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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Patty Band-Wagon

It would seem that Carson Daly is moving from the media sphere into the political arena with his new campaign (in partnership with the Guinness beer company) to make March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, be recognized as a national US holiday. Proposition 317 needs 1 million signatures by midnight March 16 in order for Congress to take the matter under consideration ... which is why Carson led a rally of like-minded supporters in Herald Square, NYC earlier today ... here are a couple of pics:

Now, as far as political campaigns go, I'm not sure this one should be really high on the list (after all, we still need to figure out the whole Clinton vs. Obama matter) but I, for one, am all for St. Patrick's Day becoming a national holiday ... after all, couldn't we all use another day off from work? Well, not me really, since I blog every day of the year ... but still, isn't it high time that a day like St. Pat's be recognized in an official capacity?

Yeah, it's about time ... so I signed. If you would like to join the fight, head on over to to add your name to the list. Because the campaign is sponsored by Guinness, I think you have to be at least 21 years old to sign ... but we're all adults here, right? Woot! [Source]


"You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry"

The first full-length movie trailer for the new movie The Incredible Hulk has finally made its way to the Interweb ... here are a few screencaps from this new flick:

In just the 2 mins. shown in this trailer, I can already tell that this version of the Hulk story will be LIGHT YEARS better than the one that Ang Lee made a couple of years ago. I really like what I see in this trailer ... this new computer animated Hulk looks so much better than the previous computer animated Hulk (the one that looked like Shrek on steroids) but I'm not sure how I feel about how the "bad Hulk" (known as Abomination the comic book arch nemesis of the Hulk) looks. Clearly, the producers have taken liberties with the Hulk story ... but if it works, it works. Thus far, I'm happy with the way the movie looks ... I guess we'll see if that holds up. The movie opens on June 13. [Source, thanks Rebecca]


What's Your Problem?

You got problems? You want answers? Then Spencer Pratt is your man. Radar magazine has just announced that everyone's favorite supervillain on MTV's The Hills will be writing his own advice column for the magazine. Starting with the April issue of Radar, you'll be able to get your advice from Spencer Pratt in his column entitled Yo Spencer:

This from the Radar press release: Got a problem? Antihero Spencer Pratt of MTV's The Hills is here to help. Radar has tapped the Machiavellian Pratt as its new advice columnist. Tackling problems from hot girls to family affairs, YO SPENCER! debuts in the April 2008 issue of Radar, on newsstands March 25. After enlisting the future American president and current reality-show prince for a Q&A in its November 2007 issue, it quickly became obvious that Pratt had a future in the magazine business ... so Radar brought him back. This time around, instead of answering questions about himself, he'll be fielding queries from regular folks with regular problems. The always-entertaining Pratt will add some extra flavor and humor to the magazine. Anyone in search of Spencer's advice can email him questions at "Spencer is never afraid to speak his mind," says Radar Editor-in-Chief Maer Roshan. "When asking for advice, it's good to have someone who will be brutally honest with you, and tell it like it is."

I.Love.This. I can't wait to read the pearls of wisdom that will spring forth from the mouth of Spencer in this new column. What are you waiting for ... start emailing in those questions! [Source]


Britney Cordially Invites You ...

... to the online world premiere event for her new animated music video Break The Ice. At 6:30 PM ET today, visitors to will be allowed to watch the world-wide premiere of the new music video ... here is the official invitation:

In order to access the site to see the video which was directed by Robert Hales (who directed the Gnarls Barkley video Crazy), you'll need to figure out the two secret passwords that are required to gain entry into the site. These two screenshots from the music video are embedded on the invitation page:

So ... make sure you log in tonight at the appointed time to be among the first people in the world to watch the video as it debuts:

Fun!! [Source]

UPDATE: Here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

Break the Ice

It looks a little bit like a sequel of sorts to her Toxic video ... and it ends with a To Be Continued. Perhaps we shall be seeing more of Anime Britney. Pink reader Lauren was in the chat room at for the video's premiere and gave me the head's up that Britney (or someone from her record label posing as Britney) posted this message to her fans:

First and foremost it was good to see the response from my fans about the video. I would like to thank my dedicated, crazy, supportive fans i love you all you will always be a part of my heart and soal!!! Britney x

Hmmm ... the word "soul" is misspelled so, I guess it really was her ;)


