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Friday, May 02, 2008

May Showers Bring June Babies

Jamie Lynn Spears is gettin' big, y'all. I can't believe how much bigger her baby bump has gotten since the last time we saw pics of it last week. Well, you know what that means ... time to party! Life and Style magazine is reporing that JL Spears will be having her baby shower this weekend ... and big sis Britney will be flying home to Kentwood, LA to partake in the festivities:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Britney Spears is heading home today for a big reunion with her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, an insider tells Life & Style exclusively. The occasion? Jamie Lynn's baby shower! Britney is leaving LA today to arrive in Kentwood, La., in time for tomorrow's baby shower at mom Lynne Spears' house, Serenity. Britney was last seen in Kentwood in November 2006. "The shower's on Saturday at Lynne's house," the insider tells Life & Style. "At first, Jamie [Brit's dad and also her guardian these days] didn't think it was a good idea for Brit to go. He thought it might create chaos in Kentwood, and he wasn't sure he wanted to put Jamie Lynn -- or Britney -- in the middle of that. Britney can't travel without Jamie's permission, so she worked really hard to talk him into it; it was so important for her to be there for her little sister. He finally gave in, knowing it'd be good for Brit and Jamie Lynn to finally see each other."

Woot! You know Brit Brit is gonna show up with a basket full of (free) Christian Audigier baby clothes for JL's as yet unborn and rumored baby girl. If true, I imagine that this baby shower is gonna be a rip-roarin' good time down on the farm. It'll be nice if we get to see the Spears family reunited for this happy occasion. Congrats, y'all!! [Source]


That Cans-Do Spirit

UK Graffiti artiste Banksy has opened a new exhibit in London, England this weekend, which he calls the Cans Festival, in an abandoned London tunnel for this weekend only. Here are a few pics from the new exhibit and a report from the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

Graffiti impresario Banksy and airbrush-wielding guerrilla artists blanketed the walls of an abandoned London tunnel with offbeat murals as part of a three-day stencil-art street party this weekend. Banksy marshaled more than three dozen international artists for what he's calling the "Cans Festival" -- and is encouraging visitors to contribute their own graffiti starting Saturday. "I'm hoping we can transform a dark forgotten filth pit into an oasis of beautiful art -- in a dark forgotten filth pit," Banksy was quoted as saying in the Times of London, which carried a preview of the exhibition Friday. Festival spokeswoman Jo Brooks said work will be featured from 40 international artists and collectives, which sport names such as Bandit, Schhh, Pure Evil and Orticancvoodles. Among Banksy's pieces are security cameras growing from a tree, a hooded figure cutting itself with a knife and a worker spraying over ancient cave drawings. Other work includes an image of the pope pushing down his fluttering robes in an imitation of Marilyn Monroe by Norwegian artist Dolk. Armed with aerosol cans and paint rollers, artists were still touching up the walls of the damp archway tunnel Friday. Unlike many of Banksy's previous stunts, the exhibition was approved by Eurostar, which manages the site under its old train platform at Waterloo Station. It's a sign of how far the artist -- who has refused to give his real name -- has come since he began his graffiti career in the 1980s and 1990s. Most of his work had a wickedly ironic and strongly anti-authoritarian bent. (His graffiti of two uniformed policemen locked in a passionate kiss is a longtime favorite.) But although his identity has never been fully confirmed, critical success has made him something of an establishment figure. Banksy's work commands hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are among his fans. The event, which is free, will be held in the tunnel Saturday through Monday.

