Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome To La La Land

Heidi Montag is mere moments away from world domination and she's about to move one step closer with her very own fashion show at Hollywood and Highland on April 11 (I understand that on that day, the area will be renamed Heidiwood and Highland). Here is a scan of the Heidiwood for Anchor Blue ad that has been showing up in fashion mags lately:

No word on whether or not presidential hopeful John McCain will be attending Heidi's fashion show later on this week but I'm sure that Speidi will be saving him a seat just in case. I have no doubt that Speidi are going to be causing a big splash with this fashion show ... I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves. [Source]

The TV Guide: Janai's Quinceañera

Last night David and I were able to help Darion's mom Janai celebrate her birthday in fine Mexican style ... a whole bunch of us met up with the Lowenstein's at Casa Escobar in Marina Del Rey, CA for Janai's Quinceañera birthday celebration. We weren't interested in doing a lame-o Sweet 16, y'all ... we did it quinceañera-style and it was so much fun ... behold:

I can't even fully express how amazing Darion's parents are. I've heard the stories, I've seen the photos but until I was able to party with Janai and Tim I wasn't able to fully understand. Darion's mom has to be one of the coolest moms I've ever had the pleasure to meet. That she would welcome us all in so that we could help celebrate her birthday with her says a lot about what kind of person she is. We all had a lot of fun last night ... some more than others (ahem, I know I was tearing it up on the dancefloor with Janai ... note my pointing fingers) but it was a really fun time. I hope she had a really great birthday, I know we had fun celebrating with her.

I think some folks are getting together for dinner tonight but David and I might be opting out for a quite night alone. I want to see a movie so I think that's what we're going to do. I hope all y'all had a great weekend thus far ... David and I have been having a good one ourselves :)

Les News: Feist Wins Big, Kelly Leaks, George Is Coming

Hot Dude Of The Week: Jake

It is that time of the week again, time to stand up and take notice of some fine male hawtness as we always do come Sunday afternoon ... 'cuz on the 7th day we rest and gawk at the Hot Dude of the Week. Let's all say hello to Jake:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Let's forget for a moment that model Jake is a Texas A&M Aggie and just focus on the fact that he is a fine specimen of hawtness. Yep, it's really hard to really pay attention to the boy's baseball cap when you consider that the lad's jeans are ever so innocently unbuttoned. Ahem. Male hawtness knows no discrimination so we shall forgive Jake for his Aggieness and just focus on his abs, yes? Enjoy :) [Source]

Congratulations Are In Order For B-Jay

Chanteuse Mary J. Blige, who performed a concert last night in Greensboro, NC with the possibly just married headliner Jay-Z, gave a very public Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyoncé from the concert stage on the couple's alleged nuptials which reportedly took place in NYC on Friday afternoon ... People magazine has the deets:

Mum was the wedding word from Jay-Z as he hit the stage in North Carolina on Saturday – a day after a friend says he married Beyoncé Knowles – revealing nothing about a ceremony and wearing no ring. But co-headliner Mary J. Blige on the "Heart of the City" tour couldn't maintain the same level of silence, shouting to the sold-out Greensboro audience: "Congratulations to my man, Jay-Z, and my girl B," before starting her set with "You're All I Need." Otherwise, it was musical business as usual for Jay-Z, who stuck to the concert script, performing on his own and doing duets with Blige. Beyoncé was nowhere to be seen, and his only reference to her came when he played a few notes of "Crazy in Love," then cut it off, saying, "Sorry, B." But this is something he does at every show.

