Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Psych! Illegitimate?

Wow! Leave it to Uncle Grambo to dig up the dirt. Things are coming to light and are starting to make more sense. CBS news, in THIS ARTICLE, has more details surrounding this whole "did Britney fake her wedding" thing:

(CBS) Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are still not legally married despite a weekend ceremony that was such a surprise not even the parents and bridesmaids knew they were going to a wedding ... Jess Cagle, People magazine senior editor and contributor to The Early Show, "A lot was complicated because they moved up the date and next week, they’re going to file all of the paper work," he said ... So they’re not legally married now? "Not yet, although they have sort of followed everything by the book and that is the next bump in the story that you’re going to see: The wedding was a fake. It’s really not."

Sounds to me like it's a matter of paperwork ... CBS also has the first of the wedding pictures that will be featured in this week's People magazine:

The CBS news article also clears up a lot of misinformation about the wedding itself:

  • Absolutely NO ONE who attended the "event" knew it was going to be the wedding.
  • Kevin's children were at Disneyland at the time of the wedding and were not in attendance.
  • Everyone wore classy, tailored outfits that were fitted weeks ago and secretly brought to the residence where the wedding took place; "All of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids had had their clothes fitted the week before so those clothes were secretly brought to the house," Cagle said. "They said, 'Surprise, we’re getting married, here are your clothes. Get in them.'"
  • Reports that there was a cash bar are untrue; "I think after they all went out to a club, maybe some people paid for their drinks," Cagle said. "However, they did get a drink free at the house after the reception."
  • The CBS report also states that a prenup was signed.
Leave it to Uncle Grambo to provide the information we need ... he's a much better source of news than Drudge!