OY! This sounds amazing ... I really wish I could see this exhibit for myself :( If any Pink peeps in the UK make it out to see this exhibit for themselves this weekend and would like to share photos, I'd be very happy to post them on the blog. I am a huge Banksy fan, I love that he continues to do this sort of thing from time to time. I think his vision is really creative and there is no denying that his talent is formidable. Long live Banksy!! [Source]


Great Minds Think Alike

Congrats are, again, in order for Pink readers Juan Carlos and Leah!!! Not only were they winners in the Pink is the new Blog Win Madonna's Entire CD Catalog Giveaway contest but they are also among the lucky Madonna fan club winners who submitted photos to win free tickets to Maddy's show at the Roseland Ballroom this past Wednesday night:

You may recall that JC and Leah entered these amazing photos in my PITNB contest and ended up winners as well ... I love it! These photos are both so great, I figured they are worthy of another shout-out ... even Madonna agrees :) [Source, Source]


Happy Birthday, David Beckham

Woot! Lots of Birthday Lurve goes out to Hottie McHotster David Beckham who turns a beautiful 33 years young today ... bad facial hair or not, the man is absolutely deserving of all our good wishes and lurve today:

Becks has been flooded with birthday wishes on his official My Space profile, which inspired him to post a thank you post on his official blog. Additionally, Becks and wifey Vicki B. stepped out on the town last night for a nice, romantical 2-hour birthday dinner at The Ivy on the Shore in Santa Monica, CA:

Photo credit: X17

It seems matching monochrome is the new rule for the Beckhams. For Victoria's birthday bash in California last month they stepped out in coordinated outfits - with Victoria in a white dress with black-and-grey pattern while David sported a grey, white and black ensemble. And now the couple have done it again - this time for David's birthday. They went out in Santa Monica to celebrate him turning 33. Victoria, 34, in a sleeveless, off-the-shoulder black dress, with a low-cut V-neck, while David sported a white blazer. It is David's big day today, and if his wife's parties for her own birthdays are anything to go by, he can surely expect more celebrations. The couple went for a romantic candlelit dinner spending almost two hours at posh LA restaurant The Ivy on the Shore last night. A source said: "It was just the two of them - the kids weren't there. It was a very romantic affair with low lighting and a single candle on the table. They were holding hands, smiling and looking into one another's eyes. Anyone would think they had just met." The former England captain turns 33 today but celebrated his birthday a night early. The soccer star is thought to have brought his celebrations forward because his team, LA Galaxy, have a match against Real Salt Lake on Saturday. David and Victoria attended a function at their sons' school before heading out to dinner. A source said: "Everyone was expecting them to throw some lavish party and invite all their celebrity friends. But they were clearly just happy with some alone time."

Yeah, something tells me that Becks will be having more celebrations to come ... and for the record, does anyone honestly believe that the Daily Mail found "sources" that really gave these quotes? It sounds SO COMPLETELY made up. BUT ANYWAYS, that's beside the point ... much love goes out to Becks today for his 33rd ... here's to, at the very least, 33 more!!! [Source, Source]


Lost: Home Is Where The Heartache Is


OK ... so Lost was good ... but ... is it wrong to want more? I totally get that small pieces are being laid into place so that the overall story can be serviced (and so huge, shocking moments in the future will have a groundwork to build on) but sometimes there ain't enough OOMPH to make me want to jump off the couch. Dead folks came out in last night's ep (well, one dead folk, at least) which means that the dead may be coming back pretty regularly now -- or not, who knows:

