, that's exactly what I would've guessed might've happened (after all, Zahara always looks like she's 5 seconds away from cutting any smart bitches that might get in her face). Meh, maybe the little tyke got injured at home playing with unsafe toys or something. Methinks Xtina might need to hire herself a better nanny. [Source]