The TV Guide: Books & Buffy

Last night I attended author Christopher Rice's book reading and signing event at the West Hollywood Borders bookstore which is something that I had been hoping to do for ages now. I've been a big fan of Christopher's books since he first started publishing so I was very happy to receive the invite for last night's event. Because yesterday was also Christopher's 30th birthday, there was a bit of party atmosphere in the air (complete with balloons and cake). Here are a few pics from last night's reading:

Christopher read a portion of his new book Blind Fall which was released yesterday to about 50 people in the audience (BoiFromTroy was also in the hiz last night). He also told some great stories about the writing process and answered quite a few questions from the audience. I have started reading the book but could not finish it in time so I couldn't ask any questions ... but I did get to talk with Christopher for a quick minute last night. He graciously signed a book for David and a book for me and took the time to pose for a picture. He and I are working on setting a date to get together so that I can do a proper interview with him after he returns from his 19-city book tour (click HERE for dates) so I'm very much looking forward to speaking with him more personally about his writing career. If any of y'all have any questions you think I should ask, please send them along ... I may use a few in our interview.

I have to send out much love to Pink reader Jason who I met last night who is from San Francisco, CA. It was my extreme pleasure meeting you. I also have to give love to Jan from Borders for taking such good care of all of us last night.

After the reading/signing, I jetted over to Darion's place where he, Kirsten and I got together to watch and sing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode Once More With Feeling ... here are a few pics:

In the first pic, we're doing jazz hands from the part in the song I've Got A Theory when Willow sings, I've got a theory/Some kid is dreaming/And we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare while Tara does jazz hands next to her. OMG, we had so much fun ... D, K and I met at the Buffy musical screening here in LA last June and we've been talking about getting together to do this for some time now. I'm glad that we did cuz it was really fun.

Tonight I'm hanging out with Adriana and Jim ... I'm finally gonna get to see Jim and Derek's new house! So exciting. I hope y'all's week is going well thus far :)


Les News: A Gov. Resigns, Mimi Steps Up, A Summer Wedding May Be On The Way


Attention Detroiters: SASS Is Back!

This is just a quick message for all my peoples back home in Detroit Rock City. The amazingly fun danceparty SASS is back! DJs Nathan Rappaport (who now lives in San Francisco, CA) and Mike Servito (who now lives in NYC, NY) are bringing the SASS danceparty back to Detroit on Saturday April 19!

The party will take place at OSLO in downtown Detroit (where it has always belonged) so plan accordingly. Because the guys now live on opposite ends of the country, it's unclear how frequently they'll be able to fly home to throw a SASS party. Depending on what my schedule looks like, I might have to fly back home to partake in the festivities It turns out that I am free and I just booked my flight to be back in Detroit on the 19th -- so I'll deffo be at SASS next month. This is such great news for all my Detroiters ... but it would be absolutely cool if folks from around the world wanted to fly in to dance in Detroit!!!! Keep an eye on the official SASS My Space profile for further updates. Much love goes out to my BFF Sarah for giving me the head's up. [Source, thanks Sarah]


Where's That Guy?

As we all know by now, Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week and in all the hoopla surrounding her induction (the rambling speech gave by Justin Timberlake -- who did the inducting, Madonna's seemingly endless acceptance speech, the raucous performance by Iggy Pop and The Stooges) there wasn't much immediate mention of the fact that Madonna's husband, Guy Ritchie, was nowhere to be seen on Maddy's big night ... which of course now has tongues wagging that the couple is headed for splitsville ... again:

Guy Ritchie's absence from Madonna's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday did little to quash rumors of marital strife between the couple. The Ritchies have been noticeably absent from each other's events lately, and haven't been photographed together in public since January. But Monday wasn't just any night for Madonna. So ... where the heck was Guy? Madge's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, told us yesterday that Ritchie was 'making a film in London' during his wife's big moment. "They spoke right after her induction via phone," she added. According to, Ritchie's latest film, "RocknRolla," is categorized as "completed." He has no other projects in the works, per the online movie database.