I'm pretty sure the big shocker in the early part of last night's ep was supposed to be finding Kate showering in Jack's shower, appering to make up a very happy couple. But honestly, I was more surprised by Jack's rotundness that was popping out of that towel he was wearing. It looked like homie made a beeline to Dunkin' Donuts as soon as he got off the island. Bless his heart. Anyways ... Jack, Kate and Aaron tried to make a happy life together off the island but it never stuck -- mostly because control freak Jack couldn't deal with Kate's lingering feelings for Sawyer (who stayed on the island) and maybe a little bit because he turned into a pill-popping addict due to all the frequent visits from his dead father. We still don't know why Kate calls Aaron her "son" but we did get a hint that something heinous might've happened to Claire -- she disappeared at the end of the ep after she saw her dead father (who is also Jack's dead father) holding Aaron by the camp fire. Ominous. Yeah, not exciting enough for me, tho. Sadly, we learned that Rousseau and Carl really did die in the sniper attack (I hoped that maybe Rousseau would survive the bullet wound) so that means that either of them or Alex could come back as dead people (like Charlie, Boon, etc. have done in eps past). We learned that creepy Miles is clairvoyant or something ... he senses dead people -- and then digs them up. Yeah, you knew his creepiness had to go further than just those buggy eyes. Jin got tough, Lepetis showed that he's really a good guy, Charlotte revealed that the "rescue team" from the helicopter have their own "list" and that Keemy is still a badass lookin' to shoot island folks. Yep, it was a typical Thursday night on the Lost island. This ep, more than most others, really struck me as very soap opera-y ... which isn't really a good thing. It had a very Passions feel about it ... both have really dramatic scenes (like Jack insisting to watch his own appendectomy, Jack crying to Kate that he knows she is lying to him, Jack being Jack), both have lots of dead characters and both have little toy dolls that suddenly come to life. Okay, so Lost hasn't gone down that road just yet ... but I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Next week's preview didn't look shocking at all (tho there is a return to Jacob's cabin which will prolly involve a lot of scene flashes to confound us) ... let's hope they're just keeping the good stuff under their hats for the time being. [Source]


The TV Guide: Iron Clad Perfection

Darion made it to NYC last night after a bit of delay at the airport upon his arrival but he managed to find his way to David's place so that we could start our weekend o' fun together. David was actually tied up with a few events last night so it was just D and me for his first night but I think we had a pretty good time nonetheless. We grabbed a bite to eat at Aja on 6th Ave. before we headed out for our midnight showing of Iron Man (which actually took place at 11PM instead of 12AM). Now, I had high hopes for this movie but I wasn't really prepared for the seemingly perfectness that was presented. Believe the hype, y'all ... Iron Man is really freaking good:

Okay ... so I know the movie opened in theaters today so I'm gonna try to stay away from any spoilers. It's been a long time since I've read an Iron Man comic so I'm sure how true the movie is to the origin story ... that said, I thought it was handled brilliantly in the movie adaptation. Robert Downey, Jr. is cast perfectly as the boozy, womanizing Tony Stark and I was just stunned at how much Gwyneth Paltrow embodied Pepper Potts. The casting was really superb. I always really liked Iron Man as a superhero because, like Batman, he doesn't have any superpowers ... just a lot of money and a drive to help people. He's kind of the anti-Batman in some respects. The special effects were BRILLIANT. They were so seamless, I never once noticed anything that looked fake. The suiting up scenes are so cool ... I don't imagine it takes other superheroes that long to get dressed but it's so worth it. Again, the FX were just amazingly smooth ... it looked so real. I wasn't really prepared for how funny the movie is ... there were many times that the audience erupted in manic laughter ... a few lines even garnered applause. The only thing I thought was cheesy was the final showdown with

Obadiah Stane as the Iron Monger <-- highlight to see/be spoiled I mean, I get that there had to be a big ending and I didn't really hate it but it was the only part of the movie that made me roll my eyes and crinkle my nose. Make sure you stay until after the credits ... there is a very important bit after the credits that you can't miss. It really says a lot about where the sequel might be headed (btw, I really loved the shout-out to S.H.E.I.L.D. in the movie). As far as superhero movies go, this one is pretty perfect. I am hesitant to say it's the best one ever (simply because I love Batman so much) but it's deffo in the Top 3. Marvel/Paramount really hit a homerun with this movie ... it's damn near impeccable.

Here are a few pics of Darion and me having fun in the theater lobby:

We're dorks, we know it.

Tonight David and I are seeing Macbeth!!! I'm so excited ... and the weekend has only just begun.


