Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Incredible Cameo


Well ... okay, it's not necessarily a spoiler since the information that I'm about to discuss is displayed prominently in one of the trailers for The Incredible Hulk but before the Sex and the City Movie was released, I caught one trailer that gave away FAR TOO MUCH info for my liking and, as a result, I stopped watching any trailers or commercials for the movie to keep from learning any more than I had already learned. If you would like to remain completely unspoiled in regards to The Incredible Hulk then try to look away now ...

... otherwise, check out this photo and read on:

Essentially, Marvel decided to throw in a Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) cameo in the new Incredible Hulk movie and then prominently advertise the cameo in TV commercials to A.) create a link between the two superhero stories, B.) lay the groundwork for the future Avengers movie and C.) try and get folks who liked Iron Man to take a chance on liking The Incredible Hulk (ie. the folks who came out to see Iron Man and may not be comic book fans but liked the movie cuz it ruled). In all three respects, I think it's brills. Personally, I think it would've been much cooler to sit on the surprise cameo until the movie got released but ... hey, they're trying to presell tickets, I get it. Click HERE to watch the TV ad for yourself, if you so desire. [Source]