Friday, September 03, 2004

Prettiest Thing

The Evening With Siouxsie was absolutely divine! In all honesty, the show should have been titled An Evening With The Creatures (Now With Some Siouxsie And The Banshees). The songs performed where mostly Creatures songs. Say Yes!, Around the World, 7 Tears and Godzilla! (all from Hái!) were the opening songs. The SATB songs performed included Happy House, Christine, Kiss Them For Me, Not Forgotten (from The Rapture!!!), and the awesome b-side Shooting Sun. I was in heaven! Here is the full setlist:

Say Yes!
Around The World
7 Tears
Standing There
Miss The Girl
Prettiest Thing
Shooting Sun
Kiss Them For Me
Another Planet
2nd Floor
Take Mine
Pinned Down
Happy House
Not Forgotten

Encore (Not Fully Completed)
But Not Them

(Not Performed)
So Unreal
Cities In Dust/Killing Time
Dear Prudence/Strutting Rooster
Right Now/Face To Face

The encores where cut short because Siouxsie was getting increasingly pissed off at the sound guy. She kept saying that she couldn't hear anything and at one point she even asked the audience how the show was sounding. I was front and center and thought it sounded great. She must have thought otherwise because you can see the number of songs she decided not to perform. I am SO incredibly BUMMED at the songs cut from the show!!! Cities In Dust AND Dear Prudence ... FACE TO FACE!!! The show was awesome as it was but knowing what we missed out on is very, very disappointing.

I was able to be right up front but I was unable to take all the pictures I wanted because the security guards were being such pricks -- they were confiscating cameras all over the place (even though Siouxsie is notorious for allowing fans to take pictures at her shows). At one point, Siouxsie started yelling at one of the guards because he got up on stage. "They didn't pay to see you, honey" she yelled out. She then forced him to squat down and stay out of sight -- it was hilarious! The last time I saw Siouxsie in concert (in Chicago) she actually kicked a guard in the head with her stiletto shoes. I love Siouxsie so much!!!

She looked amazing and seemed to be having a good time. When she was finished using a tambourine she hurled it at one of her crew, the woman is so effing cool! It turns out that she hurled it at her sound guy who she was getting increasingly pissed off at -- clearly she wasn't having a good time. I did manage to take some pictures but they turned out pretty dark. I did my best, you can see the rest of the pictures HERE (they are also linked under Paparazzi).

Erik and I ran into Blaine and MARY at the show. It was so good to see her. She looked so cute in her little plaid skirt. She promised to try and make our Housewarming Party; that would rawk!

I'm tired as hell though, I'll probably end up editing this post in the morning. But for now, I'm off to bed ... Siouxsie & Budgie say "Good Night"

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Jason Stollsteimer from The Von Bondies was at the Siouxsie show as well. Who knew he was a Siouxsie fan?