Les News: Kylie To Be Knighted, Nicole Does Dusty, Rosie Over Tom


Paula Abdul Saves Face

Tom Cruise may think that he's misunderstood but he's not the only one. In her speech at the Lupus L.A. Orange Ball last night, Paula Abul confessed from the stage, "no one understands me." Um, I think we understand .. the problem seems to be that she is the one that doesn't understand that she is a bit whacky. Here are a few pics of the misunderstood Paula on the Orange Ball red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Paula Abdul showed her sense of humor Thursday night and joked about her recent "second song" gaffe. "No one understands me," Abdul, 45, said in a speech at Lupus L.A.'s Orange Ball, presenting an award to prominent L.A. physician Daniel Wallace. "By the way, are you singing two songs tonight?" Abdul was referring to Tuesday's American Idol, when she mistakenly critiqued contestant Jason Castro's second performance, though Castro had only sung one song. At Thursday's event, Abdul said Dr. Wallace "helped save my business and my professional life," but she jokingly asked for some assistance with her American Idol duties. "By the way, they're causing me to say very mumbly-jumbly things on Idol. Help me." After her speech, Abdul told PEOPLE that she didn't do anything wrong on Tuesday's show and enjoys making light of the controversy. "I have fun poking fun at a situation that's so ridiculous. I'm the queen of taking the seriousness out of [it] ... I loved that people laughed, it was funny," she said. "Honestly, it was a silly thing [that happened on Idol]. We were all confused ... I did exactly what the producers told me to do ... It's all good."

Awww ... well, cheer up Paula ... I bet Tom Cruise understands you. I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you all about it at the next meeting at the Scientology Celebrity Centre :) [Source]


M-Dolla In Da Hiz

Here are a few photos of Madonna making her way into the BET Studios here in NYC this week to make her very first appearance on the show 106 & Park:

Photo credit: Wireimage

For the first time in BET history, legendary music phenom Madonna will visit the network's hit countdown show, 106 & PARK, on Friday, May 2 at 6:00 PM. Hosted by fan favorites Terrence and Rocsi, 106 is prepared to give Madonna a welcome celebration like never before. To predict her next evolution, Terrence and Rocsi will get Madonna to foresee the future. Rocsi will also do yoga positions that Madonna will comment on, and Terrence will do some dance moves for her to judge. Madonna will also introduce her new video 4 Minutes, featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

It makes sense that Maddy would seek to court the BET community in order to promote her new album Hard Candy which was produced by Timbaland and Pharrell. To be honest, I'm very surprised that Madge doesn't spend more time courting the BET audience. She may not be all that soulful but she's pretty damn fierce, I know that there are a lot of BETers that really dig her shizz. I think it would've been really dope of her to dig out that gold tooth she used to wear back during the Erotica My Name Is Dita era. Yeah, super dope. [Source]


Tom Cruise Finally Takes A Chill Pill

Tom Cruise returns to The Oprah Winfrey Show today but this time it's on his turf ... the interview was filmed last week at Tom's Telluride, CO home where he was free to do all the jumping on the couch that he wanted to do (since it was his couch this time) but that wasn't really what Tom was going for with this interview. In a return to the sedate, semi-normal Tom Cruise from days of yore, Tom used this opportunity to try and explain what his (generally viewed by human beings as) bizarre behavior is really all about ... and from the sound of it, Oprah really hit him with all the big, tough questions. posted a very extensive report on Tom's interview online which I present in full below. It's a lot of interesting reading ... I've bolded some of my fave parts/quotes, enjoy:

When Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Show on May 23, 2005, to discuss his new movie, War of the Worlds, neither he nor Oprah had any idea the show would make international headlines. When asked about his new relationship with actress Katie Holmes, an elated Tom praised the woman who would later become his wife. In the moment, Tom jumped on Oprah's couch. That image soon took on a life of its own as news shows broadcast the footage and parodies popped up on the Internet. For the first time since that interview, Oprah and Tom are sitting down together for an interview—this time on Tom's sofa in his Telluride, Colorado, home. "I was a little nervous coming up this morning, I have to admit, because you and I have not sat down for a real conversation since the sofa incident," Oprah says. Because three eventful years have passed, Oprah says she wanted to talk with Tom in a more private setting. "It's difficult to have a real conversation in front of an audience." Oprah says Tom's couch jump took her by surprise. "When we finished that show with you jumping up on the sofa, I was like, 'Wow. What was that?'" Oprah says. "I had no idea it was going to turn into an international brouhaha, as I'm sure you did not either." Tom says he could not have predicted the media's reaction. "[It] was a moment, and it was real," he says. In previous interviews with Tom, Oprah says he was usually pretty subdued. "So I had never experienced that before with you," she says. "What was going on with you in that moment?" Tom says he was simply in love and had never before experienced a relationship like he has with Katie. "I just felt that way, and I feel that way about her," Tom says. "I can't even articulate it, to be honest. That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me." After the interview, news agencies and celebrity gossip websites kept replaying the moment over and over, turning it into something it wasn't. "It just kind of kept going," Tom says. "Those things I kind of go, 'You just have to take in stride.' It just kind of became a confluence of things."

Oprah: Let's talk about the confluence. Because, as I recall, what happened was you did the sofa thing, and then you were on Access Hollywood because all of this was about promoting War of the Worlds. And then you were on Access Hollywood and made a comment about Brooke Shields. And the comment about Brooke Shields being on antidepressant drugs combined with jumping on the sofa, and the media took the two comments, and then that became its own thing.

Tom: Yeah, and then Matt Lauer.

After the Matt Lauer interview on the Today show, Tom says he went back to watch the tape.

Tom: I thought, 'Okay, I remember at that time I was feeling.' I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer. For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It's not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this.

Oprah: Are we doing too much drugging of our children? Are we doing too much drugging in society?

Tom: I think that it's got to be the parent's choice. I think the parent should be able to and should make that decision.