Hmmm ... I can't imagine that any project, whether it was completed or not, would keep any loving husband away from an event where his wife was being inducted into something as prestigious as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unlike previous instances where marital strife was alleged, this latest incident really does sound like something is up betwixt the two of them this time around, as the following report suggests:

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie are giving each other plenty of personal space lately — like separate continents. While the apparent estrangement doesn't necessarily mean it's over, In Touch reports friends and family are concerned. "They are not spending any time together," Guy's father John told the magazine. "Madonna and the kids are rushing around like mad and Guy wants to stay in England. He is very busy." As for Madonna's busy schedule, a friend claims she wants to distract herself. "She wants to forget her troubles, even for a few days." Apparently, the troubles stem from the belief Ritchie and Madonna are "polar opposites," but the pal feels certain there are no divorce plans on the horizon. "(Madonna's) turning 50 this year and she doesn't want to start a new life." And another friend agreed, telling In Touch, "She just needed a break from Guy, but they're going to try to work it out."

Come to think of it, I don't believe that she even mentioned his name at all in her thank you speech on Monday night ... I distinctly recall that she thanked her critics, her record label, the guy who discovered her in NYC (the one she did a "tab of ectacy" with when they met), her co-writers and producers, her fans, her publicist, her managers, her ballet teacher from Detroit, her "soldiers" the Semtex Girls and the kitchen sink. She does thank "her teachers, her friends and her family" ... but why no shout-out to hubby Guy specifically? HMMMMM. Actually, the only "Guy" she mentioned by name was her current manager Guy Oseary. HMMMMM. I get that they are each "very bizzy" with their own projects but this behavior seems very suspect. I'd really hate to see this family break up ... dividing the kids alone would be a nightmare. [Source, Source]



Now that the Spice Girls Reunion Tour is a thing of the past, we are just now getting out first taste of all the goings-on that took place backstage while Les Spices were on tour. Here are a few really cute, fairly intimate pics of the ladies engaged in various (and harmonious) activities backstage:

Despite the rumours of in-fighting behind the much-hyped Return of the Spice Girls tour, these behind-the-scenes photos of the girls tell a different story. Perhaps in an attempt to deflect comment that the reunion was in fact an unhappy one, the Spice Girls have released amazing photos of them hanging out backstage on their world tour. By all accounts, there are plenty of smiles, and any fighting appears to be of the playful kind. Band member Melanie Chisholm, 34, is seen boxing with a tattooed roadie in her beige rhinestone studded Roberto Cavalli costume before their gig at the O2 Arena in London. And fitness mad Geri, 35, is seen warming up in a thigh-baring costume with a few sit-ups pre-performance. Posh, 33, and Geri are seen wearing silk boxer-style robes with their names emblazoned on the backs. But again no sign of a fight, just a girly chat before their show begins. And in another show of affection, Posh clings lovingly to footballer husband David Beckham for a smooch as the girls wait to go on stage. The Zen atmosphere backstage was helped by a noticeboard which carried motivational messages to inspire the girls such as 'visualize it', 'you can do it', 'thank you' and 'Love'. Mel C has dismissed the reports that the tour was hampered by band rows. Even though the group cut their comeback tour short amid rumours of a rift in the band. Mel told Rolling Stone magazine: "All of us have really enjoyed getting closer again. The atmosphere was fun and there hasn't been time for bickering or the fighting that's always reported about the Spice Girls. It's just like a big family. There's been more laughing than anything else. We've been through something so unique together that even if we don't see each other for a few months, we get together and it's been like no time has passed."

Yeah, yeah ... we get it ... there was no drama between any of them. Whatevs. I wish these photos had come out while the ladies were still on tour ... they paint a very nice picture of what goes on behind the scenes and there have to be more of these pics out there. So now that the World Tour is over and dunzo, things can move to the next stage of financiary capitalization -- I'm sure a DVD of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour (perhaps with an "On the Road" documentary sold separately) will be announced very soon ... maybe with a hardcover coffee table book of photos taken on the tour. I imagine that there is still much money to be made off of this huge venture. [Source, Source]


Designing Clothes, Mending Fences

Lauren LC Conrad, star of MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real OC and The Hills, made the transition from reality TV show star to fashion designer last night as she debuted her clothing line at her own fashion show in Culver City, CA. The front row of LC's show was packed with a few of her besties, including her formal Laguna Beach rival, who were happy to come out in support of their friend on her big night. Here are a few pics from the runway at last night's fashion show:

