Wednesday, September 22, 2004


This is interesting, I just got a heads up from Mike ... US Weekly is claiming that they have "proof" that Britney faked her wedding this weekend. My first reaction to hearing this was that US Weekly is wrong -- but, they may be correct. Is it really so unrealistic that the whole thing was a sham to throw off the media?

My guess is that she did, in fact, get married this past weekend. CNN got a quote from one of her spokespeople stating that they did get married. But, who knows if the spokesperson is only saying what she wants him to say. I think that the tabloids are just trying to come up with different scenarios in order to sell more magazines. I mean, they can't talk about her "upcoming wedding" anymore -- and they have to talk about something.

Time will tell what really happened this past weekend ... I just can't wait for to get us a copy of the prenup.