Still, when talking about his interview with Matt Lauer, Tom says that ultimately he "shot the messenger" and that his comments didn't come out as he intended. Throughout the media frenzy, Tom says his views on postpartum depression were misunderstood. "It came out wrong. It's just not true. Even if you read [Scientology text] Dianetics, you know that it talks about postpartum depression," Tom says. "But even outside of that, I know that. I was raised by four women who have children, who have babies. I'm not trying or want to tell anyone how to live their life or what they should believe or shouldn't believe in any way." Does Tom regret the comments he made? "What I regret is that it just came out wrong," he says. "What I regret is even discussing Brooke in any way." Although Tom says he personally does not believe in taking antidepressants, he thinks people should have the right to choose for themselves. "It's an individual's right to make a decision on what they're going to do with their life," he says. Since the controversy, Tom says he has apologized to Brooke, a longtime friend. "Brooke and I have always been friends. It came out wrong. And was something that I apologized to her for, and as a result, we're actually closer friends," he says. In recent years, Tom has openly acknowledged his belief in Scientology. "Do you feel that you come under attack unnecessarily because of your beliefs?" Oprah asks. Tom says he understands the interest in his religion. "It's a minority religion, and I think that sometimes people misinterpret [it]," he says. "I think the best thing is for people to read about it themselves. ... I believe people have the right to choose what they believe in." As a Scientologist, Tom says he believes in God. "Absolutely, I believe in God," he says. "There is no way you can be up here [in the Rocky Mountains] and feel that there isn't a God." One rumor that has been circulating in the media is that Tom and fellow Scientologist John Travolta have tried to convert Oprah. "I must have missed that meeting," Oprah says. Tom says he is not out to convert anyone. "The code of Scientologists says you respect the religious beliefs of others. That's part of being a Scientologist, and that's who I am as a person," Tom says. In January 2008, a videotape of Tom discussing Scientology made headlines after hitting the Internet. "That was a stolen video," he says. "That was a stolen video from an event that we have every year. I was receiving an award that evening for global literacy. It was a very private moment. I'm actually talking to my congregation." Oprah says the impression she got while watching the video was that the tape was edited to make Tom look like he's preaching. "It's totally out of context," Tom says. In the 25 years since he filmed Risky Business, Tom says the paparazzi's involvement in his life has increased dramatically. "It used to be just in Europe, but even when I started out with Risky Business and Top Gun there was the paparazzi. You knew them, and I could go up to them and say, 'Give me a break tonight. I'll give you the shots tomorrow.'" Tom says things have accelerated so much that it seemed like Mission Impossible trying to keep Katie's pregnancy private. When Tom and Katie made their first trip to the doctor for a pregnancy test, Tom says they did everything they could to keep it a secret. "We went in the middle of the night, and we were very excited—this is such a private moment," he says. Even so, the news was leaked within 12 hours. "My life was already a zoo," he says. "And now she's pregnant, and it was off the charts." The next big headline came when the media discovered Tom had purchased a sonogram machine for Katie so they could bring the doctor to their home. "When you're having a baby, you just want it to be as safe and as easy as possible," he says. On April 18, 2006, Katie gave birth to a baby girl, Suri. As the months passed and no photos of Suri surfaced, rumors began to circulate that she was being kept out of sight because of deformities. "That's even hard to hear," Tom says. "That was actually kind of surprising for us. We just want to have our baby, have the kids and everyone get to know Suri, get the family up here and just chill and have that time that you never get back. You don't ever get those moments back." Why did Tom wait to publish pictures of Suri? "Kate and I didn't feel any need to do it. We said, 'Why? It's our family,'" he says. During Suri's first private months at home, Tom says the family was just enjoying their newest member together. "We just were on Suri time." Eventually, they decided it was time to dispel the rumors. The couple allowed friend and photographer Annie Leibovitz to take pictures for Vanity Fair, allowing the world to see their gorgeous 3-month-old for the first time. In 2008, Suri celebrated her second birthday. "She's spectacular," he says. "She really is just magic." Tom says his children from his previous marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, Bella and Connor, were ready to welcome their new sister. "They were really excited," he says. Tom says part of the excitement was also because of how the kids feel about Katie. Tom says Connor and Bella liked Katie the moment they met her—but a sweet secret might have helped win them over. "Kate shows up with cupcakes," Tom says. "The cupcakes are there, and they all looked at me like, 'This is cool. Can we eat these cupcakes? This lady's cool.'" Although Tom has experienced the ups and downs of the media for 25 years, Katie wasn't as used to the international spotlight. "No one should ever underestimate that woman—she has got strength," Tom says. Although he would rather let Katie speak for herself, Tom says it's easy to imagine how hurt Katie is by the claims made about Suri. "I mean, picture any mother and how she's going to feel about that," Tom says. "It's the downside, and I don't want to give that a lot of weight because of the upside and what we get to do [for a living] is so great. That's what I try to do, is focus in on that." Some people in the media have also claimed that Tom and Katie's relationship isn't real. Tom says he just shrugs it off. "That's laughable to me," he says. 'You just know that they're trying to sell it and spin it." Tom says Katie's entire family has become part of his life. "They're amazing. I love them," he says. "You see why Kate is such an amazing woman—incredible integrity and strength. They're family." In 2001, Tom and Nicole went through a highly publicized divorce. Now, Tom says they have a good relationship and the rumors that Nicole has been pushed out of Bella's and Connor's lives are untrue. "No, that's ridiculous," he says. Tom says the children have maintained relationships with Nicole and still see her. "We share custody," he says. "That's what it is." Tom's house is filled with many family photos. Among the beautiful pictures is a shot of Santa Claus ... but who's really under the beard? Tom says Katie asked him to dress up as Santa as a surprise for Suri.

