Monday, August 16, 2004

A New Weak

I had a very bizzare dream last night. It involved some crazy evangelicals who trafficked in Hello Kitty toys, Sarah with wispy Farrah Fawcett hair and Xtina Augilera running her fingers through my hair in a flirty fashion. Don't ask me, I have no idea. Let's move on ...

You guys have to head over to VLB Sarah's blog to check out the cool graphic she made for me. Welcome to Trentylvania!

Shane sent me a new Ashlee Simpson song called Sorry. If you purchased Autobiography from Wal-Mart you were allowed to download an extra song (just like you could if you bought Britney's album from them). This is that extra bonus song. It's pretty good, a little darker than the rest of the songs (there's a going-through-rehab vibe in the lyrics) but hey, sometimes she gets dark. I can't wait to hear the other new tracks that are going to be released soon.

I got a head's up from Bingo (Boy and his Toy) that 98° is not completely dead. The official website that was not functional a few days ago is now up and running again. There is a prominent message stating that the band is not breaking up, according to Drew (the little Lachey)
Hey Everybody,I just want to apologize to you all. I didn't know that we had broken up until I heard it on the radio. If you can't tell, I'm joking. WE HAVE NOT BROKEN UP. I hope that will clear things up. We are however taking a break like I said before. Many doors have been opened up to us over the past couple of years and we want to take advantage of some of those. Don't forget that Universal is releasing the "Collection" CD in May. And the single "Why" officially goes to radio on 3/12. We hope we can count on you guys to support this project with as much enthusiasm as you have in the past. Thanks for everything. I hope you like the new stuff. I do. Drew
Hmmm, but while they are "not breaking up" another member is going solo. Jeff Timmons has his own website (complete with beefcake pictures) to promote his upcoming solo debut.

"Damn, maybe I should have married a Simpson!"

There is no word on the 4th guy (the one with the horrible dyed-blonde hair). Maybe he's shopping around for his own reality show? I suppose it's cool that the other guys haven't been given the shaft. I mean, Nick isn't even a huge breakaway star at all. It's all because of Jessica ...

Today's roundup:

Finally, scratch that "early" Spears-Federline wedding date (there was a rumor that the date had been moved up to late August), the new date for Brit's nuptials is November 14th. Hey, I'm just letting you know in case you wanted to send a gift.