Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When People Stop Being Polite

I have a bit of time to write about stuff so I'm going to write as much as I can while I can ... Last night Erik was watching the series premiere of The Real World: Philadelphia and I was in the computer room working on school stuff. I was only marginally interested in what was going on because MTV replays episodes of The Real World every 5 minutes. Erik kept yelling out "you're missing it" and I kept yelling back "I'll be there in a minute". Somewhere near the middle of the episode I hear him GASP and I run into the living room and he says "there are TWO gay guys in the house!" I stood there with my mouth agape for a few seconds and then we laughed.

It's so weird though -- everyone is talking about it. I find it interesting that MTV decided to cast two gay men on the same show (something they have never done before). I guess I can understand how other people might be surprised, I'm sure they are all thinking that the two gay guys will immediately hook up and start having sex. Personally, I don't like either one of them and I really doubt they will "like" each other.

It's too bad that Landon isn't gay, then the show might be interesting. Who am I kidding, the skanky Sarah will be fun to watch. That girl is going to make the show. If anyone is going to introduce herpes to The Real World, it's going to be Sarah. But, will she be sleazier than Trishelle was is? Only time will tell ...