Lauren Conrad has another show to add to her resume. Conrad, full-time star of MTV's "The Hills" and part-time student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, made her designer debut at Mercedes-Benz L.A. Fashion Week without her MTV reality TV crew in tow Tuesday. The budding 22-year-old designer's first fashion show won't be featured on her popular docu-soap because she says it's "what I do in my spare time." "I kinda like that it's separate," Conrad told The Associated Press after the show. "It's not something that I really want to be part of a reality television show. It's a career I want beyond my 15 minutes." Conrad's debut featured 30 different looks from her fall 2008 line. Flowy wraps and strapless dresses were accented with touches like leather gloves and berets. Conrad said the oh-la-la designs were inspired by her recent trip to Paris, which will be documented on "The Hills" when it returns March 24. The mostly subdued fashion show wasn't without its own drama. At one point, a model accidentally slipped out of her left shoe while strutting down the runway, prompting many audience members to cringe or gasp. Once the model reached the end of the catwalk, she coolly kicked off her other high heel and continued barefoot. "Poor thing," Conrad said, flashing a frown about the misstep after the show. "It happens." "Hills" co-stars Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and Brody Jenner — in that order — lined the front row of Stage One at Smashbox Studios. On-screen adversaries Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, however, were nowhere to be seen. The remanning recognizable faces in the audience were like a who's who of "Laguna Beach" alumni. Kristin Cavallari, who infamously feuded with Conrad on their sun-kissed "Hills" predecessor, was perched next to Jenner pal Frankie Delgado. Meanwhile, Dieter Schmitz and Stephen Colletti, the boy Conard and Cavallari clashed over in high school, sat on the other side of the catwalk.

Say what you will about LC's reality TV persona, you've got to give her props for taking full advantage that her status has given her. I imagine it cannot be easy to launch your own clothing line but it seems very smart to me that LC would use the opportunity that her TV fame has given her to get her design career off the ground. Now, I'm not a particularly good judge of this sort of female fashion (ie. I don't know shizz about shizz) but these outfits look kind cute, I think, and seem right in step with the look that LC wears on the show ... therefore, there is a certain audience out there that will prolly eat this stuff up. I have to give LC props for pulling this off ... it will be interesting to see if her design career will be able to live beyond her reality TV career. [Source, Source]

Now ... getting back to that front row ... yesterday I blogged that LC extended the olive branch to her former rival Kristin Cavallari and invited her to attend this fashion show ... and, happily, KC accepted and showed up. Here are a few pics of Kristin sitting in the front row with LC's closest friends and cast mates:

Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari was also on hand to tell Don't believe the hype about beef between her and LC. Wearing a Lauren Conrad original, Kristin said, "Lauren and I have been cool for a long time. It's the magazines that like to make us look like [enemies]. I thought this would be a good way to support her and clear the air."

Yay! All's right in Laguna/Hills land ... er, except that LC's current rivals Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were not included on the guest list nor were they anywhere in sight ... which is a bit of a bummer ... I was hoping that they might bring the drama to LC's doorstep. Wouldn't it have been genius if Speidi decided to shoot Heidi's newest music video last night in the parking lot of this fashion show? I can just see it now, the treatment might involve an attempt to crash a fashion show that ends with Heidi walking down the runway wearing a dress of her own design. LOL. LC may not have wanted to feature her fashion show on MTV but that doesn't mean that Speidi could've have tried to have it featured anyway. [Source]


Special Delivery

ACK! US Weekly is reporting that one, Kevin Federline, is making preparations to make his debut on Broadway later on this year ... and, get this, is in talks to make his debut on the Great White Way in the hit show Legally Blonde: The Musical! According to the report, K-Fed will be trying out for three different roles, including the hot UPS guy who becomes the love interest for Elle's best friend Paulette:

A source says Britney Spears' ex, 30, may be heading to NYC in September to make his Broadway debut in Legally Blonde, the Tony-nominated musical adaptation of the hit film, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, on newsstands now. "He's so excited!" a Federline source tells Us. The former backup dancer and aspiring hip-hop artist ... will test his song-and-dance chops in a trio of roles -- including the UPS guy who inspires the "bend and snap." "This is his chance to show the world what he can do," says a pal. And now that he has physical custody, sons Sean, 2, and Jayden, 18 months, might join him in the Big Apple. "This is his dream and he wants to bring the kids," says the insider. "Jamie and Lynne [Spears] promised to help him make it work." (A rep for the show says he is not scheduled "as of this time.")

