Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Take A "Leak"

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to Say Hey! today and found out that 2 unreleased Kylie Minogue songs have leaked to the Internet. I quickly found the songs, downloaded them and listened to them. They are amazing! I cannot believe they were cut from the Body Language album (as is assumed on the message board; many people are "certain" that the songs are demos from the Body Language recording sessions). They are really fun, really electro-sounding pop songs. They actually sound like Dannii Minogue songs. I have linked the songs on the sidebar, they are called (I'm Just) Here For The Music and My Image Unlimited.

I think it's cool that the songs have leaked and we are able to hear them but I don't understand why songs like this were scrapped and a mid-tempo (i.e. boring) track like Chocolate not only was recorded for the album but was released as a single.

In any regard, get the songs while you can ... they are great finds!