Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Newsflash: Someone gets married on a Soap Opera!!!

Oh Daytime Television, how I love you so ... occasionally. It should come as no surprise to any of you but Brooke and Ridge got married a[motherfucking]gain on The Bold and the Beautiful. Yes folks, they married again for like the 4th time (and I'm completely serious).

Congratulations to them! The wedding actually took place yesterday (July 12th!) but the fallout happened today. It seems that finally Brooke and Ridge can finally live happily ever after. Oh wait, there was another storyline running concurrently with their nuptials. It seems that Brooke's son Rick, who was fathered by Ridge's father Eric (who turns out isn't really Ridge's father; his real father showed up last year and is named Massimo) and Ridge's son Thomas, who was mothered by Taylor (Brooke's nemesis and Ridge's true love but who died last year after giving birth to twin girls; who were infants one day and then young teenagers the next) go after the same girl, Caitlin, who is the daughter of a man, Hector, (played by Lorenzo Lamas) who has a sordid past connection with the Forrester Family (which is far too complicated to go into right here because I know if you've read to this point you're probably thinking Like I really give a shit about any of this). Drama! Incidentally, Stephanie (Ridge's mother who has loathed Brooke since day one) and Nick (Ridge's half brother, who was also fathered by Massimo, and was Brooke's former fiancé until it was finally revealed the baby that Brooke was carrying, and that Ridge delivered himself, was not his but was really Ridge's, clearing the way for yesterday's nuptials) didn't take news of the wedding very well and decided to drink themselves silly.

Yes, folks, I know way too much about The Bold and the Beautiful. Final B&B note, the show has also finally changed the opening sequence from the lame-ass and tired-looking late 80's opening they've had for over 10 years to a more modern and stylized one ... featuring high heels and pecs.

God, was I born to be a housewife or what? On a related note, The Young and the Restless is still boring.

Also, while I was flipping channels I finally found out that the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens will air in August. NBC has done a completely shitty job of advertising the Olympic Games. I had no idea when they were set to air. I also caught a commercial for a fall drama, also on NBC, called LAX. I, for the life of me, cannot imagine watching a weekly show about an airport. WTF???