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Legally Blonde is such a great show, I'd hate to see it get all mucked by by all of this Popozãoness. I'm sorry, I just cannot see K-Fed 1.) on Broadway in the first place or 2.) in the role of the sexy UPS guy who gets to thrill the audience with those cute little brown shorts. Blech ... now that's an image that I'll have to try and eradicate from my brain. I understand that the lead actors in the show right now (Laura Bell Bundy, Orfeh, etc.) will be leaving the show this summer, so I know that producers are lookin' to recast (in fact, MTV is planning to air a reality show competition that will find the next Elle Woods for the Broadway show) ... I just hope this K-Fed thing doesn't work out. I just don't think he's right for any part in this show. Gawd ... the thought of this actually happening is extremely disturbing ... I think I'd prefer he put out another rap album instead. Like, seriously. [Source]

UPDATE: Extra is now reporting that Kevin Federline is NOT joining the cast of Legally Blonde on Broadway ... US Weekly claims the deal fell apart over money:

According to Kevin Federline's rep, the reports that Britney Spears' ex is joining the cast of Broadway's Legally Blonde are "not true."

"It fell apart. He is really upset because he wanted it to happen." The source adds that it was a "money issue." Federline, says the source, "still wants to do it and maybe it can be saved, but for now it’s not happening."

Halle-freakin'-lujah!!! Oh and I was just kidding about it being okay for him to make another rap album :)


That's Using Your Head

Things have been going so well for Britney Spears lately that you just knew that something bad was bound to happen ... fortunately, the only bad thing to happy to our dear Britney in the past few days was this unfortunate run-in with a metal bar:

Photo credit: WENN

Hahahahahahaha. I believe that this head thwack happened BEFORE she decided to agree to guest star in an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother on CBS ... perhaps she got the sense knocked back into her? If this is the case, then someone should've clocked her on the noggin months ago. [Source]


Sixx Appeal

Okay ... so what exactly is going on between tattooing phenom and LA Ink star Kat Von D and Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx these days? Kat doesn't come out and actually say anything about the two of them being "together" as a couple but her official My Space profile has a few pics of the two of them together lookin' real cozy with each other (she even has a whole photo album of just the two of them) ... and even more suspicious, all the pictures of her with her boyfriend Orbie (from White Starr) have been removed (as has his profile from her Top Friends list -- Nikki now has the #1 position). Additionally, one of her photos with Nikki is titled He OWNS My Heart:

Now, I've been faithfully watching this season's eps of LA Ink and, thus far, I've not seen anything that led me to believe that Kat and Orbie were breaking up but all this My Space nonsense seems to tell a different story. Her status is still listed as "in a relationship" but I suppose it's possible that she could be "in a relationship" with Nikki Sixx. Hmmm ... I'm not sure why I care so much, to tell you the truth ... maybe it's because I'm such a faithful fan of the show (btw, I hate the falling out stuff with Pixie) or maybe it's cuz I'm a nosy sonofabeyotch. Hee hee ... maybe we won't find out what the real deal is until LA Ink does its third season. [Source]

UPDATE: Nikki Sixx also has pictures of Kat Von D on his official My Space profile, one of them has the caption "MY OTHER HALF,I LOVE THIS WOMAN". [thanks Joanne]

On Orbi's official My Space profile there is a blog post that appears to refer to his break-up with Kat (altho, her name is not mentioned at all) ... he writes, "i fell in love with a pschopath that begged ME to ask to marry HER, then abused me and then fell in love with someone else infront of me." [thanks Lindsay]

So I guess there we have it ... should this new coupling of Kat and Nikki stand the test of time (well, at least the next few months) I'm sure we'll get to hear all about their love affair on the next season of LA Ink.


Hilary Duff Does Lucky Magazine

Hilary Duff is featured on the cover of the new issue of Lucky magazine ... check it out:

As per usual, Hil D. looks great. And I love love love that she is rockin' both the pink with the orange all in one outfit. While I do have a strong affinity for pink (obvs) I am also a big fan of orange (I do not think the whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed at all) and even once dubbed l'orange my "unofficial official color". But, I'm getting off track ... I love this cover artwork of Hilary wearing both colors beautifully ... because sometimes I need validation from famous people ;) [Source]



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