Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"I'm In Love With A Strict Machine"

There has been shizz for music released all summer. All the singles that have been released to radio suck ass (if I have to hear that stupid Hoobastinks song again I'm going to f-ing scream). The most interesting song I've heard recently released as a single you might recognize from a Gameboy commercial.

The song is by Goldfrapp and has just been released as an EP with b-sides and tons of remixes!


I just picked up a copy yesterday (though I'm sure I would have found out it was released weeks ago if our Tower Records hadn't closed down). I love Goldfrapp's latest album Black Cherry. It's very electronic, kind of electroclashy and poppy.  The lyrics are great and the beats are very catchy.

Sorry, had to share since I just had a great time dancing around in the shower listening to the song.  Carry on ...