To be honest, this is starting to feel less and less like an elaborate sham and more and more like the real deal. Who knows if the couple will ever officially announce their marriage to the world (tho, I suspect that they will) but if we wait long enough, everyone that they know will do all the announcing for them. [Source]

Tokio Hotel Does German Vanity Fair

The perfectly coiffed Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz graces the cover of the new issue of German Vanity Fair magazine this month ... take a look:

I took one semester of German in college which essentially means that I can't speak or read a bit of German at all so the VF interview in German is all Greek to me. I was able to sorta translate the page by using Babel Fish so that I could get a general idea of what was discussed. Apparently, Bill finds groupie sex "disgusting", reveals that he misses his family while away from them on tour and confesses that he hates being separated from his twin brother, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz. From what I can decipher from the interview, Bill comes across as a nice and innocent boy ... whether that is truly the case (which would be rare when you consider the long history of rock 'n roll debauchery that comes with fame) or is just the way his persona is being spun by his handlers (ie. remember when Britney Spears was proclaiming her virginity when later we were told she was lying all along) I think that Tokio Hotel are doing everything right thus far. The band has enjoyed huge success in Europe and they've got their sights set on conquering the US as well (the band will be releasing their US debut album Scream on May 6). Even if that never happens (after all, Kylie Minogue still hasn't been able to crack the US market successfully after 20 years in the biz) the band still has a chance to have a hugely successful career overseas. I suspect that this is only the first of many magazine covers for the boys of Tokio Hotel. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Kati from Austria took the time to translate the entire Vanity Fair interview with Bill Kaulitz from German to English and I think she did an amazing job ... so here is the full text of her translation:

Vanity Fair: Mr. Kaulitz, how do you feel after your vocal cords surgery?

Bill Kaulitz: Well, how do you feel when someone put a metal device into your throat to cut on your vocal cords with small knives. This is a feeling everyone knows. Man, I'm happy that it's over. But I'm still scared for my voice and am feeling bad because of the cancelled concerts.

VF: How long will you be gone?

BK: I'm not allowed to speak after the surgery for twelve days. Then I have to go to voice-rehab for four weeks, that's something I so wanna do.

VF: Let's talk about your past. It says, creativity comes from the memory of pain. What was your pain?

BK: The biggest pain was the breakup of my parents. I was seven years old and did not understand. This really formed me. On our first album there's a song about this time, it's called "against my will".

VF: Your stepdad Gordon Trümper is a guitar teacher. What does your biological father do?

BK: He's a truck driver and lives in Hannover.

VF: When you were eight years old, your family moved from Magdeburg into the small town Loitsche. How did you experience this?

BK: I felt terrible, because I'm no small-town guy at all. You can imagine how Tom and I stood out. People looked at us like we were aliens, out of our minds. School was terrible too, I had to get up at half past five in the mornings to catch the bus, and I came home at half past four. I really hated it! And then there were always the same faces at school. It was the worst time of my life.

VF: How did the teachers react to the brothers Kaulitz?

BK: Until seventh grade Tom and I were always together. Then they put us apart as a punishment. It was a slap in the face that formed me as well. Until then we really did everything together. We are monozygous twins and are very close. Of course we protested against the punishment, but the teachers said that they couldn't come against us together, because we had such a big mouth. I wasn't someone to signal and then just tell in a low voice. I was always screaming around. My mother was asked to come to school every second day.

VF: It was your speciality to challenge the grades of a test when it wasn't returned in time. Where did you have this knowledge from?

BK: I always knew that I didn't need school because I'd be a singer. And because the teachers were such a pain in my ass, I really wanted to know about my rights. I knew what teachers were allowed to do and what they weren't. I had some teachers, they were really out of it. Some of them didn't want to greet me because I had my fingernails painted black and hat my hair up. They said I couldn't go to school like this. One didn't want to teach me because I looked the way I did. They said things like: "The head is not just for a good hairstyle." I was an anti-student and didn't put up with anything.
VF: How about your grades?

BK: They were great. I've had an average grade of 1,8 (fyi: 1 is the best, 6 is the worst). That was something the teachers really hated.

VF: Could the teachers hurt you?

BK: No. I haven't been an ill nail biting freak. I always had great self confidence. I styled myself the way I did because I knew I'd stand out and the teachers would talk about it. I really loved that, I wanted to stand out and wanted people to talk about me.

VF: Recently you finished school (something like junior high, it's not a grad so you can go to college) as a distance student. How important is it to know the difference between Omelette and Hamlet?

