Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Summer Is So Effing Over

Boo! I have to go into work today. Classes don't officially begin until tomorrow but today is Freshmen orientation which means, basically, that we coddle the new students to death today. I'm not sure who will be wiping their butts, but I know it isn't going to be me.

The good news for today is that Angel Season 4 is released on DVD. Since we just started watching Buffy again, I'm excited to get this Angel DVD set for my collection. I don't even have season 3 on DVD yet (while I like Angel, I don't love Angel as much as I love Buffy) so I'm going to have to get that DVD set too.

Hmm ... I wonder when I'm going to have the time to watch all of these DVD sets I keep talking about?

Okay, what else is going on:
  • Bill Clinton is recovering from his heart surgery in New York. Some of Clinton's arteries had been 90-percent blocked and he would likely have had a "substantial heart attack" in the near future without an operation, Chief of Cardiology Allan Schwartz of New York-Presbyterian Hospital told a news conference. Yikes! Well, at least he's had the surgery and is on his way to recovery. Get well, Bill!!!
  • Russia has finally admitted the real death toll in the school attack last week. Sadly, it's a gruesome truth. MOSCOW, Sept. 5 -- The Russian government admitted Sunday that it lied to its people about the scale of the hostage crisis that ended with more than 300 children, parents and teachers dead in southern Russia, making an extraordinary admission through state television after days of intense criticism from citizens. The more I read about the atrocities that happened to those poor children the more horrified I am at the legnths that insane people will go to to fight for their cause. It's heartbreaking.
  • Jack White tells NME that The White Stripes are not breaking up and are, in fact, working on new songs. JACK WHITE has dismissed speculation that the WHITE STRIPES are to split in an exclusive interview published in this week's NME ... In a rare one-on-one interview, his only one with a British journalist this year, White said songs are currently being written for the follow-up to 'Elephant', and the duo may go into the studio as early as next month to start recording. Cool!
  • BeyoncĂ© just had a 23rd birthday party ... that was raided by the cops. Officers stormed the chart diva's £300,000 rooftop party at a New York hotel after a string of complaints from locals, the Daily Star reports. Among 100 stunned guests at the party were supermodel Naomi Campbell, the other members of BeyoncĂ©'s group Destiny's Child and the Olsen twins. I blame Jay-Z ...
And that's it for now ... As I wrote last week sometime, I'm not sure how well I can keep my fingers firmly on the pulse over the next few days (weeks?) as I try and sort out a new routine at work. I was thinking about it last night before I fell asleep. I hope to be able to keep the level of content on par with what I've been doing all summer but I can't make guarantees. I may be able to make small updates throughout the day instead of one big one in the morning. In any event, rest assured that I will do my best to do my best. Holla!

I'm off to work ...