Thursday, August 05, 2004

Miso, Sorry

I had a blast hanging out with Tracey tonight. Before I met up with her I had to go to my parent's to get one of my suitcases. It's 11:53 pm and I *still* haven't packed. I went out to Ann Arbor to hang out with Tracey. The plan was that I was going to catch a ride to Mt. Pleasant with Andy tomorrow but it turns out that Tracey needs help with the flowers(and she was driving to Mt. Pleasant by herself) so I'm going with her instead.

We went to Totoro for sushi, it was Tracey's first time having sushi. She hated every second of the experience. I was very surprised because Tracey is the most open-minded person I know. She hated the salad, the soup and all of the sushi. The only sushi roll she liked was the California Roll Tempura -- that was it. I wish I had my camera handy because she kept putting food in her mouth and then spitting it out. She totally hated it.

Then we went to Briarwood Mall to do some shopping. She needed shoes and I went in search of a pink punky-looking belt. She got shoes and a cute pink shawl (from The Buckle), I got the belt (from Hot Topic) and other things (damn you A&F, damn you to hell with your hold on me). Let me tell you something about shopping with Tracey -- she's insane! If she thinks something is overpriced and you work at the store, she's going to tell you TO YOUR FACE exactly how she feels. Then she'll tell any random person in the store how she feels. Then she'll thank the salesperson for their help, wish them a "good night" and leave the store laughing. It's fun!

Then we hung out at her apartment for a few hours before I came home to pack. I have to get up early tomorrow and meet up with her by noon so that we can hit the road for Mt. Pleasant. I will try to update in the morning before I leave and then I'll be gone at least until Sunday. I doubt I'll have the time or resources to update while I'm away but I will be taking lots of pictures and will fully update when I return. T-minus 2 days and counting ...