BK: Well, you should know the difference. But school is way less individual than it should be. Why should I learn algebra, knowing that I will never ever need it again? After eighth class I dropped out of music class and everybody looked at me like I was insane. But we just learned biographies of people - nothing inspiring. I always had bad grades in singing because I had to sing some country stuff. It was horror!

VF: Is it true that music was your ticket out of the boredom of the province?

BK: Yes. I always thought that I had to get out of this boring little town where everybody knows everyone. Worst thing for me is everyday life. I hate everyday life. Because of this, Tokio Hotel is the best thing for me. Every day is different, another city, other people.

VF: Thanks to paparazzi you are under constant observation. Love it or hate it?

BK: When I was a little boy, I imagined myself being taped by cameras everyday and these tapes being sent out to the world. I wanted unlimited attention. Today this dream came true, so I really can't hate it.

VF: Will anyone ever be that important to you as your brother Tom?

BK: No. Never. I couldn't imagine my life without Tom. You cannot describe how close we are. We have the same thoughts and often even the same dreams. It's like we didn't even need to speak to each other.

VF: Many twins just hate it and give themselves hard times because of it.

BK: Of course we are fighting. Really hard. Just like wanting to knock some sense into the other one. Last year in a hotel room we went crazy and wanted to hit the other one with some chairs. But we're not bearing grudges, we slam the doors, and after ten minutes we talk to each other again.

VF: Who is more you: all-made-up Bill or just the natural Bill?

BK: Definitively all made up Bill. Natural Bill is like a disguise for me. If I wasn't known ba people, I would still walk around all made up, it's such a big part of myself.

VF: Who sees you without make up?

BK: My family. And no one else.

VF: Kid stars are the most pervasive species of stars, because the have an expiration date and destroy themselves by becoming older. Are you gonna show some break downs to keep the interest high?

BK: It's good to show that you make mistakes. But I don't really care about this too much, I don't want to do something just because otherwise the fans would go away. From the beginning, I really hated other bands or managers that wanted to tell me how things work. There are no rules! During one of our first meetings with the record company they wanted us to have a stylist to create our image. Until today I have no stylist who tells me what to wear, this would restrain my life. We decide on ourselves over every concert and every contract because I think it's the worst thing not to decide your own life.

VF: Who is allowed to say "no" to you?

BK: In business no one. Not the management and not the record company. The only ones that I really listen to are my family and friends. My mother can say, "Bill you're crazy!" That's a thing I would really think about.

VF: Do your parents still try to educate you?

BK: I have to say, my mom never really educated us. Doing homework was totally voluntary. She gave us freedom, but always had a protecting eye on us. We really trust each other and talk like friends. There is nothing I wouldn’t tell my mom. I never had a secret. When I came home drunk for the first time, she told me what she taught about it, but I had never had to be scared of her.

VF: Does your mother want your hair en natural on Christmas eve?

BK: No, she really doesn't care about it. When I was nine years old, I dyed my hair for the first time. They were green, blue, white and black. I've had my eyebrow pierced with thirteen. She was really relaxed.

VF: At your concerts approximately 200 female teenagers faint, signs that say "Fuck me through the monsoon" are held up high. How does it feel knowing that millions of girls project their upcoming sexual fantasies on you?

BK: I don't think much about this, to be honest. Sometimes we look at each other and start laughing because we can't imagine that anybody has a poster of us in his room. But I really liked the thought of being there on someone's wall. In the past I sat in my room and taught about what would my idol Nena do just now, where she was and what she thought. I can't imagine that now people are thinking of me this way. To myself I'm so normal, and to the other bandmembers too. We don't really see each other.

VF: How often do you see yourself in the third person?

BK: Sometimes by mistake. If I have no energy to do something, I think: Bill should so it anyways because it's good for the band.

VF: You are very professional at public appearances. Does there even exist a difference between the real Bill and the artificial character Bill?

BK: Some things you just have to keep to yourself. But in general there is not such a big difference there. The last three years were a nonstop run. There was no cut, nowhere to be really private. Even on tour we had cameras around us 24/7. How should you experience something that not everybody knows a few hours later? But this is something I ever wanted, so I'll have to live with it and arrange myself to it.