"I open the door, and I'm giving my best, 'Oh, merry Christmas! Oh, look at this little girl,' and Suri looks at me, and she says, 'No—Dada!'" he says. The surprise didn't work, but it led to a touching moment. "So that night, we were putting Suri down. Kate says, 'How was it? Did you like it? What did you think of Santa?' And Suri was really sweet, she looks up, and she goes, 'Dada Santa.'" When he's being scrutinized by the media, Tom says he hopes it doesn't affect Bella and Connor, who are now old enough to understand what's going on in the press. "They love me, so they know. They've grown up with that, and I'm sure there are things that they don't like, and you go, 'Okay, that happened, things go wrong, but don't live in it. Don't live in that because today is a new day and there's plenty of tomorrows,'" he says. "They're good people, my children. I'm proud of them. I don't want them to worry," he says. "They know I'm there. No matter what, I'm always there."

I KNEW IT! At long last, Tom confirms that Suri was brought forth into existence by way of "magic". His quote, "She really is just magic." absolutely confirms my suspicions. Ahhh, vindication feels goooood. I just *knew* that little creature had to be either a robot/alien/other. Honestly, Tom still sounds a little whacky (his explanation of the couch-jumping just sounds insane to me) but he is more subdued and he has managed to wrangle in his crazy antics considerably. I don't think he'll ever be able to convince me that he has all of his marbles intact but I much prefer this Tom Cruise Light rather than the manic weirdo that was running all over town scaring the hell out of people a few years ago. [Source]


Where's Heidi?

Heidi Klum was on hand this week for an in-store appearance at Bloomingdale's at the Beverly Center in LA for the launch of her Heidi Klum by Jordache clothing collection ... the only problem was that Heidi got lost among the doppelgänger mannequins that were set up to also model her new clothing line:

Photo credit: Splash News

I understand it took about 25 minutes for one of the reporters to realize that he was conducting an interview with one of the mannequins rather than with Heidi Klum. To be fair, it sounds like it was an honest mistake. Props to HK if she thinks she can bring Jordache back from the fashion graveyard ... personally, I'm all about the resurgence of Wrangler jeans, myself. [Source]


Deluxe Accomodations

Trent Reznor updated this week to list the support acts that have been picked to open for Nine Inch Nails on various stops along their new tour. Additionally, I received an email telling me that my Ultra Deluxe Limited Edition version of Ghosts I-IV has been shipped along with a link to a site that shows what the packaging will look like. Here is a list of the bands that will be hitting the road with NIN this summer and a look at the Ultra Deluxe Limited Edition version of Ghosts I-IV:

To be completely honest, I've never heard of Deer Hunter, Crystal Castles, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, A Place To Bury Strangers or White Williams. Clearly I haven't been keeping up with my aggro/electro/industrial bands these days ... I think I've been too wrapped up in all the Britney/Mariah/Madonnaness as of late. I am looking forward to hearing these bands live, tho ... I recall that I was quite taken with a band I had never heard of before that opened for NIN back in the day ... you might know them as Marilyn Manson. As for the Ghosts box set, well, I *really* can't wait to get my hands on that precious puppy. I can't wait to sniff the page that has the ink from the marker that touched the hand of Trent Reznor. Is that weird? [Source, Source]


Cut Yer Losses

A mouse's love is very fickle ... one day you're in their good graces, being touted as their favorite new superstar and the next you're cast aside like a dirty sock and replaced with a nice, new, untouched replacement. In the crazy hoo-ha over that scandalous Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus, it appears that the Walt Disney company may be making preparations to find a replacement for little Miss Miley in the event that they need to axe her altogether from their wholesome/innocent roster (which includes, I might add, High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens who endured a scandal of her own last year when FULLY NUDE PHOTOS of the girl exploded onto the InterWeb -- which is a hypocrisy I can't even stomach) of teen stars ... which is where the relatively unheard of Selena Gomez comes in:

From E!'s Marc Malkin: Is the onscreen competition between Miley Cyrus and fellow tween Disney sensation Selena Gomez about to get real? I'm told Disney executives are so worried about Cyrus' recent controversies that, more than ever, they want to make Gomez an even bigger star. The 15-year-old Gomez now stars in the Disney Channel hit Wizards of Waverly Place, but last year she appeared on two episodes of Hannah Montana as Mikayla, one of Hannah's pop star rivals. "Selena sings and acts and is really young," a source reports. "She is going to be the next Miley Cyrus. [Disney executives] really want this." Next up for Gomez is the Warner Bros. movie Another Cinderella Story, scheduled for a fall release. No surprise, but I've just learned that Gomez has recorded several new songs for the flick. "The studio has high hopes for this," says my source. But a Disney rep insists there are no plans to try and replace Cyrus in any way with Gomez. "We are fortunate to work with a host of young actors and actresses who are each unique and making their own trajectory based on their talent," the rep said via email this morning. "However, Wizards of Waverly Place is a bona fide hit with kids and families, and licensees and retailers are indeed interested in the series. As for Selena, she deserves all the success that's coming her way."

Man ... you expose your nekkid back just one time while your parents look on in approval and your head ends up on the chopping block from the megabazillion dollar corporation that you sold your soul to work for ... that's harsh. As for Miley, well, her scheduled red carpet appearance this weekend at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has been cancelled -- it looks like Disney wants to keep her far away from the media for the time being ... poor Miley got grounded:

The Disney Channel phenom will not be attending a network media party in Orlando Friday, what was to have been her first public appearance since the incredibly controversial results of her recent photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Cyrus' name had been on the guest list for weeks, long before Annie Leibovitz's eye for art threw the blogosphere into a tizzy and started a massive debate over whether the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star was still a proper role model for her fellow youngsters. Disney, which is hosting the party for the stars and execs in town to film the Disney Channel Games, a celeb-studded charity competition, had no further comment on that particular scheduling change. According to a network rep, however, Cyrus is still "100 percent performing on Saturday night" at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The concert will be televised this summer as part of the special-event series.

Seriously ... all of this stuff is so ridiculous ... but at the same time it's so interesting as well. The business of selling teen stars is extremely fascinating cuz it's so harsh. It's a delicate thing to try and sell wholesomeness and innocence because the consumer (usually of the conservative Christian ilk) is a very picky one ... they hold the goods they are buying to an insanely high (basically Holy) standard. They can love, love, love one moment and then cast aside into the fiery pits of Hell the next based on one slip up. I don't honestly believe that Miley Cyrus is dunzo after all of this hoopla (and to be honest, I'm surprised she's managed to make it this far without conservative whack-jobs giving her shizz because of her "alternative-looking" brother) but I absolutely believe that Disney is ready to start cultivating a replacement for her should the need arise ...

... after all ... you can never run out of innocence to sell. [Source, Source]


Wet & Mild

OMG ... like, seriously, can we talk about how FREAKING ADORABLE these photos are of Britney Spears enjoying a lovely afternoon pool party earlier this week with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James ... along with her ever-watchful nanny on hand AND with a special guest appearance by her Papa Jamie Spears?!?!?

Photo credit: X17

Britney has been crazy bizzy with work (she began production work for her second guest stint on CBS's How I Met Your Mother), working out (she's spent more hours than I can even count at various Bally's Total Fitness gyms around the SoCal area) and preparing for her real musical comeback (vocal lessons, recording sessions, etc.) and yet she still manages to fit in quality alone time with her baby sons. Papa Jamie Spears deserves, like, a Congressional Medal of Honor or a Purple Heart or an Academy Award or something for stepping in and saving our dear Britney's life in her dire time of need earlier this year. Actually, I think just a nice Happy Father's Day card will suffice. It's a good time to be a Britney Spears supporter again :) [Source]



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