VF: Is there something you don't like about being Bill?

BK: The main problem is trust. I don't trust easily. I didn't find a new friend in the last five years and I didn't fall in love. If I meet someone I'm careful. Unfortunately we met many people that changed or told stories to the papers. If I wasn't famous, maybe I'd fallen in love with someone I already know a long time ago.

VF: Who betrayed you the worst?

BK: I've never let my guard down, so nobody had the opportunity to it. I don't have the freedom to just go out and meet people without telling someone. But regardless of it, my life is the way I always wanted it to be.

VF: Are the trust issues the reason that stars like to date stars?

BK: Yes. Angelina Jolie doesn't need to be afraid of Brad Pitt using her to get famous. Celebrities are looking for someone that lives the same life and loves the same life. My girlfriends never understood that I preferred going to the rehearsal room right after school and making appearances in clubs on weekends than to sit around with them at home and watch TV. Today everything is a bit harder, cause who wants to live the same life you live? And of course this person has to know that you can't get out of this life easily.

VF: When was the last time you were in love?

BK: Three and a half years ago. I don't believe in the big love and I don't think that everybody will find his love. In my situation I have to be very lucky to find my love.

VF: At age 18, don't you prefer fooling around?

BK: I don't know. Especially in this life I would prefer a love story over fooling around. I want to share the little time I have with someone I know: she's the one.

VF: Did you ever say "I love you" to a girl?

BK: Yes. But I didn't mean it. I should have said, I like you, I'm attracted to you. The older I get, the more important this difference becomes to me. Tom probably says "I love you" to girls all the time to get them into bed.

VF: Are you fighting over the same girls?

BK: We have the same taste when it comes to girls. Our girlfriends were always friends themselves. This really sucked because they conspired against us. We had our first kiss with the very same girl. Tom was the first one. After one day she started kissing me. Then it was over - I hated it, I think everyone hates the first kiss.

VF: How old have you been?

BK: Eleven. She was three years older and knew what to do.

VF: When was Toms first time?

BK: I think he was 14, if I remember correctly.

VF: It says that Tom has many girls.

BK: That's his thing. I wouldn't want to hook up with someone else every night, but we are very different in this thing.

VF: Robbie Williams once said, that German groupies come in two different species. The one that makes a photo during sex to have evidence, and the other one that ask if your feelings for them are real.

BK: Tom says the same thing. Since we are on tour so much, I've had no one in bed. I think it's kind of disgusting to let someone you don't know into your bed every night. I'm not there yet. I wouldn't trust enough to just take someone with you for one night. Your hotel room is the only private thing you have on tour, so I wouldn't just take someone with me and let them stay with me.

VF: Did you have your first time already?

BK: I want this to stay a secret.

VF: Don't you wonder why some people think you're gay?

BK: Not at all. They think: make up and done hair equals gay. I wanted to make a statement that it has not to be this way. Everybody can do as he likes. One thing doesn't necessarily connect with the other.

VF: What would you do if you were a girl for one day?

BK: Definitely not going with my brother!

VF: Instead?

BK: Oh my god, what would I do? Probably the same things as I do now, because I don't make much of a difference.

VF: What would you forbid girls if you could?

BK: Not being jealous. If I am in love, I take the other person and don't let him go. It would drive me crazy if my girlfriend would say, "Oh Bill, I don't care about all the screaming girls, I really trust you."

VF: Have you ever been cheated on?

BK: No. And I never cheated on someone else. Loyalty and fidelity are the most important things for me.

VF: What did your girlfriends hate about you?

BK: I'm talking really loudly. The whole day. And with hand and feet. And I don't let them speak out, I always interrupt. That’s something everybody hates.

VF: What's more difficult: to love someone else or to love yourself?

BK: To love yourself. It's hard to be yourself and stand to it. There are moments where I'm feeling self conscious and want to dig a hole, climb in, put a blanket over it and stay in for a year. Sometimes I'm really happy that we are in this daze with one concert after the other, because I don't have the time to think about all of it. There is just no time for feeling lonely.

VF: Can you live without a personal assistant?

BK: I can't just go to the bakery, so this is something someone else is doing for me. But the rest is in my hands, because I'm very perfectionist. I can't let anything out of hands. I have to do everything and every little detail, because I have to know exactly what's about to come. I'd go insane if I didn't. Tom is the same. We pay a lot of people that should do this stuff for us, but it's hard to let other people lay hands on Tokio Hotel because we build everything by ourselves.

VF: Do you control your money by yourself?

BK: Yes. We did this since we're 13 years old. I control all of my bank accounts the same way as I control my career.

VF: When will your parents get a mansion as a present?

BK: That's the first thing I'm gonna do when I have enough money. I definitely want to live together with my parents. We're so close that I wouldn't think of it as a burden. there are no limits where I would say, "You have to go outside right now."

VF: Hypothetically, if you would be kidnapped, what do you think would be a realistic ransom?

BK: As much as all of my friends can throw together. Afterwards they would get it back, of course.

VF: What do you think about the breakdown of Britney Spears?

BK: I can understand how this happened because I live this life too. People from outside probably think," She has money, she has done everything, why doesn't she just relax and lean back?" I couldn't imagine having a solo career and being on tour alone all the time. I don't trust myself to handle all this pressure by myself.

VF: Madonna once said, "I'll only be happy when I'm as famous as god." Do you think the same way?

BK: That's a funny sentence, of course. But I really can relate to it, because there is no limit. You don't say, "I'm famous in Germany, that's enough." You want to be as famous as you can possibly be. Even if I were super rich and have my own island, I would go on. Fame is a drug and without it my life would be hard.

VF: If drugs weren't illegal, which ones would you want to try?

BK: Something relaxing that makes me not want to control everything.

VF: Are you dreaming of yourself as a star?

BK: Once I had a nightmare: I was lying in a room made of glass in my bed, and around me there were standing photographers without end. I said to one of our team if he could send them away, and he said, "No can do, you had an appointment and overslept." But I never oversleep because I always set three alarms so I don't oversleep. I'm always on time, too.

VF: Why didn't anybody see you dance yet?

BK: I don't dance. I'm always sitting in a corner, but not if I'm totally wasted. Then I can dance too. I think dancing is such a girl thing. Even if this sounds stupid, but only girls have to dance everywhere.

VF: Do you ever think of your funeral?

BK: I have to admit: yes. Friends in my age do it too. You picture which people will be there and who would really cry over your loss.

VF: Which song should be played?

BK: 'Magic dance' from David Bowie. It's a really funny song and I really love 'The labyrinth' until now.

VF: What will you be wearing?

BK: I'm in black and I'll wear a leather jacket. My last wish would be that my hair is done the same way it's now. Hopefully I'll have hair left then. If not, someone should get me a wig.

Kiefer Does London

A scruffy-looking Kiefer Sutherland, who was last seen chillin' in the Meat Packing District of NYC with his latest girlfriend, Siobhan Bonnouvrier, has made his way to London, England to chill there for a bit. Here are pics of Kief making his way out of The Ivy pausing to press the flesh with a few of his admirers:

Photo credit: Mavrix

I really like Kiefer with all that facial hair ... it reminds me of those scenes from the last season of 24 when Jack Bauer was just released from a 2-year stint in a Chinese prison. Unabomber chic doesn’t really work for everyone, Kiefer makes it hot. Kiefer is currently filming voicework in a new animated movie called Monsters vs. Aliens and then we know he's to begin production on the 24 mini-movie that is set to air later on this year, ahead of the next season of 24 which begins airing in January. Until then, we'll have to content ourselves with random public sightings. As long as he keeps bringin' the hawtness, I won't mind having to wait for new eps of 24. [Source]

Wrong Way

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, collectively known as GyllenSpoon, were snapped trying to evade capture together by the paparazzi's ever-watchful eye as they made their way to a gym in Santa Monica, CA on Friday. Jakey poo got the brills idea to walk next to Reese ... backwards ... so that it would look as if they were not together ... check it out:

Now, I really love me some Jake and it's not that I don't love to see Jake's behind but this has to be the dumbest pap-evading trick that I've ever seen. If it weren't for the photos, I wouldn't even believe it if someone told me about it. LOL. I think Jake should start carrying a purse (perhaps something in an Hermès) so that he can hide behind it when he's out and about with Reese ... I understand that makes celebs disappear from sight altogether. [Source]

Go Hef, It's Your Birthday

Playboy extraordinaire Hugh Hefner has cause for celebration this weekend ... the pimp daddy supreme is marked his 82nd birthday yesterday at the Palms Casino Resort (presumably in the Playboy Suite of the hotel) in Las Vegas, NV surrounded by his bevy of blonde beauties -- Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson among others. Here are a few pics of Hef and his ladies mugging for the cameras last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

You have GOT to give it up to the man for not only surviving 82 years of life but considering that he continues to enjoy the spoils of life while bedding these 3 young ladies, well, I think much more than congrats are in order. Let's raise a toast to the seemingly superhuman Hugh Hefner on making it to another birthday ... either his indulgent lifestyle will wear him out soon enough or it will keep him young forever. I tend to believe it may be the latter. Happy Birthday, Hef. [Source]

Charlton Heston Passes Away

Sad news to start the day today ... epic actor and NRA spokesperson Charlton Heston passed away late yesterday at the age of 84 years old ... no cause of death was specified:

Charlton Heston, who appeared in some 100 films in his 60-year acting career but who is remembered chiefly for his monumental, jut-jawed portrayals of Moses, Ben-Hur and Michelangelo, died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 84, according to his family. His death was confirmed by a spokesman for the family, Bill Powers, who declined to discuss the cause. In August 2002, Mr. Heston announced that he had been diagnosed with neurological symptoms "consistent with Alzheimer's disease." "I'm neither giving up nor giving in," he said ... Mr. Heston was always able to channel some energies into the public arena. He was an active supporter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., calling him "a 20th-century Moses for his people," and participated in the historic march on Washington in 1963. He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1966 to 1971, following in the footsteps of his friend and role model Ronald Reagan. A registered Democrat for many years, he was nevertheless selective in the candidates he chose to support and often campaigned for conservatives ... Mr. Heston frequently spoke out against what he saw as evidence of the decline and debasement of American culture. In 1992, appalled by the lyrics on "Cop Killer," a recording by the rap artist Ice T, he blasted the album at a Time Warner stockholders meeting and was a force in having it withdrawn from the marketplace. In the 1996 elections, he campaigned on behalf of some 50 Republican candidates and began to speak out against gun control. In 1997, he was elected vice president of the N.R.A. In December of that year, as the keynote speaker at the 20th anniversary gala of the Free Congress Foundation, Mr. Heston described "a cultural war" raging across America, "storming our values, assaulting our freedoms, killing our self-confidence in who we are and what we believe" ... The next year, at 73, he was elected president of the N.R.A. ... Mr. Heston continued working through the 1990s, acting more frequently on television but also in occasional films. His most recent film appearance found him playing a cameo role, in simian makeup, in Tim Burton’s 2001 remake of "Planet of the Apes." He had announced in 1999 that he was receiving radiation treatments for prostate cancer. He had always hated the thought of retirement and once explained his relentless drive as an actor. "You never get it right," he said in a 1986 interview. "Never once was it the way I imagined it lying awake at 4 o'clock in the morning thinking about it the next day." His goal remained, he said, "To get it right one time."

Remembered in his roles as Moses (The Ten Commandments), Judah Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur), Michelangelo (The Agony and the Ecstacy) and as a futuristic astronaut George Taylor (Planet of the Apes), it is clear that Heston left an indelible mark on Hollywood. While I disagree with and staunchly oppose his (what I feel are) ultraconservative views on gun control and free speech, I cannot deny that he was a remarkable actor who portrayed some of the most iconic characters (in some of the most iconic films) in movie history. This is a very sad day for Hollywood, Heston will be sorely missed. [Source]